Slacker and Steve - Weird Divorces 9/26

Tuesday, September 26th


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Staying on day. Us so. I want this pattern how many people are gonna wanna admit the weird reasoning got a divorce at the we found this like. Bliss of fourteen amazing reasons people divorces. I might should make a list know why got a divorce a person in the downplayed the day we decided to get a divorce. I don't think either we're told only one we just real literally like it but it did JD. I remember distinctly we were driving my parents' house and we got him. The worst over volleyball. All all you did this because she kept finding different reasons not to be home in the relationship then and. So boiled it down the week these are border that was your last straw was I think it's just stupid Singapore people out what happened you guys seems only volleyball. I. You're seeded Connecticut usually is greater portions not setting up properly. Ear and finger oh yeah it was like I that was the infamy I was reached. We like she's finishing school I mean I have to dig in down in the mean she's a lovely person. Whatever it was just. It's schooled her job dollar light hitting those I don't go. And you're like wait a second were trying to work on being spent more time to get rights and she kept coming over the reasons not. While yes so did you did you see were threw them right there as you're driving your parents are how are we need yeah I was back. All single you out you have laid out our real word thanks. Are all going to do Easter my parents did and always in his Easter brunch thing yeah. And it was a site. This is. And then the absurdity I am sure she pointed out the absurdity like we were literally getting divorced or roller ball might. It's bigger than that I guess technically. Your first tip might need that yes sir you demanded a divorce in that driver she did he would. I mean it was like it was the line in the sand it was like you really you act none of you. Go blue it was a death and them the news I'm out this is he was just over Japan fantastic I mean so might could've made this list any U. We're stupid reason you got a divorce volleyball pretty good bottles yes don't don't want it is my favorite. And could've totally happening as well. Bond. This Nigerian housewives. Had never had relations with her husband June free marriage it's sort of one of their traditions she had to file. For a divorce because his junk was too big. Two big gift to big catches her they'd just pay she just said they never had relations and once they did she describe the experience as a nightmare for some cheap at the trust me someone of her friends quickly snapped. Divorced him why. I imagine yeah. Don't you think you have somebody who has a look at the kind of how does that feel about. But I hear it but I'd feel liked that one to accomplish. Another one where I she tester man. Any in response Blake at all that she was in the hospital wasn't she still load text I'd say it's a bunch of taxes zero responses. Actually Steve said they should test and in the hospital. Nothing lasts or shoe she had no choice but to I don't sound silly because he had divorced over music wouldn't prefer texting but if there's a lot of build a lead Gupta Leeds. Yeah yeah I mean there's a point where I am yet. I did it so you're you're busy you're off doing your work well I text that I am in the hospital yeah you never looks at their son. Yes so she saw it in just made solid the first to know. It. OK I look around that up to protest the it's hit me either way you know you have your little did you know we have you have your do not to serve while driving can turn on. All right what is 10 goodness I don't I don't want somebody guesses messy automatic return tests their driving on your back you two and a row really fast it's so we retain and I know tell you know new man. But it's like it's. I try to exit the media today and it's nice so. No I'm trying to and how I. You sort of possible photos agency decided I don't know okay yeah the new rule iPhone Iowa that's it that's an option any meetings and asking do you wanna turn on you know indiscernible friend Mike. How. I'll do my most of my. That's why do 90% of my tech single careening down the highway hopes for you this I. I'm telling you if I were married a Little League this would be reasonable and entirely and just got to do not deserve to not cut my wife turned it on for one day and I all I would like to have that she called me she's like my prosumer I think unless you have good that you don't like it now totals is out of business could be the end zone volleyball and a test blood but I don't like bounce back automatic test I did it when you're texting the radio station. They legally we have to say I was we have had announced that music message batteries not brutal war. But what I CI tech's Mike Weiss. Or my buddy little. I'm. I'm serious about real deal breaker you aren't all our state as he would if we weren't married and he refused to turn that off we'd begun. Now amid entered into a personal message just. Lack context are driving bad I don't kill you couldn't really do a disaster. You set it to be good salty can you wouldn't you want us now it's not get from me I guess I need to determine did my wife would get a divorce me if I didn't turn it all. Here is an army sold out about having the phone notification gone with the kids in the car so I was like whoa yeah turnaround yeah. Does better that all we can cheer you made it about the kids I just thought. So here's another one somebody I'd divorce 29 year old woman divorced her husband he told her I don't care for the movie frozen. He really didn't get it he was surprised that she somebody Mario Williams so that has to be another wanna leave dubs like the volleyball and there's no I was pleased. Attacks U. Cod to really be a reason I don't need we know some people who are pretty obsessed with Disney stuff there early it's like I have chosen new. Arab all the man on the planet I want you to be sweet you don't like them to be oh my god know the more dot know why I'm through with you she knows how. To be some other mitigating factor I see that you are saying and all the time to. I I can tell you this if my wife were to ended liked like what you were just alluding to the people are waiting to Disney. She got to intuit to think there is time where there's tipping point we choose or lose. Two into one direction. Yeah I remember that it has I would have myths you're polar vacuum and no I do I try to pull back I didn't work into it happened naturally on its own the lady got to the point where. Friends of ours for minor cardboard cutouts of Harry styles and OK this is destined LO OK this is not healthy there was too much thought put into hairy so you smoke got divorced over Harry styles. Knew he could but it's weird I think I'm out I'm pretty sure that the judge would have been might know I've got. Would you look through the cut out of there you would have demanded that I would have distaste with how my way out of the merits of now the cut out is literally in my garage. And occasionally some mix it she asked the boots yeah. It reminds them and the kids move in the Obama garage just likes. It's also need to eat anything that looks like a person and you are all a sudden you're besides opening fire. Massive economic. Sarah but the pair is my English it's fun so we don't regardless and we will but we want you. Jessica doesn't have to be divorced we'd love to the west if you. Broke up yeah foreign insignificant stupid reason like they had huge junk or heard. This one person can take a shower for eight weeks and want to. Doesn't seem insignificant though that's a huge deal it's a weird reason for divorce but if you got a weird divorce reasoned kind of story with money here it's candy. Yeah I hate how come on you divorced or broke us. I was dating a guy who used Colgate UK yeah with whitening up. Not cracked girl. I out here uses I can you didn't match to the did you really. And two I do. I couldn't do cause they've announced so I ended that. I mean what do you honestly think there's that big of a difference. Yeah ankle weights better. All I'm actually pressed dude I'm so I grew up crafts and I don't owe so you switched on dealings when I'm my own oil that we try this cold we are now I get looking energy group left. Videos creamy. Just suggests we're seeing him what do you know he's still here with Jeff costs are you well now we are trying to suggest Stanley and now we're escaping family. We go to our group skippy and then we I would suggest yes com. I'm so CNB if I lined up like four dudes we're different in your face in their mouth and had you just give each ornament Jess do you think you could pick out your crest voice. Yes I do a week so weirdest thing I've ever heard did you tell little move after about the whole Colgate cresting OK we're through did you dizzy don't why. I told them and I just. I couldn't do. Fight Soria these changes unsure as to the clearly saw all the way into camp for cold day in the right. He could. Out this move along time ago but yet he's he was pretty heartbroken. You remarry doing a press girl literally had a won't be a girl that he's on like a cold they tell us a dating site for Colgate people. I sort of got I am gonna go try the other I don't know that I can ever oh you're so crass. No I'm pretty sure impressed I've got somebody can't for the nose Archos rationale somebody. Even real or something this pot of fresh toothpaste and I should known. Because it wasn't green they did to wasn't dreaming too was orange in my blood to be orange because that taste what's orange men it's no and I went oh. Something people are you know if you just people who combines fruit flavor and mint yes something is wrong with how do you guys. Here you with okay thank you. Out of her element as not it's not come home and she just looks. Pretty dumb tablets like Allison there's like code orange Mitt don't know. Are you don't abandon do strawberry got a new brew some reviewers or the Mitt that's faster Rory one day you for the call candy we appreciate that. Colgate is zone while the little mud volleyball out of the water. I'll Laura. Yeah I weird divorces or break just when you guys. I divorced my X band because he would pick kids know in bed in his late and went bloggers. Pretty. Both would come where did. He won't. He had a while it did not matter he would I would like definitely picking you know opened just flipping burgers like. Create the white Arab. You did you do the right thing clearly didn't sleep on them before you'd. You know Mary Ellis puts it half. Even if it was every single made. Voters could. No doubt not everything they sometimes and I realize I. It never went back with them again and I have to divorce. Yeah now you do the right ones you see that the moon there's no huddle. When he begins to slowly caress the full year net tonight just. I've Jason Day youth that's awful. Debbie. Yeah I don't know I you know we are divorced. You know divorce. We went to a local amusement park and let them run capped a lot of coin on taken a look family. X has been my now ex president who wanted to write an expensive bride just bring him. And I told them little. And can you grow up because she wanted to just. He wanted to ride one of the likes the extra add on more I'd like to do the bungee jumper and missed out being there although the with a weird stuff. You did you divorced him over that. Well that would get strong word is that. The worst part of the day but now that was good deciding factor on a whole bunch of other. Well it's OK Sony did it anyway are you so no we didn't in the new decided look I. I don't know he couldn't do it feels Nellie didn't do it but that he is very vocal about why he should do it. Really the worst route we're done to stop talking oh my god and that's awesome day you've really gone there and I'm Melanie. Yeah I went he divorced. O'Meara after logical brain damage in the night he was Odierno. Ga sucks how ultimately you'll get series. Clerk why are you know as Astro losses. I knew Brad. We can't never got to learn and that was why are in my opinion Howard why. Melanie that's stuff Saul bowl it's always talk to its thinks it clearly we're still here. They can't argue did you find a more compatible signing your super happy now. Yes diet where both Jim and I and that's why I'm inside the twin and he the other I. You refuse to 81 but a German and I don't know it's well and yeah is okay you're making us all look really normal right now high hopes today. Commonalities.