Slacker and Steve - What Made You Cry? 10/19

Thursday, October 19th


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Staying. At home so our daughter. Of crying. You are sexually. I just want you know UN little neat. To know that among the three of us. Judge should come as no surprise. Sudden I'm the healthiest you're the healthiest. New scientific study says there's. The usual health benefits. From tearing up easily pop. I'd view. Nobody tries is more than me you know this room but you're 20% estrogen so the problem what I get downgraded its owner and don't talk that we would you know. Vomit tumble in anyway a light years rounds I didn't like 33 pack I think I'm like a third on so number one. Crying allows a positive release yeah it's. Spare a sympathetic nervous system you on. This is what I want you to this is the sect I cry and you I don't know delivered minute. You cry more often you claim you never crack. You do well are. Are we talking like tears rolling down the cheeks crying or just getting misty died in those kind of choked up here we go again why I just you just wanna clarify you know crying has right it's when tears rolling down your face just ask me tears run down your face you have an emotional reaction. I think you mean you just sit there and scare me like that he liked. World. Yeah not only had urged the memo marked only determined to lose their domain random but I know clear what. Relation. I hope I I I do admit and I always sought this too because maybe like three times a year. My body just takes over incur horses need to cry it's like our bodies need to cry expel all this stuff what. But I could not euros one. Rolling down crime just proud of you for admitting your kids you've always sad decline makes you weak it doesn't it doesn't make you we generals retired and helps your crying LSU a positive release it helps your nearest sympathetic nervous system a year are you when you're mumbo Jones no I'm just saying I think that's what's happening to you conspiracy minds yeah there. So what makes. So you're just sitting near you cry over nothing or you try to you see something unity it's a reaction are you watching the notebook but no wait that's right you watch I'm Kate and Leopold okay what are you watch on not watching this. Wind when you win your body tells you its own right and it just happened to me couple weeks ago and this is so stupid this is Zeum number affect them on anything big mining and no matter. You'll have to go to the now Zeke I do what we don't edit. It's being emotionally you're talking about where. I sit down and watch. Once we have a list of movies which one of these. And always gets me known known. No. One in Marley and me would mean he cried beaches and Amy Graham when I was young Coca. None of these really get the movies where tomorrow in mere week moving through the dog dies for so often happens. Yes if I sit down and no don't cry it happens here but there are times what what you're describing is a thing you know where are my age. Just a Clive comes over you it does and you didn't you junior we're doing anything to set it exactly the body just took over as an I need to cry right now and then boom. I can honestly say this is gonna sound really stupid and if we could still make it happen and then you're gonna have to tell what what made earlier it was not goofy that's we're going to be looking for goofy things and strategic right now I'm I'm who feet. Jolene cracked. I I was everybody I don't watch America's Got Talent I don't I'm not into just a pinch. Every makes all of a sudden they're just churning out child stars and and they're doing mundane things like eight feet get into that is one trick thing. But a couple of years ago maybe last year when grace Vander wal came on there Oka I hadn't watched the show but people were couldn't grace vendor walls. Audition on FaceBook Boca so I click on it and she comes out and she's just now see little girl with a ukulele. And there'll fairly Danish and she's just distressed if she's I can just kind of weird cool look about order and raspy voice. And she they're like what song you're missing she's like promising original it's like that's suicide but you don't go out oh you don't you're audition for something with Richard songwriting you're trying to be a singer lady. Peddle your songs later whenever. And then she wails a song and I am I'm a great mood just watching a video on FaceBook. And she sings a song and the song is I don't know my name in your iCloud does that's really good song and I'm kind of I Monahan sums going on and then Howie Mandell grows. You know you're it's ironic that your songs called. I don't know my name because soon everybody's familiar name any lunges over any hits a golden buzzer and when he hit a golden buzzer. I physically stood up and I played it's just I'm. I'm losing net. In my living room mom lose and I'm going what do you know what. Wouldn't make. Right Brian Todd jealous because your body just took over I don't know her. I don't do on her message you don't yeah on the show I'm only her mom has cancer early really to try. Right there's no seeing you need. Grace Bender were all the first time I ever Sera Howie Mandell who errors if you are you graciously double buzzer. I am reduced to a pile of gelatin. And might in me in my living room going. Do we need this whole play Friday he's okay so what happened you had this emotion and what happens. We. All right it's not who fear really is is dumb but I was talking to a friend of mine and she governor mentioned we're talking on the phone that's heard her very young granddaughter just had a baby got pregnant. And had a baby boom and gave it to go have been a period including. So she had to give up her child to adoption that we went on to how old. I think fifteen or sixteen and Helms kid when the beaches you can take you to a fire station for like 48 hours this was longer and now this would monster C tournaments at. Ask about that and I didn't she gave looted gold to be careful on how long. So anyway and we went talked about some other stuff that we hung up half truths would we hung up I started thinking about that that young mom. How she gave to go to be apparent and then quickly realized the best thing for her child wasn't her. It's a that I sort of thinking some more like what do you like. That pictured the mom with her baby having that final conversation as soon as she say you know what it's saying bye to your child. Knowing that never again on planet earth would you ever meet. So that's a sort of thinking some more like I wonder if that mom will still celebrate the child's birthday every year. Maybe just to herself and her own mind their own heart. That I thought you know let's say they both make it to heaven. Will god introduce them. And what the child say I understand. And you lost I kind of do you know all the children are given chokes up a little bit will let. I don't know why it's just a bomb given up her child for adoption and happens holy time every day and I don't you let yourself go I actually put myself from her position. Got a little. All honesty I. I'm getting prestigious thing why should she looks like seven miners I don't know just so bizarre stuff might know. Domino like aren't sitting in your living room. Emphasizing with this month wondering what's going through her mind what you say. For the final time. Knowing that you never gonna media. That's much cooler in the crime over Greece and all kind of I don't know what's not that's what we're the we're looking for the Google are not likely. Any Scioscia we have so we have me. Who cries I'm gonna say that emotion strikes me I would say once a week. But I must say it's probably more accurate to be like three times a month it's not every one play each so I have that overwhelming you do it how many times a year like three maybe four. Yeah well it would but that we'll see a commercial with the sale only in remind me of the family I don't have a gig and a little Joseph Johns your body's telling you to do this I need to cry now via. In little. Almost like once every three years like once a decade you. Good (%expletive) you don't you do cry at your wedding not you don't you can crank your child any number 03 chat. One right there freaks me out you not crying in childbirth is. I don't wanna see this week is I don't but that seems weird to me Oka I don't think I'm normal I think I cried too much. I but I definitely don't think you. You were normal dinner on national and on what was the last thing happened you know major crack right on my grandfather passed away. We are pretty close and so yeah that was like a big shock doubt that was yeah. But if you have plenty cried about anything goofy humor how most ever ring where like I I think the last to do everything I cried over when there. Do I turn my 2122. And I would was hammered and had way too many margaritas and cried because letting get a birthday card in the mail. You. I just goes like the last goofy cry that I've ever have we talked him cry tears rolled I don't know there's like actual tears I've I can. I can't even tell you SN had a real tear like roll down my face I see your wife has never seen you will I think maybe once in the US does crave or no she sure doesn't. I'm hopeful how powerful solar assume both trying to hold out I don't know because whoever they're chizik tried all that time. I think they've made up for it my guy all the time so well. This like I do you get good choked up feeling everyone's wallet back you know lake in an accurate throw where you if you feel Kennelly maybe somebody punch you in the through really quick I get that every once around a lake a movie you never letting our. No it never gets all the way there. Asks one of our weenie people who call with the crisis us. But it's done its job we do see it which he asked if you've had that home page where you had that crying come up on new. And you didn't know was coming there was somebody wrote armed. They cried because he couldn't decide what to watch a Netflix actually where you're sitting there tonight but I don't. No doubt that so that's our look like if you had a motion in Culver you. For grace Vander wal or taking an adoption scenario no we're not do we that great. You evil you don't really even know and you're thinking about Dem and have him do that's that's one of those moments where its site. That's a pretty strange thing to be crying about this I admitted it. I do see though we don't wanna marry or halo you wanted to be even more we wanna have slowed OK let's have fun with crying if you got a goofy Chrysler. You wanna hear how. Help us. It earlier when he was addressing this or you dynasties. These guys knew you were just talking about. Some people cry and if you sit merit and you become Minnesota about a great. I mean there's so much stuff going on the world we all just need an analyst we'll meet you. But. I don't know you guys may be right probably. Are there. She's story that I will not grace and it was he's very admit. I'm just lemon in Lebanon to adjust to what it was partly the story of course course. Do you put yourself into it or use immunity. You understand other field you tried to anyways yeah. Not stand man and spoke with dogs are good you can cry and we'll come well I hope you have a great in. This terror. I'm Brian. I'm collide this situation more than what actually happened at a gonna hurt you or older to act out elite eight like questions that relate. I had a mouthful at taco and you might not only you know I don't know you know right here that I and I didn't burst out any cheers look like a mouse just. Chicago hope and change and you saw it and he. Definitely yeah. I. Eat any now all he did that I got that while other dot. That hit it in so late when you cry with suiting your mouth isn't. It's so. You tune yeah. That. Oklahomans now so I'm Aaron yeah yeah. Take it I was carrying out button. I just found out that you adopted that there at all year and try to arc. On sorry sir I do mean. OK well then you're gone Sarah would you stop feeling DJ Red Sox did all I. I why it's because you know this I think what the reason people are so touched riot is because. 41. Story for like two minutes use seemed Hume I was not I knew I it was not it was like oh my god there's a soul and don't so home it was. It's now we've Torre. I actually my dad's birthday in March and I was on a diet record for having me addicts or Eric gray area and mom made AP news caught Iran to make. Okay. It's. Didn't I need Ricky and I'd like spider hole what they got a lot about. The. Heroin. I ask you know my dad. I hit it started kind of like a lap cried and then it progressed in a lot of Bali. Don't mean yeah. Attitude that oh yeah that's that's good days you jury. Family. Yeah I I I and those first time my very own son did not need Neitzel white. All right eats it's another proof of his independence from EU and yeah I don't. About upside yeah variety I will go low. I wanted to be done with Tim and I was done then they start late in the domino SARS all and it's one that's not what I mean school I do donuts in a light I don't need you anymore. Dan and I didn't want it. Volunteers punch in the gut it's a huge. That means you're doing your job correctly is apparent. Yes that's your job to get him as early reviews Basel thank you for the call annoying but it still hurts and I don't wanna get their Tonya. The. I see I. Now I'm drive unarmed alert and I had a great day not send. Really particularly up and and all that that Lady Gaga born in the wake up aren't as I'm like I'll get to my hair and I are blasting it. And slumped to me and started. Law. At all. I. That's where your my wrong and I would I don't look but yeah I'll die and I heard she adds I think everybody knows when you're like two lines hell yeah. It's rumored Andrea. Yeah I I. So I knew how to really rest daylight time. I was coming home and decided to feel better I was gonna make my thought my favorite they cap goes in the right at this ache. I played that the onion and lunch or lime and it was just beautiful and set out on the counter and turn around and not yet. All roll. Yeah I thought I blocked. The pop thing I. I didn't even worry I didn't even clean it up I just went bad and I'm not the chairman. Oh. War in Iraq fifty ohm yeah started coming. You don't regret. We're. And I want to hear did you.