Slacker and Steve - Weird Way Ya Made Money 10/23

Monday, October 23rd


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Staying on the we don't for money. Let's see I have I've done shim I was oh there's Jim who tester guy. I did that for money loans lets you were part of that like a senator Lou like where they do major relied on your had no lights. You shoulders on ones and sell some blue on the other side I got paid for that would you like me or anybody come over your house. Take pictures your feet and put an open mind. Why. An integrated model who's earning seventy year. Oh does ever see those fetish. Weird fetish for and she's a 32 year old Orlando woman she's got 101000 more than 101000 followers refer. Bomb and she takes requests for photos. Usually focus from the ankle down this year pose in various settings and customs the picture I saw. She'd walked around her feet were dirty. And that's a turn on him to get guys I don't know man I don't I don't get it I don't you don't get anybody I don't hate see I know there are people who might. Yeah are you would you would you touch my feet right now no would you touch a girl seeking. Yeah you're sort hater. I. Other I don't I don't sit here and go light. Before we start anything here I need to see your fetus as well but I don't I mean there's better other parts of a female lion I mean and to be sure but yeah like for example ankles. It and now but there's there's there's people compatriot pay pigs who'll pay her top dollar goes aid is what I want you to do awesome good for her. Honestly anybody's doing that. Well our home girl I was dating she just found out there won't ever tenants earn you permanent tool off. She does like your yap Kim girl that's sit. As soon as she went to my friend and engine solo she's she's got somebody cam girl and from like up up property Shia yes and she didn't know it for ever. It's a she walked in there and do some thing it's a legal I don't think it's it's not you wells. Cut a little bit with the equipment the zoning and stuff so check out my friend the the models cut my friend in the landlord. For a percentage and one Saturday about a succeeds it cam girl she's there was an eighteen do you know how much saying key blocks not a monster she didn't need she needed a much bigger place apparently after. So she made a move and out yeah. Now she is for a couple years though that's how she started and became huge. Nor name I don't know any damn girl names I'll I'll try to. I. Tunnel we wanna do here by this flood model and Steve splitting the league's. Shampoo soak into his head security interest. Lot of people who've done a lot of weird things to make. Money ya there's people who did The Who spend all day which I've read on this from FaceBook pages of people do this you can take surveys. And to make money there are certain companies he's got to just keep. Looking for them to there's certain companies won't pay you while merchandise is or whatever to take a survey. -- one of the airlines right now is bug you need to start taking their serving in a single give me like a bunch of much else to take your serving as I travel and knots nice little side hustle right. Yeah I did that for a lot more certain is is no I would so when I was in college you would I would have to drive downtown and go and this building may put us in a conference terminated. Ask us about certain products and stuff and then they. Like axe body spray was one of them that I it's OK I did and I had to go and use this like new sent an axe body spray for a month and then come back after a month until on how. Women met test talked about it and how they reacted to it and stuff suddenly oh yeah totally. Now here's a normal pleasures and a sellout but. All right you know the Wii. Much odd couple hundred bucks. Jim Talent to just sit you would you like a teleconference or when he knew the conference room it was Meehan like ten other guys and are ten other people and they just ask us questions that played stuff they did all damned good. And they gave you two are about to give you a check for 200 bucks. So you get that we come out concert he weighed at the reception desk and they just yours project is huge outbreak has. I think they pay this this survey company pays you so now you're on the radio and no I wish but afterwards I was like a weird yeah I know that I did that. Why. Fund that is fine so bottom line is this we'd like to hear some of the weird. Ways like I sold plasma sold. I'm plasma they feel a lot more than just respond like yep that's when they have to put it back through your system or something they take a bunch your blood hole and spinning bachelor and stay in the class now and then they give you your plasma free blood bath. It's it's yeah but then you go out and you can get. He's hitting the ball around alcohol with me through and you go out and it's nice you you make your light headed your cheap date that night while always win wins he's got money in your pocket. In the your cheeks if you don't like two years later you like to let someone take me home if you have done something weird you sold your body you've been in the clinical trial. You've done surveys navy Europe's foot fetish model who we wanna hear the weird stuff you've done it for catch tell us. Yeah I would you do for money I give bond you to quadriplegic. Walk all right golf when they need boxing you know how do you medicinal how do you do that. Why now. I was working no. As you are contained in an apartment complex so incredibly generous but job description what to do anything you resident can do for himself. They don't have any finger dexterity he's simply can't light their own bond. You run lead so you just like you did NAFTA like. Take it and blow it in their face or any now used lid and putting up to their mouths. Well yes they do have another desk didn't I didn't get the lighting and may give us. Inhaling. You have to pay how much should they pay you for that. The minimal edge there do standard commercial gateway just. Okay how that is pretty sweet and did did you ever and still our report like today I aged a little sad day in grim rebirth graphic cell phone like this typically argue that that's a report on what you do. Didn't have to give any kind of report of what we're doing for anyone. It was just whatever wrestling can do for himself. You're taking a lot fluids so carelessly there's a question that I knew you'd asked. Now I have I have never diabetes in the rumor that other people smoking have but it. I have never done much. I.s means you're saying yeah cool way to make money and then was Ellen's police. Are now. What do you do for money. Which. Are now right you coming similar to that beat picture accepted everything. Else. Think that I went to request. And you've pictured are videos that I've had people take. What hatred that might do well or her. Seton stocks. And eating. Once. You see this. Plane ticket will weird. You don't you don't do you take pictures or your money parts. And you are. Aha so. Mummy curt set that price is different from no to throw picture or. It's a fantastic question is this a sliding scale terrorist attack any picture the same amount of money. Thought public aim right. And I get into the brand on how bad they want it and. Why what's the weirdest. Cleanest place I mean you know came. But the U I obviously taking a picture of your throat could you brought are not sure what else have you taken Fisher house. Merlot C. Cherished. What are the stroke. What are I don't know. Don't like after you're neat you're elbow near where he was I doing here get your kids. I tried people all that warming it's and then pictured the meal like. I didn't do it but they want me to send a picture of the meal like putting my toe and all or are. To racking my toes around various saying we are just. Yeah you know we have too much money as a society kind here or there are Jews out there go I you know. Sure I thousand not so I just I need so we'll put their toes in their mouth is wide and I'll pay anything for it. They've given a cult following for you glory the cut TNT. Will yeah I yeah I would you do for money. Wow I was really that's their spirits. Aaron days are pretty out of the Clinton's final. Turning out to be an appointment that there are paid at court isn't. Moon okay. English and I like most read a muted. And well I only lasted a leak. But it is a very interesting that education and I come January and they tell me that they actually in a client. Want need to show up and stand. Left prayer in the current setting in the equipment color on megs. So they let me go lived here. Barrett computer so firmware is cloud based. And get used and they had enable our school at. So pure and their clients. That you Democrat on the black glass tanks and bookstore at Staten appointment. Had to check the blacklist the mixture of militants somebody on manner. So it's new and they've hired me Ireland at the local. Public library my login still Wear and I downloaded the blacklist. So it's. Here I can tell that you other women who didn't work very nervous. C a book the love their client was already on a par with. Oh cool. That is brilliant ideas for one week receptionist does drive you thank you by Allen's but it did. Would you do for money. Tell me what couple technique out. What stem aberrations. Watts one yeah. You just sat in her room and watch Sims. Yeah really attract deals. You're gonna battle furor it's going to want to go to larger picture. How did you on this church judo or not about my place. I'm sure all the action news source of all I'm a liar you meet somebody I want in my outfit. Hardly a life. Lower order you're under a chocolate yeah no question Torrey which you rearrested more serious. Note your name you know Mike. Who commit brutal opera has stirred drone can. Sure. You don't eat what impact do. Even a couple of our policies at their Washington. You're playing nice now you ask. Us.