Slacker and Steve - Weird Way Ya Met 3/21

Wednesday, March 21st


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Steve I don't ask don't abouts. The weird way you met yeah that's fun I didn't I didn't you're just trying to talk to me out I don't think that any of the people of data due it's been a weird way. We're looking for early to does it. These weird right word bizarre coincidental. Like this. There's a couple who just got married in New Orleans now islands. Tom were on a jury together rather reservist jury duty. Really talks which. They want to talk to the of the jury and I just now let's talk a case well. To be put to do that we can talk to the press that's only if they put logos the sequestered and to gamble sequester is really sick in a motel. A guy he were they physically round you up apparently it was gag orders it was oh gag order that's when you can't you know how to talk to any Baghdad but I thought. You'd think with your solo during numbers like. You're leaving the courtroom if it's a more than one they trap you're not allowed delight no. When you think about that you can't even talk to each other about it yeah yeah may I guess you talked about like taking others as long as you're talking about other stuff you really hot. Those peanuts. That's clearly what happens we still that's out. Saw them they. Always I thought it was a murder case it wasn't a murder cause. If I had it was just a contractor being accused of fraud the dude was the Foreman of the jury wow. And that girl was an alternate. She's hoping to get on the jury and then when your alternate you do all this not to do everything which you have no vote at the end. No way to some gets sick birds or misuses I think case whoever. I anyway the girl's still happy she ended up on jury because she she and Chris started talking during the breaks when the trial was over they started dating. And last week they got Mary's. All in the exact same courtroom and I got this. Apparently. Oh yes but I really have to. Date that's a weird way to meet you met on a jury because I was so much thought Lindley both voted dive boat deaths on that guy didn't pay your hobbies your. Did you go grab the so it's just a fraud case death penalty is and then all of my dad is an alternate also deserves the death. We should probably go a couple years will be back to Mary to you now I know it is silly doubts are so that's that's one good story we're rural. On somebody met somebody we got another story of somebody he sits like an errant text message on what's out. Oh sends the wrong person. Danny Michael and Angelou. And he sent a message to lean a doll back. Well anyway names like case are you at the wrong galleries they know well they. Continued to tax it despite the odds are you. Shocked if I do weird taxed you hugged archery I don't rust spot and our government. I don't where you looking for somebody else shacks perhaps muted start it's what you bring a hatchet and other things to bury me west but you don't. All your random Jackson lonely. Well this turns out they're both global. Pomp one of them lived in Morgan South London. Ends. Are where he lives. But anyway they kept talking and talking talking. And now I think you can see us we live in Dubai. I'll stick to now he's got money shouldn't Wetteland. Here to extend the pound but she yeah. I think the they they're all married because of an air attacks because of weird what's. And so apparently they're friends. Are now jumping on what's happened. And just sending messages to random numbers yet how does it again if it happened to these two desperate moment that this event in the city. Oh she's okay I see that's who taught us how you're going that was just really pretty. Steve desperate he's not a thing ends this guy and a desperate Bloomberg German and we text and our text or neighbors. Always younger social number that's above mine are below my ass if your number in in the seven you don't use it then nothing Apple's new. You actually know what I got a text are from a proper name or what would they say they stop texting me well know was they didn't they tested and it seemed liked there perturbed no esteem sort ST she's like they were they were gone I think you had the way it was I was like hey dudes on the radio says we should I pretended I wasn't already out there and it was like the guys on the radio said we should text her insight. That's cool would soon and I was like that no call oh yeah this is I guess somebody like you know I. This is. My. Go on soccer and Steve when they knew where William. Sports news talk changed Jackson's from the mix number so there Watson. Now know weren't solid but it didn't work for me. So I just been Jackson any number going to do is sort ever like our number one in similar. Let's I didn't see it in the text message. Oops the yeah there's no way around us so much of that oh I forgot you can see he's the number. The true. Our there's no I don't really like she did this girl was somewhere she's their girlfriends and these dudes photo bombed them. All these bad guys here and then she's like don't yet know you did it would not come appeared to see officials make so they put she'd put on her face while whenever. And one of her friends like text like tag and said that's Mason how do you know Mason is our armies and so I know. They start going through stuff. Eight big message each other they start talking it's like where you're at this concert she was in like five feet from her at this concert longer lives across the street from where when they were little they never met. So I Mason's decree predict how amazing it clearly goes stalking her first since kindergarten. We hope you can. I knew she could only smile and it's. Anyway they're getting married couple. Well good Cirque all's well as well for me he says. They were yeah. There not here Lugar and I have the following usage humorous side note. That this weird. I don't you tell them what local clay I was right there are added to her and blew it drag insurgency trying to design guide me you know and not act with the quick couple other stories we like to tell you better be more fun to hear yours the weird way you studied it like weird coal basins with additional yeah Mason initially or what's app or should it what is still weird when a few met the one new laws Jen she. Yes it's weird way of that. On silly we're mutual got Terence I'm Jeff Bailey have four kids. Can teach that we didn't need each other the first ten or they were married and I get error Powell's. At the air China air power and you all met there on the people they were dating each. Got together to get across the tree first six months that you really only their like it's. And I looked out here we got married. We were all because he makes you like but do in this relationship thought he would be a good guardian for the children the girls like you would call an end. I guess you you didn't bold idea though like baptism and christening or I guess they didn't do that stuffs. No I didn't get out there they're really I mean they had if she had tickets from another marriage they had one chip to get where they thought that it Ted. It would just like every Saturday they were really nontraditional by it they passed both of us separately. Com and they where I mean we both knew them Kirk a decade or more and tell before we Matt. Awesome that's how easy words you knew about every year just. Just seen anybody better comes along. Yeah. Matches that's China how can I tell you this if I don't the two victims of your whole story reminds me. Want to I don't know how renewal and she was like how can I like that yeah. They see me they both. Terribly human beings but they candidate or that. Oh god I don't know Manson learned you were. Resilient because that's a great story Jan that I know you're happy forever or until the next two million Ministry's top notes and stocks. Yeah yeah we're great Matt. Mode will decision to Ian. I was doing some prospecting and commitment to have our new clients hand how most popular. Political lawnmower soccer trump. Handgun I called on the really kept calling her feet up denying me the ability to do it took a look at what else. No matter who to a you know and then I. Dug out of the contract all that kind of stuff GM about by do it later in the area to another and we just so there won't ever heard about a supplement to. Barnes council sleep with women you didn't you didn't Marion Jones our house you married her daughter's daughter you know better what are yours who all the legal action the Yankees you're hot button. A version you would be better compete against. That is also puts a 6% commission on who's a gag you know he's he's the commission. The latter allies we will start double dip to America you know you can you can commission and an honor Colquitt that's pretty cool man. I beg you broke off with a I chat. Yeah I. Really match. OK so I you could be a waitress that fish market bakery. And are well. This and I came out we kept talking and he would keep coming back. So and it turned out I. Tired. From that schmuck bait Kerry hadn't come came and then backstage asked me how it's what you might no longer work. A couple of days how in my friends' friends and get shirts. And it would quite well mixed and action and I mean it would talking about neat thing about we talked about and I would reach out to camps. So I it everywhere bunch of really. Jail tomorrow now. Now all that's so we can run either and he tracked you dashing a note schmuck you started she mock yes is started at their Smart about it and didn't know where Mosul those desperate things you doctor about a few Craig's list go to in this connection well how romantic.