Slacker and Steve - Waxing a Toddler’s Eyebrows 2/7

Wednesday, February 7th


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Staying on. I know lol anytime we talk about anything to do a parenting people get all up in arms about it big time on this story. That each kid it was any Dijjer senator in Washington. To two year old okay. After cannot win they picked their kid up. Someone cute Adam Mac I've seen the picture. Tim passive you know brow when they drop tomorrow we had to Maria there are shows it's all just like it's huge it was all as one giant look like. Ernie and our man it was just a huge where was appearance on the one I I don't I don't know with the era you know Ralph Stanley notes that some daycare worker or. Who. One had the child's best interest at heart the way is active waxed. The center to give the child's doll it's decide who. Yeah he earned appearance via no permission David. Are looking into this. Company weigh what part for one. Because they dig deep I mean the child's I mean it I don't know if you've ever waxed in their it hurts and baby skin it's her team it's it was bred. Mean any big kids look more normal. But what is it. I thought it's only illegals who look to your early to wax any human being at any age. Your own I don't know that. And I also don't know you're allowed to you. That power behind the parents' backyard they should be in trouble for that it is only legal a student so whacks you did you hear you do your two year old I drop my just a daycare. And he's been allows such acts but my kids scratch is somebody in the daycare worker notices allow their fingernails really wrong. And they cut their fingernails Lou. That's. I mean what if it's in my religion that I want my kid to grow there but you don't know that but my kid is also know that eyebrow wasn't a threat to anybody but lights. The daycare worker probably in the airhead dot column to help this team now is again the parents of fear is a monstrosity. We think the kid I mean the unit brow picture of the kid is kind of scary. I had this question is. Is it really does give rise to the level of abuse of sample so that it's let me ask you this at the parents had dug this of their own two year old. That's okay and he'll. Take your kid in the clearest and have their ears pierced so and that's legal yeah but the daycare. Without giving permission that makes it illegal but you're sort of putting them in charge of your kids a slate I feel like cutting your fingernails OK it's usually a mandate on that's sort of on the wiping some blown off put some vaccine. Given in my view trophy in those sort of things to let parents know what was happening I guess your kids is a fingernails because yes yes you better let the parents know first. So that's I don't know do but they eyebrow as word gets even more sniper teams are threats right it's simply because that's Q. I don't know how I feel I don't think it was a bright thing to do right you better tell the parents to give permission fur refusal to amend tell impair you don't Willy Nilly changing kids appearance there you go bots. No daycare worker at this facility has come forward and admitted that it's them so they don't know they don't blame she's somebody's and it was just a role I mean the whole facility could be shut down because of this waxing and tomato a unit brow to be into a normal as a parent I know you'd be mad if they do this behind your back without but you know him permission. I wanna say I wouldn't but I probably you appreciate that you you have to pay for if it was done correctly but still you gotta tell the parents kids head was a little red. Bottom line is we will put it out there and you guys decide is this daycare worker should they be in trouble righty. Or is it. Me here's the deal. Other my brows waxed guess what it's grow back it is statistically deformed child are ever involved if they each so what should happen to this day care. That took a unit brow kid that can turn them into a dual brow kid you should they be shut down. What do you say tell us on the soccer and seem fazed okay.