Slacker and Steve - What’s Your Club 1/29

Monday, January 29th


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Steam. Every try to several us a while and it's a really terrible idea so I don't know what we're trying to gang young. What's your club what's your club know what's your club. I know. My club noon we'll talk about before what do magnitude you remember with your club what what what's your club means is armed. Flights if you have relations on an airplane. Boom you're in die Hamas have to move my Michael. So we wondered if senators if we could name the weird spots. We've had relations sit there like in a canoe oh. That was view. I had relations and wound. Everyone's doing. Could you even be outspoken on the canoe and no like this a little more yeah it's there's Steve there's my speed alone. Haven't done model show home. The whole job they would do a slacker goes they're just for that reason Malia. I don't care bunch aroused some years now I mean that's who I was young I didn't and a nice apartments like Iowa intensely relations view on a master bed that would make it. I think somebody rich wouldn't it but it's a simple wobbly in their fuel wood via phone wrong and it that's a club though. So would MI is called the model home club yeah I like it Marleau club and HCE. And if you if you don't know the winners on me just tell you mean if you have to go with the place and has like four houses. Force Stackhouse is built and go to at least the third one okay. When you walked the first from the first when they've. They finished out the garage and that's their office oh you're right right and so they're scenario like. Ron Turner spokesman. Robert Wood model. Do ask senators to do it frank a guy who. And then it's a depression and it should. Go to a person go to the door rang out power to go to the right you know you see just go to each one. And then when you walked in. This is the these are the tips. Can tell you some really ask you told me these tips before and they're building a new alleged neighborhood I remind you. Thrown up the three model homes and every time when they first are those like. He's right there history there's going to be my house actions if that's over and the way you do right when you watch and if they don't have the Chinese turned on on the alarm system Boca. He's go and it's just menu he's going to the menu settings keep shooting chime because if she chimes not on you can't tell when somebody comes and but if it shines on them thanked your upstairs juniors and here yet when he attacked wall. Dig here. You shelf put back together before they do justice is you mess with their whole secure you know I was really it's all stories make every door and went outside doors or windows beat. When they come and say you know they're coming your career being late in the Miss America sash across a toilet and I don't use this but they don't put it on the bad. A professor at the hey hey this group. Put this show. But the military huge sperm don't slip into. Do you were the victim I'm admitted I didn't want to have relations and that they put David Sasha Sasha. She don't do it might put one. You can sit sack rushed but. We did we just gets around this bit yeah. Tip off at DeRozan had a tells the brand. It's a nice little that's a good trip that is an attempt. Trust me Henry tells in the drive. Into the sash in the driver's. You can no other reason we got we have reminisce about my model days if there's a Minnesota couple fate they went to Vegas. Bullying they engaged in lewd and lascivious behavior. Under a blanket on the flight home so highly noses know concealed. So even though was looter to cities would never. At all. They disarm things that you saw the blanket you also are supplied him though there's a blanket for they don't know what's in there. Not all of error could be seen. Oh so she was left and one half point two months OK I know keep. And what's the show was covered in blanket off or she had her hair had a lot of static and it all okay well there are currently you have to sit don't walks got no place plays such other exit row no matter what you thought. Yes she on one woman who was sitting directly behind them said the movement of the blanket. Was made it pretty clear what will stop looking at the blanket dead. Do you know lead plaintiff because so what's the name of that those people is that mile high second annihilating. Blow. The blanket bunkers the Clinton did it spells. Of what is similar logo that's going to be my day. I have got a little right. Yeah you're good enough for my Ben Boe 000. Hung up the what are we gonna call these the cheerleader. Well so I'm here's here's just one. And amorous couple were filmed having relations and any thing covering their windows motors there's been building another. Thing the hood leading construction site. On the wrong. Yeah there's a building going up to these guys are in high rise in the I don't often follow that has ever done anything like thank you smear and one of the tall Intel Xeon and had your. Did you know that. People can see you. And do you ever look out or do you ever do anything in front of the window you know you don't you do. I have liked what he be more specific no kidding one ever now under like when we had when we worked in the really tall buildings. Downtown yacht and that conference room yet right across the terrible things in the conference room. And I was with a number which you but I did it seems that you did separately from where and when you're. One of its you're also included are mile got a massive. Yes support carnal conference people that weren't ourselves that yeah it's carnal comparable high you like it that's our worth carnal conference call. It's catchy hum yeah I know kids in the windows you're looking down right now and neither did you see you know you. We were sold high. I mean high out. We need is you couldn't keep the you know. You could nobody could look up to go it's your nerve from recession doing some terrible irritated notes. He should know when he threw for John day you know it's a non. Another this is this and so. We are good clubs and bag close like not homefront that's that's on gods of cool club that I don't wanna be in hotel Alley club. All book ever are they beyond your hotel room just putting your what do you do I don't think they have hotel so I only came they came to the hotel we're like. Current German tank and you foreigner. I am actually Ali. But I can totally picture with everyone in that club looks like it. I'm like oh yeah yeah yeah the other Gillard the US not any that's just talk about dumpster club. There's more we have a story about where that they couldn't handle it here in the Taco Bell line and they were just like us. Borne true. It is your name is pulled over and the Mike jumped into the dumpster. And the warm season speeds in check of foreigner who is confused so we'll know. Why the but I shouldn't it's not yeah. It's that should. But with the so those are the people who were in the hotel Alley were spotted last week. A move with a five year old and a receptionist who announced her cigarette break she spent mother passers by spotted them and and filmed them. Fox show. Yeah the hotel Alley people to serve favors. As we don't know if we don't it's not in the fourth little bing is in the subway track club. Yup yeah that's a good club protective club yeah school that's disgusting those rocks in Steve is in need like SARS always in the dark with the T shirt on layer up yeah. A few. Didn't listen to conclude that could have. Happened ever take you to describe her she took the I hung. I so. You have to come up with a name for your club if you clearance we're gonna try and our creative juices are almost completely tab yeah as as coming up with a model home club was the hardest thing we that was a cool if you had relations and somewhere weird. Do you wanna tell the story on the radio media crap out of boys disguise or club. Community club. If you've done something weird somewhere weird we wanna hear the name your club and the story behind it. Lindsay. Yeah I I yeah right well and we eventually got Texas what city club. Are easy were stolen didn't yeah. I think people you. Pat Barry in your tire and we are out four Wheeling and I had. You know did and it got react situation. That's who we like where your little minor helmet with the blue light on. See helmet on the back now less sure Helmand on serve and listen to them no no I didn't let. We don't like Monday's round resume from the I would dare it would Garrity and you know look back on soon read. So this is not a quick club won't put you can do it yeah I can yeah the candles strawberries. T yeah yeah. Oh yeah. And Saturday at Hillary a lot of people 00 and you'll learn. How. Yeah this month would you would you go back to the club. I let it actually visited that caves and with another different do you know say why and it would still they gathered now you're clueless. Ask it clubs are you really loved. You. I what's your club. The school and court club and it's so you were in the middle of this. Yeah he is still low sixty and I'm like well yeah that's what you do that with what how old look through my feet. World we Wear. We were just walking around and unity and you know what like dust and young is and a newly. Says it's. It's in the unfortunately. So you. This lady right there on the slow learner sultan or you do know all in cash judge's chair Eric harper also alleged that it would you've got to get buy it for use school attendance and no one else was around now no lights. Yeah I mean elect were not but it was still pretty cool stuff. You're right there's a hero to example go to tennis. The so. It's worked out but. They didn't even. You don't you'll live to tell when my daughter this weekend but make. Did the sound smooth though while it's because she didn't mind wings Russian tennis hoax like daughters and a seven year old daughters in the Melbourne road. Okay play. We out here is. The contingency and this is Jack's. Yeah. What club UN. I'm. Doing well leaked by the way yeah. Her. Own weight and girl. Or. Not. Only. I. H. And. Cars are doing all. We. Hope for a. I say I had relations dilate. And theirs. There's a lot of dunks always and drew does your cars like what you're doing a thing or does he didn't respond to each other and stumble loneliness one each other just trying to be in the moment you can just keeps the feeling. Like dogs are like when she little and is fairly late and on your back I don't need that I know it's distracting us happy thank you bear lake club they are much. I hate what club you and. I'm in a hole in one club. Not careful this is a failed and I'll love you and your. I saw on a golf course and yes sir goal scorer in the middle agree. Watching people play a the no fireworks. A little little merit but 2 in the morning so luckily normal plan or that all it non peace so no sprinklers came on no wildlife teams are users got Randy on the I'm not I don't regret it would actually Odom on spring two holes are not doing a beautiful beautiful and you bug problem the you know no he's not even know boat we know it Lou there are no perfect decisions like got a little villages. Cabrera and I. Don't put this is the lieutenant girls ganging up it's almost like it's. Yeah that's. Russian the key guy a guy like you and I'm in the Concord club yeah it's. Or you yeah. Error rate how court. Issues like it's what we're you know I. And the on why do you eat what you you you sound usually solely to the bats are mergers do Bridget do it yes we had a donut. Very long how court wow I'm not much bigger. And he's got a John supersonic speeds such a really cool yeah as good. He was Martin yeah Oregon. It's a good pick up. US. Yeah hey you know I want to rear end all you re sort of party club high. Because now. Did Chauncey and I. It's so why is cited the dogs or horses just became too much for us. I worry. Me well car racetracks even bad America and NASCAR people did Kyle how was would you go back. Now I own. Why did you do it couldn't. I was eighteen. And I don't know who do were. Like I don't wanna like give myself any lack of prowess but I guarantee you I don't know how much you know could June NASCAR. Could Jew I don't think him and Stephen Ayers sinus or racetracks I'll stick I don't know and his job. We will seasonal climate.