Slacker and Steve - What Did You Discover About Your Partner 10/10

Tuesday, October 10th


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Stay on the OMG I just this hour something new about you know it blows me away no I don't know. I can be no matter what these people. While you wipe us did you there's a saying I'm going out there and weird things you discover about your partner once you've lived together yup. And the fourth sings on this on the main list are. There hygiene habits even if you don't. Whenever you're just dating somebody your age you're still in that her sixties or whatever. Yeah you don't know what they go through right to get all heard sad for you yeah. And when you click I would say it's probably a little off putting. To be in a relationship with me and realize. That home and my fingernails in long owned Immelman shark. Opens she going to do brush your teeth in the showered with your nails image onto my faults how do like black hole and they are seizing on the end yes I'll do my pummeled hang. In the shower. But do what is I'm tank a jumble beat one. How did this don't you don't want to know my don't want a maybe I don't want to it's like a grinder for your feet tea. What that's what why are you doing I'm ditching your feet are just soft because you barely able movie met but I. I'd himself so you I don't like our allies on my feet because I want friends flip flops all summer barefoot and so you have to die hard ma am okay Chanel who owns the dream of your shower dumb opening a skin you know just like to dead senior slotting off when you take a shower to resign I showed up with a dog. I urge you could chunks it's so good no it's. It's not. I would be less often right how utterly anybody's going to be weird about my humble paid us a bunch of our step from one of my nasty big toe toenails seat all I'm actually a little hole gosh. Probable pay yes I'm okay. By you want to know what's the schedule how much pain means I don't wanna know what I'm pooch from Rome are most. Love. Ten feet. It's Portuguese it's just some Brazilian made it up on the facts to store it. And next yeah. Skip forward to something foul and a few minutes we wanna find out the weird things you could start getting involved now we want to find out. Weird things you discovered what she moved him as somebody old unmarried like some weird things like why you did that. Any I'm just saying that. We that we want you call now because I feel like seven tensions coming in the next few minutes trying to get off the rails between you guys to get back. On the rails already OK so just ignore the next few things to come out but start calling with a weird things you discovered. He's amazing I'm buying one name wet one and a wet dry urge I wanted to drive when they don't vacuum wet dry early Saturday it's literally it's a good exec from grinding wheel has. Want. Or mask sellers. So this so grocery store and rebels alliger so just use the two OK we'll check next they're sleeping peculiarities. Did you just normally you just not to do it's and you folly to currency some real quick yes this is why you live T I know what's slid tidbits as well you lived together for get married because you give it all got to test drive some stuff to hold off low pay won't come out that yes you decide about what is the Mary would you still marry me is like that my toenails and shower. Absolutely no leniency you have to pummel paid I wouldn't be unique to our personal SpaceX will remember even. I don't let it roll over and like your shield rubs up against neckties and I think it. Thank you for that. OK I would wake up in the middle and I just like. Okay you're doing the way is you really have to Wear a protective masks to anomaly there in the shower all right no water. Sulu. The one that he wants to call me out you know I'll one of the ones one of the things you can find out about. Your significant other when she moved among many other. Isn't there a secret leader now I ask you that was the first question I asked our grass it like sort of you busted your wife. You seek reader and you said no she's actually busted me. You're a secret. I'm a big time secret why. You're so good that I would seem so where he houses going now what do you do us what's we use this. When you need to save my closet Peter sounds. While neither. Cliche. But so I like when I moved in semi mansion that was a really them this I mean it's a house I could never afford if it weren't for the broad goal for the foreclosure market yeah. On eat my closet has its I have closets and drawers built in all. Stops. You and are within their two William and no I don't I don't quite on the island I don't know some of the New York office who he called oh my god I'm. So one of the things in my claws it is there's it's it just looks like and a door front door ever open it up and it opens like. 45 degree angle ways and it's him but at least he's OK okay he's on necessities I didn't need stories articles and thanks I don't I might very close to sit on the floor and I take him downstairs. That's three years still. As she do. Is or my session you'll see ash will do what you got your stature in your closet what do we what's yours is so it started oh this simply the next eight years ago a gateway to. On Halloween. Kids and way too much stuff and we had weeded out. And like you can't have all this candy we didn't like. Ten things each rumors like okay. And I took it in the kitchen common. Plume in him present at the and then one night before going to bed. And I'm like. You just how bad we had a couple drinks and you're like actual Moore went up so sweet for a don't like about Sutton. Abstaining amateur I would have anything. That Halloween hamper the that I hope Louis can comfort or Helen that. The hole is hello. It's blowing through in the fifth the and so. Oh so then started with the kids as Halloween moon but then you started what else now what else we keep putting it is so that you'll see what she's asleep you're righteously you'll sneak into the hamper shall fall asleep and I'll like go I'm like well I'm I'm gonna get up brush my teeth before brush my teeth about an analyst Chris Patrice almost three entry into a racecar what else but there are blitzer. Arms so I guess just ask not what I was told omelet station epithet but the next couple months and burn all thank god I am switching sweet tea sweet and salt. Inside my this week moose we tell our life. I have liked. I am mice suites like take it in. I don't even like great thanks it's like division doubt it's categories you build a little like tiger somebody Biden's gaffe we can you help some jewel case where you say you're the crazy sack what is. It's her. Always pretty you're ever her. Carl JNLV zero by eighty well. Ha ha ha I couldn't do what I'm going on. I'm here I sit employee enduring. You know we territories of weird that's the so you can have a yeah. So she has the other closet and one day so like I'm sitting there. And she busted me she's like she got up to PNM and their fire and how. Greg Reese is critical critical free milk. So she busts me and then when there was like. She got inherently hip oh she's still way too. So what was would you go spiral it was third and you pull it open. She shoe she's but never told move that's. The rule. Case is just wish she slowly but surely will light. Introduce me like silk gold buying a bunch of shoes and I tell anybody and then all of a sudden it cites one pair month showed. Ops might piracy attack is a new script Mike I'm BC yeah the hello I'm Mike and all the we hand how remembers where you were you need to do is put your key union food in her hamper him I know you don't confuse like what time she comes walking into work with. Greece is can America she has a. I. To shuffle around and her reaction are. It's my. I feel really uncomfortable having you having this secret I like to end it. I don't eat unhealthy that real bad start doing it wrong I do not meet his secret here why are you afraid to eat healthy in front of other people got. I was committed to Nadal do I notice in all your program. If you ask me a lot of weird question yeah and that's out there I honest to god you're still along with this if you didn't discover. When you moved there was somebody if you add some deep dark secret secret they came out or you discovered there's. We want to hear the weird stuff you discovered about your partner when you moved. Lauren. IQ of some sort of thing you discovered about your man thing once you moved in the other. Yes those eat at his butt. After he goes number two. Sex it's a oh Tom you are you put the toilet paper and good night squarely and padding and how. Much. Oh no no no he's not do that's you know giving cleaned out there know you again that yeah why is he going to what's. I don't know how did you weighed so you've been in the room only troops I know a lot of couples go there now. One of those things I like to mean a little betting on this serious things I'll walk in after she's done and go. Our Russ Knight or whatever but like now I don't but I don't wanna watch or why he stuffed into it. No it's so we moved enemy only have one after. I did got it you're at the Kyoto and he's ready weren't any. I it it's finishing up and I just. A little awkward. And why I did I. Ask them if that's normally how do you like this but and eat but and I ballad kind of weary left and I kind of look at them into the. No no no my changeup do you that had to get this is hard for alert and an intervention recovered over did like six or seven friends together with all the little blue pieces of paper it's nice you know that we've brought you in your because it's from a place of love. With pen and let me just go numbers to me massacred or have a toilet in the middle of the room. And each one of you to open it and might the and don't notice a common theme is now one of us added it's usually. 02100. Did from you did you are you married. Oh are you now go to Mary. Yes you're gonna marry a pattern can overlook the patterns. I can overlook a pattern to me ask you this so weird but I'll. Does not it's not clean them out of that situation yeah. When you have your going to be the when he teaches them any easy don't yes you wanna raise a whole other generation Patterson he's delegates now so they'll be needs it. But Jesus it now appeared to you on an alarm just went unprecedented. Yup so I said. We're back to where if you go there's this tell you what you gain by scanning dean Nancy I know you do it at nights as you wanna wake people. I didn't do it all the time anyway so this is why when I PI team for the inside the bowl not the water so it goes. Stout as I can do the same things sitting down the way you do the standing up to that was well why wouldn't I why would you still have your what I need to stand up while you're gone my wife. Every Isiah back. I have Lauren if he's sit down here I'm gonna say that's. That that almost negates his padding your points and pull Ali Ansari I'm I we just breaks your eye and you might commercial real quickness got. Hey it's tiger elements. MP is actually a good thing you know if you're duty in you still stand why because you might your wife standing in your totals a peak. A jury juror cure and insensitive jerk. I don't care who you are I don't care what state your prostate is in. Every single man on the planet when they either begin to keep up or series skiing much or at least one. Rock golf. And if the -- or that guy you're making your wife your girlfriend the girl you pay for off of Craig's list sit in your peak when all you gotta do is to death I can't it's undignified because unmanned. Sitting down as undignified you sit to poop. Why can't you see it to PU. From the sit down. George season. So few spots. When you're done. All you can almost like I'm being hit with a Blake shoots wanting to. By the way can we put the lid off some were met a peeing we're knocking on the C reporting that up. Not going to be I don't always do that. I'd never do because listen to PC. Go to south to your patter and Europe I don't atmosphere here will change yours start just to sit down to peak and gateway to pass. And I surpassed.