Slacker and Steve - Walked in On 10/12

Thursday, October 12th


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And the excuse want to announce weird stuff in your you know. Just happened recently here there DOC and building while it's evidences into the garden variety kind. So I went into you know our Bruins room gather have a one year old men have a couple of moves at all salsa in the very end is the big zero death gap. Mom so those murals taken. And so I saw that the bigger stalled bathroom of the stall was it was opened the door was open title rate to their open the door and there was like a new co worker guy. That that I don't it just yeah he was sitting there on the toilet. When fans around all the other hole plays 000 sorry about about an all out why do we. I don't go all the door do I talked to a legs pay Haiti is kind of briefly we only know now you're now you know you now you guys your tied to cope with the piece that I could do is go out. The why well yeah so those laws where he did your parents ever watch him and you have relations or alone timer and that's just didn't. Nobody ever caught me but they got close on your body of which one both I think that is really I would go to my parents' basement with my girlfriend. And my mom would my it's my mom hated my basement. Ten. She would find a reason I know what's now I'm now I'm not stupid but at least she would never in the days and unless I was down there and also to try to turn. You dare come and they're just like. I put everything back together except that the and then he's sit there and you're like trying to zen like where's the decision that we were signing but I see you tell you know but he did we walked in on but it did to just be relations. We're the weirdest stuff the British singer just. You he's watching like this. And what is really happening my see when I'm seeing a Florida woman walked into our home and found a 63 year old woman. Netted. Eating some pineapple yeah pineapple and a discrete young. Tom. The woman told the doors opened for me come inside. It's all that means you don't millionaires and stuff yeah. A on the nation according yet why did you are all these heavier eaten fresh and I know you eat pineapple out of it and does that require you to disrobe pineapple is super Massey. A hole yet again a fairly good pineapple you got to tidy continued there's a lot of bombs you dig your shirt off when your. But hiring trying to I'm sorry did Disney sixty drill make you won't arrests in Florida. Lineup wallets more need heroes of the new though now. You know remedy you're zinni channel is only way you Haley the victim the woman who'd walked in on this ran your car called cops. Intruder was dressed in shorts and Lennar. You're in these stories are always in the newsroom people come home we want you won't get snake didn't random stranger. I think one of the biggest reasons that happens a lot plumbing not the biggest spotlight. We've now built so many apartment buildings everywhere and it's nice they are identical I would do one of those apartment complexes. That had. Harold fifteen buildings I think they'll end its sights. You walking eating even change the color didn't make building one of red and building cheap they were all lies. 'til may shoot 60 you did go to the right one and then go three strikes like is here's a 305 was my number. So it's if I thought my girlfriend was home just walked out I just 0305. And you want kids like. Our. Can I mean I've watched I have walked in on downside of living and apartment I walked in on I actually walked into people in the middle of a major like drug thing. I don't know expect I don't know major drug things. Let me ask you this I don't know immediately drew I mean. Duke might only exposure to actual weird drug this is like watching movies and stuff but this really happened in my old apartment I walked into the wrong one. I was should hammered Nam with I but I actually the right doling out only when up two flights of stairs visceral Missouri gas so until five instead the bump. It wasn't like piles and piles of cocaine or anything I didn't know what drug was but they had scales. Blue okay a lot of little Aggies all do you still want did so I want given everybody's like. Everybody turns at the same kind of an dude isn't he would among Arabs like yeah. Sure yeah some looked both new. Oh turner I doubt and no one did nobody granny reviewing your product and I shot you ask okay. It's up sect. I just Coke pot what would every door mess you put in Barry's. I tip except it's gonna say you tell me like why why the first Casey. It's not. In the loves to you got a little money to remain the. Out there on the downer or you can open. You can do it but I don't do Ed munger give from Sarah Jessica walked in and I had. But the truth there is Pablo escobar's right away. He's her since all this act you know a lot of the bill could. It. Now Tony Montana knows about our. Out men Walter his fiancee DIY and some food Los anos this kind of thing we know we need to know what you. What you watch enough when you walked in on something epic his wife was has taken those racy photos forums who you are yeah buyer sells. Well normally blew what sort Suzy has camera I want to have this and we keep how does that you have to mirroring. The all over one shoulder and leg kick the curls draped across the small of your back. The many cubic. Why he thinks The Who used to it but I don't wanna see you every claim that it would since. You dig him your sister now the somebody walked into ladies room to find the male lead singer of the band. Is leather pants around his knees duct tape being a cucumber to his side. Although he moves like Newsnight schools and says he's gonna go out onstage is like a local concert Deng's I watched what we're. While gap who I remember when she wanted to do really used to go zucchini union I. I went with a one little weird little squash with the weird little tour releasing its got excited cash and that's. I want I want it I want it to be mysterious saw a look what's the atmosphere is use the old. Are so we need some examples don't every want and don't relations walking on some inducted vegetable seller I will work who was the lead singer tough. Lead singer no it was a local band don't all but it was a previously. My buddy Graham did. It. Are we so if you walked in on something strange we'd love to hear your story. I guess that yeah I put blood get on with. I want you know my box scheme and we're not all. Can pull up this city have a bad German is also please so we had about her that I meet more than all those things and ambassador and is arsonists. Now a foot lock and then he would is standing behind his mini parades. Just finishing up. What was he he used to play. No local or do both yeah I was about to quit yeah I think with the. Maliki is now. I don't know how to BP. He just couldn't make any just decided behind the fridge is the best spot. Let me all of the regular me. It's what you establish a peacetime it's got to smells. Yeah I had heard of where when I had parents are talking about it let's coworkers and they said that. And they can always solid and they only wonder what it was. She's your yearly review woods. Oh he's accomplished. My you'll like the head of global company so indium parity had. Allow you to view her room right now that I know that's possible like awaits us he wants into our office tomorrow. Then you really club doesn't anyways I would say hi ya old hobby that's. I don't know America now. You guys would you want to interns. So my current trip there ergonomic factors rhetoric go check you would go on and I got stairs in my attic and their buck they gave. Which and I had one hand you remember any other and get hit everyday robbing skit I guess can take care of it. You want to know when your dad threatening to cut is John costs. Oh you want to so why aren't why did you get nominated to be the one to go upstairs and witness should shut up what went. That would be an elite heading into those kind of think that I can't say you're. What was he may use the content would you say he had a losing you know it cute picture and I do want to at. Indeed it was your mom any hurry to stop them we're Sheila I just think that small cuts is to put them. I think I didn't know they're gonna increase the not. Oh what. That's some good luck do you have he was sure sure wow Stacy thank you for this story you didn't know enough already. They're big Nokia site as far as you know I hope it's. Melissa. Yeah I would you want in on. In on my neighbor it rightfully sure my bet you're all fuel economy amid broad new masters. Not much it would it wasn't robbery. And acute. Just doing something she had actually planted some chilly thinker and LEF. On my windowsill so you saw that I'm you know working her arrest in the. Drop us. Would you do that and be run off for would you. I hope my doorstep what. Expletive deleted are you doing in my room he'd jumped out the window and I went knocked on the door and what was mother. Know how well did you lose drugs would you do this drug since. Oh yeah but yeah didn't Yahoo!'s got drunk knowing now that we need for a little socially sperm and semen or don't with the UPS guys just. I think that if a hit then you but we've gone Melissa Oklahoma Mandela. Yeah what do login on. And he decided he needed to get bored when we are up wecht no we Lance. And wheelock and you have made very drive but who. Yeah how light we there were no pop up why not able. It would an apartment complex they are all of it back in we locked up front door and they opened that door and they are police everywhere our share our gotten. We eat it cocaine money everywhere. Amaze. And how the back where all of a pop art there are people caught my eye on the back well. Yeah and then they had all of get down on the ground down on the ground I don't out Al end back again like app in question and. It's my drug. The ring exactly Xoom is important. Oh mom why all. The bomb now so did you go to Jane did you get out of it. Yeah actually I bet they when I'm glad I am glad. Knee and my other friends that were just with the guy you want a report out loud statement at all. She. Key thing for the call yeah I tether. I die would you want him on. I was about thirteen or fourteen and I locked in my house with a friend to see my mother get special kisses to my step. Other in the living room he took Polaroid picture. John Cook what. You know. She should say and the pictures are just following down on George learning process. I did a little. Actually notice you. She's only deadheads who cameras there are me and Fernando fifty kids. Your friend do BT you're a coach is a special term it's not what you did you is this the. Luckily he didn't see anything I summit. Out the front door. Why how your eye contact them from that point Rory. I wouldn't sit on the couch until we got a new one Michael. Content.