Slacker and Steve - What Do You Have Memorized 9/21

Thursday, September 21st


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Steam. Anything interesting memorize my fellow number comes to my address the Alex here's thing I. What are you yeah plus I I don't have anything like discs are never had a job. Remembering Miller where I had to do. Like to pitch have you have you been pitched the like to red card. At that Tarzan. Not past the suburban pitched other things not that one though because it does sometimes asked at the beginning. Yeah a red card in the U I would say yes I was are not worthy. This plan responses don't I hung. So. The pitch. As this girl was making the pitch I she I actually answered no I can't believe I answered now. And then. She goes into this robot voice and zagged around and it's it's forty seconds long I found someone you too Brooke just listen this. I did I do put that she does he really good she's just telling me she's not pitching me. Jesus is saying words that he. This girl is doing your right then other girls like dealers giving money of course it all. All Dario Rikaart continue 1% on end like it's just forty seconds of like more is going to beat up but the girls dog trying to so cookies off that frees up. Heard sheets that you're right so most are Democrats yeah all of those enterprises and here it's like any guy meet again night. What are what are people have the only thing I could think of that I ever had memorized was thinking greens in the big Mac and that's not even that impressive. Wait they used to have a big dance martial jingle yes yes I remembered that and let's all be patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on necessities seeing. Really take subs but that's that's fifteen seconds a bad. Oh so you got nothing to do know your numbers a kid we we used to play games continue to fight on who's doing it yet of the two seed in the middle and some would say yet. Those little child putting temptations like like what trees like. In QB good bottle of big cork so loud you stink now because you dirty dep because you glee does he gives a girl behind the magazine that means you are. So yeah. Literally on every syllable touching you don't go Bubba go OK and did show many pieces do you wish five F five he spells five that is. You know those. I did all white guy literally none of that my entire job you guys aren't saved for no reason at all is can the violent class order family genus species the classifications. Of who lives. Why I have no idea Saddam here's what I. What do you have memorized that. You are blowing much like these. It's not a 45 or 45 sector it makes diatribe about the red card but ducks a lot of stuff services deep brain there really is I have no idea what might run brain cells clean it. My mother and your mother hanging up clothes my mother punched your mother in the knows what color was the blood. Purple TU RP Elliott. Cinderella addressing and it says that kids of Melo made a mistake in just a snake how many doctors did it take. Hello OK and so I was like Jim is a kid home let's re runs I would spin class called war on this thing you lose those. This is put as it doesn't then I had a full right scholarship to some engineering schools your welcome yeah that you do ought to throw mud at. And you say here's my problem in my head we were gonna right now with tough talk to people who have light. Who who used to be the truer guy made in Hollywood is like pat. You'll see the road all. It's a life here all we're going to talk to photo ID number. It's true cost. Okay now we're not being nothing no no I and we don't want those child I don't know how being a model of it cordial you stick because dirty down. Physically because you kissed a girl we item magazine and slackers that's why your kids that you are. My career that is don't we hear distinctly why you have why is. All the things Steve let me ask you coincidentally freeze tag because they did all what did you have for breakfast today. C yeah there. Don't really have no idea guaranteeing you I told you remember she stupidest dumbest stuff that you'll never use again car route. Yeah yeah yeah I just something weird memorize and please tell me it's a way to pick who is confident playground except that the almighty had her. Well that's really where my father told me that's one that I haven't been able to forget that it ensures our. 1 early morning in the middle. The night to get soldiers can add to try active active faced each other pulled other sword can shut each other. Just policeman heard that noise and give excuse that she dead bloody. Wore off. Just recently got. It's usually it's it's stuck in your head and yeah accents that's cool low. Well they're not carbon. Slugger. Really really without another particular that's just some dissent yet they even call coming here's the deal. Worry more if you got. Got something stupid memorize there's not these are Smart okay or something amazing memorize ideally actually would all fifty states which is what once heart. He's Google. Think I heard people do. She went on you when you start memorizing we don't have it anymore you guys I just occurred to me the real I was actually do it is that I've lost both online and I used to walk up you've but we had a saying in science where you walk up to a skeleton. And I did you all bone and like to do it pretty amenable clavicle which and you know. I can remember going. CBS studio head. Slowly in G you know all the fingers and toes into all my dog don't you go and do. Take seamer James some do a million did you know Parcells not parcels of land gee you know. I don't have a anymore I think you're I. You remember I you get to show Lawson next Naomi. Yeah I had some stupid memorized or amazing. I want her more amazing than duke then I miss. Instead prep most of the prepositions in alphabetical order. I just hop hero quipped yeah happiness when you said it's not Travers but then you you put in the most and now it lose to metro tech but let go and preposition us. About above across after against belong among around at people are behind you low we need beside between beyond that I don't drink at sports bra and in the end do you like here. Of off on overpass and throughout till you tort under underneath upon with with and without. Diagram and sends it. That you're playing like crazy the programming king again I mean that is yeah did you really call Naomi the things I I would not know she was right or wrong no that was pretty good Qaeda. Hey I would GM embarrassed. A poem I wrote over ten years you don't my freshman year of high school. See today are you would have come as your licence with the when he hits it sometimes snore loudly. You mom now. I am not yet you say my god daughter live let me. No if I want you reader that is bad times. That hit. And it is dark good for you thank you wouldn't call and why would you have felt rugs Lauren. Which I'm embarrassed I you know I I'm I have room. Oh the president in order. And they know how about colon chronological order and I feel like chronological. On ordinary order yeah I. What is your forties and I don't. Washington had just been outlawed or out of Jack and they're here and how to cook Hewitt art there's you can really conducting a cart director we like it don't they but it caliakra. And unfortunate our culture and I think our candy topic or Carter Reagan bush when he bashed Obama tried. CEO o'clock it's behind you did that just like to target chick did things with no ceiling which you don't at. Actually no I'm sulphide gas shooter like call show. Today into the middle and say who was sixteen you would know you got to Lincoln. Yeah. Like I couldn't take any friends or number other controversial to anything that number rises 61. Jobs and others. Yeah. I. My job today with an agent Lauren a brilliant into the. Oh once I don't know why moon Dan and noisy and Arianna where she. Yeah yeah I did Arianna why are we taking you to together. Look we know that anybody what are you what does it do you now. And a red flag as lady even deli then it's. Normally I am INN friend Danielle and not behind you did you and they know nothing about and the bread and that day and the middle of the night you did but I got up at I back. Back to back baby each other regular org and shot on another. Deny it came down and shot but you get is if you don't believe that life it's your act that played man what are Jill. Well and we're. Just more of the sing the other Lee had a call with her get a Dan. I thought it. I never heard that one I missed out on that want. Her defer to dry so the whole thing is ironic because they're really doing guy they're acting they pulled out there swords and shot shout each other and nothing makes sense in the entire tech in the blind guys saw sunlight and yes. Oh well I learned at my dad's got a Jimmy what they would also featured an art form like but also. And there wasn't. They wasn't together with the other one I think their efforts. Here's the guy is that a call you only want you what I will put remembered mine was was an this is stupid and I don't know why haven't. Nice amount on the DL good night in my into the Al confluence of being call as many single people I am. Apart and kick. Stick with the I think if you don't you know I am not under the Alka soliciting call as many single people I am honestly awesome first that's. It's got me out a deal before the top Alina. I should I what are you got memorized. The back label of penetration wind make it wondering. If you're in the bathroom Maria had not known to. OK. Okay let's look at why I had. Indication that the wouldn't wind with that's the big a partnered with the other present and I'm slippers though there are deep anger on what truly be at least that they expect the back on the black. Until the other person's real intense concentration I think you'd expect. Open up your act it is now. Didn't want to hurt OK I think I should I can decide to come thirsty or horny right now.