Slacker and Steve - Wedding Crashers 10/31

Tuesday, October 31st


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Staying on episodes big video that's going viral today where around. Savannah Georgia winning gets crashed. My Ukrainian. Today announced Q okay. I can be my usual Debbie downer. I should. I'm of course what why would you think this is an issue which country music star about to be a massive TV star. Coming into somebody's wedding why why would you need to be down about this he I know I'm. I didn't have fascinates me that what does complete stranger crashes or what they just like the yeah crime against humanity but that we have had these lately the last couple years all these I get a celebrities and named people just walking into people's weddings and stuff and I'm sorry for Luke Bryan I'm honest I don't even know who the hell you are practically so if you keep bopping and in my way. As a good room. I might let it slide but this is that this is the brides today are two basically these these when you're a celebrity you're still crashing. You're still imposing on your people you're still in the market so it crash you're right yeah still I just because your famous I guess I'm supposed to accept it and paying for this wedding. But are you still on the bride's day knelt above. Brian enough to bribe what does it matter if she was in new. Yeah I've been that I see as so that was set up was a surprise great if it turned out to be that she's a big fan Luke Bryan greaves made her day I guess but what if she's not. So here's a bunch of PC when you look Bryan chance I end it I think in this particular case. Everybody there was kind of a fan and somebody must have known I mean it. If you turn out to be more of a commercial for American Idol is like to American Idol crew was walking with him and he's like. We just got done so far all I know all the way I heard there's a real lab Witten right here. And he just can't seem real live web in my leg as opposed to oh say can letting you know it's. But then he's so he didn't need the DJ plays his song it's like crashes car crash my party. Oh OK I didn't know the did you put it that he had a song called crashed so it was kind of like come zinni gets to my H. And it's like there's not a bridesmaid undergo a double AD DJ gives you might use that very day all you know gorgeous film an American Idol up the way I am like. Nice commercial Friday while great promo for our body's all beat you use this woman's wedding to do it though. I. I can't imagine who whatsoever I would want to show up an idea like. Hell yeah I'm glad they ruined my roommates try them asunder away the guys I know it's uneven exactly if my wedding Europe I paid a lot of money out upon us meet I didn't ask parents not. It's so this and then all of a sudden. Here's Oprah want to sign autographs for twenty minutes look I paid money for her to. Now does it suddenly become the most memorable event series never gonna forget slackers wedding absolute right yeah but it book is the end it was supposed to be you getting married to a woman of your dreams. The other part of this that drives me nuts is celebrities. Don't crash. Her missing real people's weddings but I must say. Common folk we weddings we need what Lewis because this. This wedding a day like he was obviously a big wedding everybody in my dress to the nines I didn't feel like this was a normal wedding Katy Perry just crash another wedding. Was at the four seasons. All I assume you're saying don't don't short trip mall the elks lodge where there's the apple dealers don't be so dumb yes truth. Guess it's always nice piece it all I got is there's something happen and over at the Ritz well but an honest yeah. As do employees I double dog dare you now. That she'd see guys built in the seventies Presbyterian Church. Ballroom that's underneath the insurer. I say role in the air T paying very good yes or no big dough just.