Slacker and Steve - Weird Stuff in the House 8/15

Wednesday, August 15th


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Staying on the edge leaders are laconic sort of being in stranger's houses yeah coach you so. I'm good says it's well mean you you do geeks. Yes and I prefer to go on their home turf you're right so they can't find you once you've there's broken their heart and left and you wake of the day. Damaged souls that you leave behind you why former good wow I'm sorry euros a trip to the what are your ex is just next to me that she guarantees that it on the air for. But as I won fifty bucks will flare bombs. So if you when you go to somebody else's. House Boca do you. Kind of look around the room and and gates oh we they keep you when you gather information based on what date and your city. I don't think you can. According to this credit thread you can learn a lot about somebody but I don't like I don't feel like I learn a lot about a woman I think women learn a lot about men and a half. Just women tend to. Always have their place kind of neatly. A decorated but hold me yeah did you go into dudes place any gap posters that are stapled or some tactical while you do you understand his. Level of commitment his level of maturity you can understand a lot and I think. Every woman's home might never be an end. I've never had I've ever been to a woman's house with a poster staple you can't really glean a lot of information you just don't. Pomp but this this story talks about a few things I wanted to run by you know so if you. Did you agree with any of these things first thing's first you go and their house. What is their beds now made we think that means. G you know if this is my normal immune to date him and invite someone back to my house out of courtesy I'll make sure I'm not a much of a bed maker usually your bed every day I'll ul ul pulled covers back up but not always super neat stuff. U Dicker tell us. I do but up only put them on only when somebody's coming over only one of the hosts the housekeeper shall go ahead and and put all my shall make the better for all those pillows are there. And then you just come home and just do all those are right off the exactly. They eat it depends on what you're going for a few go to somebody's house and their beds kind of unkempt it might send the signal that you really like a person 'cause they're more laid back to wait if there's somebody who you want in there house and they have the 47 decorative pillows out there might you know what to be that looks like through there trying to horror. We're going to be high maintenance suggests a dirtier setting like a state your your kind of staging. Inches away yeah yeah so some people might take it if you have a major vendor a slob but somebody might take you like your just a little more. Laid back if there's a wet towels. On the bed or on the floor how do you feel about that. And that's the end of the trio we're just took a shower in a hurry wanted to get over to meet you for your. My your. Because she's mill do its how old girl and she doesn't putter stuff away she throws her stuff Willy Nilly she's not she's on counts. She's disorganized. They agree with you they say well I'll have no place in a bedroom. Sanctions if you should either be in the hamper or wet towels and hamper. Milk as your diskette and everything else milled Louie in their use someone's success here OK just you know. I know totally this time and finally wash your child when you stall you put the wet towel you're chasing you realize is starting to smell like mold. Like I'll throw it in the hamper tell the next laundering I'll just throw array in the washer and do or dried out in mid washes. Will dry and I would watch the bowl game if you're a reporter over this shower bar there there was daylight last week where it took like four showers and one day. While we get any key so my towel was just sudden body was no longer you can't do that yeah. Now I did some yard work and there was and we got to run the store mice and so so much. Actually took a quick shower Red Sox went out worked out and Christophe team that went on hi team I'm win started it was nice and I tell continental and that's how I was like what do we know. Never dry how you that's what you just wrote yeah. Irma reliving at home I would use of fresh towel after every time my shower privileges bribed by Ahmad is ballistic. But we should always use a fresh towel and quickly. That. Oh your body clean so that's how are getting dirt on it knows you're not only did skim through these guys don't know finish our fifth phone I'll books on and nightstand. Would that attract you work. You're reader so you might like tag I element nightstand. Blakey she's in she's stores and her she says a book sitting on the nightstand. Yes okay or she has several like she's gonna I have my Kindle fire HD but ya book definitely a guy you didn't brands and everything so bites. Now blue polo golf and I know it's not an open July myrtle literary works of if you go to mid century Russian authors. You out Poland's. Mostly poets were young guns to the ITV in the badger and now we'll attack you know. Lies what ever let's turn on the T. Need guy and I thought I would see my bedroom was right next in my living room my TV's a rate over they are proud of what I know what TV I'm done with TV I don't need to go to better tell my dad and honestly tell. Oh series I'd like as you visit the film each other you have the TV and that's. Live you capturing no I don't know I don't like cables is an example wires are there to. RCA cables coming out of MTV rock but I tried it again this is adored and then the last one on here is it picture of your mom on the nightstand. Always got some on our list. Why you're having fun just briefly. Long enough to somebody spotted it's. Yeah out this year so I can assure my mom was let me ask you what's worse having a picture of my mom was an adult in my bedroom. Or happened to fisherman emotions that kid could I bedroom. You're really ask you we tied. Because I I didn't have a place to put the daily pictures are put a moment bedroom for moments there was a cheater we are you to me was when you add up. Or was a pulse gem like young mom on this side and you. All you're disgusted. I would put a bully in my bedroom you before you put it I didn't want to know what are you know I wasn't gonna leave it there that I wanted to always look at the poll. If a guy's gonna have a picture of his moms if he TVs bedroom rye needs which one is better if a all my. Home with a pocket or mom on a swing when she went OK okay. We're gonna put that on the sly you're insulting you know they're a good luck.