Slacker and Steve - Wanted to Scream 6/19

Tuesday, June 19th


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Steve. And here's where we want to resume matter and we're like you tell us. The thing that makes one screen and let you screamed you're actually screamed what are the things that you want change and decided it just makes you. You have to be insists I mean we got a bunch of examples of like. Different things that make people want to give you want to be it's a lot of little things is it's little things little one of the things. It makes you wanna scream. It's almost feels like a first world problem but. Starbucks has been around for ever start ups hat always caught I mean there's other coffee companies or whatever hum. If your new Starbucks perhaps. You can go online and read about it needing checked their menu out that's how I do it. But when I start both team and there's always an airline. Know. What's scoop. You can't take it that's host Tony and then today. Current she looks touch you right. Decisive. Step to be asked to decide I'll think and I'm not indecisive you know what do you do rattle her uneasy no but you know system. Here to there with the program people yeah. No students I want to go like hey maybe go stand over my worry took a cop lingo and new here's computers don't think good. And we don't know or. Like this. All. Would you got the good yeah. OK so now that I said Starbucks I'm gonna take you back one more step further dent indecisive people peer. Desai says. Ghosts and think about it and then come back after you're now before you leave your house yes. Your. And the problem that are part of the solution to what I do that dude you gotta be you should. We've got a good Ollie bad guy entrapment I know you you know dries and now it's all about you know I do it right now what you do I. And our rig here. Your bitch bike being overly decisive drive and do not go to looks like walking towards arrest strides even I had like a business meeting in whatever restaurant or walking and he's like a woman pulled pork with a fried pickles and some like how do you know the wind up doing is like to talk to numerous side. Just sort. Starbucks yeah. No. Breasts that there's. The reasonable amount of time doubled down on the menu but you're like a more solid and everything else will be brutally go for from Los. We'll join sucks yeah. Is yeah. But how well. Not a whole look I'm not I'm in the pro I've jetBlue would program so here's a man now I don't like indecisive people or all over because I only just. How did you meet or like besides this and I do. Just tried being overly decisive I think you're a little jealous because I don't knew already while you're stand there fumble or what's number of school. If all Dan yeah actually we go to nice business it's headed Enron common templates and yeah. Me nice restaurant you need to know super size it. Just did before preparing myself and the that's now we're actually now is the yeah or maybe clients. Can fill told there was stuff at home. Not only the guys we know. This is happening. Headphones I have rechargeable headphones LH. Yes they're like beets and Dre beats were amused tournament and what everybody my family hasn't been great when you travel. Us I don't use my headphones very often but what I I know they're always fully charged a simple way like that it's awesome. So anytime I and a hankering for my headphones might go grab on what month they're completely dead well. I hit my kids meal would let the music she listen sell her headphones and out NGOs Monsanto's gene is leaves a trail. It uncharged headphones to. Your screen it's just young. I. Let's just let me turn but I took the part that's bugging me is you're sharing your whacks with a every. I don't know and I know it's your family would still your C sure NASA's. I don't what's yours what what makes you wanna scream IE you know what. And it's just happened because of the World Cup by actually tune in the soccer yesterday and watched truly take young and color I was a couple. Watch for it's up 32 Tunisia probably don't watch soccer you look this irks me both soccer I didn't want from both soccer is it's what makes our do you need to as you can use your hands. Basically the rule is when you step inside. This huge rectangle you users don't talk your parents don't dictated to topple going to use your hands except that guy yeah. Until it's time to inbound the ball now and use in my hand took. Each well and help take use my hands and I don't know I'm an occasion in my life. That's a really unique Sandler Chris are you are you all right I'll look yeah I actually eats ice. Never ever thought about the formalize the bulls don't you use your hands are mad. When your MM and your right. Hope that makes enormous tree removal why anyone I don't know what that's that's. Just a corner kick it to happen and thinking I know. You're on your mind completely Bob Taft didn't do you wanna scream about Michael the thing that makes me wanna stream is when you go to the grocery store and you go to the self checkout line and they get like a birthday card you don't need something that's. Not as heavy as a sack of potatoes you get a birthday card you've seen it. But in the bag and says we value them. And I had already taken now to take it out and you put it back then and it says please bag your item you like yeah I tune in next time you're putting use a little bit more for now. I'm going to hit this deal so you know that inflicted. And now it's calling for an intended. Carnac. I know nobody UPC code on the card and know that it should not weigh as much as a bag of potatoes and it's. Fair I know where you're welcome to yeah eight ha ha yeah you guys are going in my store because they don't need to chill out when you're doing the self check out and you did they did that that. That particular grocery chain. They changed their voice. Did. At that they did. That and she's mean I don't like I don't that's why don't go there anymore you are the weakest link we'll see each other like. She's not nice she's like she's evil deed that's I'd honestly I can't stand that's guerrilla targets voice she's pleasant she's little snow thirty at the end that's right I. How are falling in love with a target right or am I in Manila target while -- I'll go do sell checked out many here and meet the girlfriend her trip to Africa you know Steve could. You look at it. The picture interfaces. With the new motherboard. It's all right so here it is pretty decision is yours. Any little complaint they can just got to be something to do it under your skin enough. It makes you want to scream what is York's Casey. I hit my smallest room. And I'd been chain link to begin to come and gone but like when people to stop in the middle but buried in the works out sell what they wanna hear things on the mall. I knew if you buy feed to your right to you metal but it's. I hate when people forget they're not the only person on the planet earth and it's all the time so badly to the airport is a real be walking along and you're on the walkway where it's night now. At the middle nor later another Bakley resided. Really come dominoes falling just like I'm Fred Imus a taste. For. Behind you does it yeah. We'll watch order stopping 88. Go police can do what I quit driving if you're a mall walk on the right side so it's time for you'd have to go over one. He's not. Pull all the way over and over and Victoria's Secret and stop paktia. I think you'll AG Casey now and Ron. RTC and you wanna scream will attempt. I see Dana. Yes. I know let's sort of scream. I'm keyboard and not hit a terrible but it rolled out it's easy ball. Below target but the. I'll sign it right and I don't always you don't through over there. So you. You can go to toilet paper awesome and you just don't. Once or you know. Someone in my house who takes it one step further and it makes me even more cred with takes a back to their rumor no longer they take the cold winter hawks so then sitting on top of the toilet all oh yeah I. Little springs. And it's like initially only cardboard away it's like. Choice it's close so close these kids. Honey stick handled it can be done and be all. That's a diligent and make you are. I'll Alyssa. It makes onscreen. When your hour and you're getting you know you're ordering Clooney is getting urgent online and they call you meteor Huntley and especially if they're younger than you know. I always do pay boss. Would like would have boss you sometimes all you have been called boss you know there's. Are you go oh there's not okay out of all I call upon a lot at at one particular place and I'm like. We know we. You ever get down her Mike I don't Sugar Bowl oh well yet although. And I feel special until the way to the next call them hon do earlier this. God yeah you yeah I was but I'm. Ottawa are released only absorb and. Does sugar bobsleigh east that's how bad their dealers. Asked. Yeah yeah I mix once current. People would say you bet and go to your local. Like just to say just say you're welcome I don't I don't bet I'm not a gambler are being met I don't get that. And I say no problem no no because you care about you. All it was no problem for redoing their free you know. This on the show I say no problem or say no worries cut no worries about just your well good. Welcome I just this time you're now welcome Joseph in the future that is honest. Backs are. No problem no problem no worry no sweat off my eyebrow. I wouldn't I wouldn't single thing and who knows what I see no worries I almost always say no worries. What did you see your because I'm not you know it's just just know you're welcome sound so normal I hate it. I don't I don't mobile U world. Hang out more oil energy and efficiency yes your well. I don't know I just there's something about it I don't know we just lose to form no problem I know I don't think I know you do is no worries is that this is back do you no because it's balmy this yes. We'll you know everything needs to. Figure out only when the does that everybody I know I think you just when you don't mention that it's no you don't. Mixed in and you know you're there's there's not a good way and I just don't lights are your wee devices you're welcome. I don't I could compete simply just would change the language on everything else right. But we don't we have a real men don't say yes sir yes ma'am and everything and you're welcome still feels like it just as normal as students okay. No problem. No mention. I don't. Some days I mean inside the woman who wanna scream. To pull off after you have decline in a button in just going. We push it hard because I think that's the that it would be much more I could tolerated if you're pushing the button this is merely glancing the book that you're huge you'll libraries to do with that kind of thing he's seen the movies where it's like. I'm not touching in the contest hands right next to my guess sometimes I actually took me actually you'd. You don't smarts your words could. I think. What makes you wanna scream. People don't. That's stupid question than median. Oh you come here. I only say this we have meetings that our Josh it's it's 2 o'clock stupid question except the. And only a few minutes. Longer there you go why can't the dumb one stayed behind in essar dumb questions and the rest of us that paid its engine we can you know what their lives. And that's where it should be. Well yeah because what she just said though about the oh what was the last name and we had we summed it up we had I can actually play an everybody's like yeah. Is. It good that somebody's like Europe live talk about how YouTube or flood Hilton. But just I think there's somebody he's like eraser right in white board and start over you know it's hot for the Obama darn near whose Maher made him pupil. Is a lot of talk about the dangers. Is not actual persons and shall we do you sense. Shannon between us and the guards like here we go here's the larva stage. Haley. Are you guys legs or scream. When you aren't I don't really frustrating there or you're in you're are you wanna go home your sheep are long but it law like you. I. Still like you point really really badly and Biden and get to three Al and that Ali it'll only. UH yeah. I don't come down and more. In your car like a mad personal yeah. The only thing just to do was calm down look at some lasting your body residue and then eventually. Finally you can get slowly like reach out in slow motion engine like feel. Where else you could either I'll start driving when that happens and your mom and I.