Slacker and Steve - What Makes You Cool? 4/18

Wednesday, April 18th


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Staying on as we would let's talk about what makes you cool yeah. Here's dang why we started exploring what makes you cool. Any given her this story you may not think this is cool I think is one of the coolest things I've ever heard I'm with you David Arquette. What I think of David Arquette I think she's probably one of the least cool humans on the face on our own but now that I notice about him I'm going to erect statues to grow and easy certified Bob Ross gaining instruct diablo abroad even know what that means. Did you certified to teach others around the world cheek she said she took a Bob ross' instructional course he said he so calming he's so amazing and we paints is so fast he was obsessed with it. He reached out to Bob roster comment hat asks how we can learn. I mean. When I was young. When I was hammered mean I would come home. And watch watch the dobbs CN channel twelve or sometime six by TB yeah PBS. Yeah we have another we another public we have 16 and one on twelve so yeah I guess you could catch him tonight anytime probably Rambo to have you cheese oh yeah well Bob we don't make mistakes you make happy accident. Now that's. Some days I wanna beef. That amount cool bright bright so David Arquette is cool now. I did I mean. I could go to Bob roster come and do it but now I just speed probably to Kool sedan and then your not cool right yeah that's true I've makes you one cool. We so that we so some different things that make you cool and the more we looked at the list of these things you were just saying it. I think people who strive for cool. We just two ways you can beat. How would come out desk. If you strive to be cool you're never gonna recording Q and if you strive for your coolness. By being unique. You're going to be even less school they Q if you're actually just unique. It can make you cool totally understandable. I think I don't wanna say this to you but I have no choice. The fact that we can be in a really cool situation like we get to meet Taylor Swift. And what it can be in week one of the most cruel VIP things and someone will say something. Ridiculous night. Out Taft as a president and you'll spew three sacks about it that's not cool hoax that's not cool at all is actually one of the things it makes you sole. Asking cool watch and even see straight. Yes get out. And give a crap. It might come moss does not cool you don't okay. I see what your what makes it icons are in memory do that I always try always one of pop. As part of the phrase actually later side that is why should we. You know because I go with you because you're talking task and nobody cares and that's geeky and it's not cool I think that makes you cool dip I don't know how else to say because I don't carry his spewing on coolness in the and that makes me because I don't care. Why don't know that sounds bizarre soccer did you know that presidents have to yeah. For tapped right now it's it's I would just I'd search back Johnson out yes half tracks are so there's this sickness in there exists in our media. This is what makes him cool he just set the record for hands and pushups. All this is wicked this guy's he's twenty years old and he completed 37 wreaths in one minute. Gotta respect that and before the show while we are reading this. Little dean made 37 attempts to even get up and doing instead yeah it's it's not easy I'm able to ever even successfully get into one. I does not quite good. It took a lot more than other experts and I've been here I have a new respect for that guy had Shia. That makes him cool yeah just exactly they do you choose one thing in your like under the crush that. I'm gonna be the best add to act. Not because it's gonna make you cool exactly. Because you actually literally just chill Zain that's what makes him cool. Here's a here's some of the people who were cool. Somebody's been stalked by a jag wire in the Amazon jungle for 45 in the morning colon who know let's cool so cool it's bad you know you're likes. How many people have that's another thing to me to cool is if you have something about you that you know you know what probably nobody else has done. Rights. In new lungs blood. Smoke a joint on a president's had why do you always remembered that kind of an even though I don't do drugs yeah don't desecrate national monuments pitch to Ordonez things tactically OK I'm. Clark's yeah in some twisted way with those three prongs come together is that we've did to kinda makes you cool yeah it was everyone's. I was Washington's it was median three or four other dudes knew we were stood there on top of mount Rushmore when the sun was coming up in new pass to. Somebody else solve the wheel of fortune. Puzzle with no letters on board could that's wicked cool. I I I've gotten close to that when you win the clue is obvious. Yea that's more lucky guests and that is slow cool I mean it's more than once you're cool what's going to keep the game that you guys played all the time. Film in the words in the letters and stuff them. We're escapes that was a cool. I'm gonna go our own insane yeah. I mean I am 7000 levels above anybody that I know are dreading it and just last that's cool well no it's not sure who else. I mean if you did sort of what I said about you live with tasked in Taylor Swift is kind of cool could. But it's par related to zero for me. Oh okay celeb exit Carlin I am not in the airport in some Hawaiian tropic monologue stipends like are you really young that's the only. Insist it's younger. It doesn't affect that connects. There's people who think can crush makes him cool and I think I don't know that his teeny crush got so popular I really worked Steve's got cut popular so. Median and mean being a master regain that nobody gives a sly Cooper I might actually make you call it but do we talked to some girl who's like it doesn't do any Kenya pressure was ice. You know there was some to pass a hundred so that makes her cool. I don't know me and it it might make her not cool with that we let's decide right now who she is she cool Mel okay. That's one vote where you're at the the public yeah that's probably not cool. I'm gonna make her cool you know what if he can do something he's been idea. And that's cool yeah I saw what this week we wouldn't really give you a radio station to tell us. What is about you. Are you Bob Ross certified not used on mobile 700110. Uncanny rash if your task although I don't alt. All of Bruno were amount on word skates OK I see anybody you didn't bury me what you know Taft was a blast acting president to have facial hair. Today it's cool. Task suddenly is cool. Police official license and no no we're gonna. I can't nobody would special there. Menem who T are you feel like trumpet like rocky goatee read this whole essentially her favorite episode bright red little's. I think I see dogs it's distributed over. Thousands of yeah H. Closer and grows and usually or would you but the real first and staffed I so if you got something that makes you unbelievably cool. Your claim the same in life we want your when it is city. You know I think what makes you cool. It's not me it actually my grandparents. Day I have played golf and all fifty states. Why all that Mason who oh that is which did. Even in Alaska you have no real. Problems with our third golf courses in North Dakota spear like nine days. When you see him over but you can smooth and even with the. Yeah I didn't have to do you know. Yeah I would do the old man. We're our own but that is alone. Invalid go and really really fast and you ignored other any. I absolutely so it is just an RV legislate to an old people do is travel around an RV industry plagued golf. Oh there are a little too community for our visa they flew everywhere. Tonight it jet so I'll just certain through elm that's cool that I will admit that makes them cool snap. I avenue barely played golf in this thing that the so that I was with you yes we're good drinking and driving the car but outside. Yes I can't say I've drank each patrol she. On several courses in Colorado took the if the is that Mimi who you know. I'm I'm Taylor is the guy who makes you cool. I'm beta video of my local newspaper declared me well that's who are very. People who PGA those I picketers are basically people covered it pretty. The truth. That I may see how cool is. But do you have such as silver tongued you can talk people into Haiti tore my house downpour on Hillary did Richardson's a cruel with the coach yeah. Our people and today. OK. So popular. How many people have you covered in honey. 08 or nine. Why all is there any chance you jump on the site currency FaceBook page and post a couple of your pictures and post a link will be cool. Good for you I guess my final question would be. Is there any chance you bring over I don't know 5060 gallons of honey and do you the next site courtesy photo shoot wow yeah I think I'd see your pretty well are mad because I don't have hair in my head. Oh right that was the end of the day for steal our time and sun honey photo shoot is not going to be great seafood militiamen after they didn't go zero put another there's a danger guy. Logan. Yes yes well makes you cool. Guards you know comes slavery would still about fifteen time never can lose what did our oldest she's forty the odds of that. I don't screw ball. One of them is that you should did you put the mask they should put you on the pay you you know there are some people Mario or on a losing streaks why. Vieira how quit but that's kind of school are you got a good streak going they slogans really. What makes you cool. I am at least immediately for a number of years of my family and I brought the final. They shuttle discovery preaching it beyond a bit after they had a terrible earthquake. Latin Christ church and they went on a goodwill who records them around cried through all the little girl can pretty. Like liaisons. I did I raise money to bring them and I I needed them around I had the American ambassador barely read all these schools that it would be a beautiful hope Mitt. Never giving up on your dream and they love it. How did you get I did what looked qualify you to be the one need to do that. RA it's happened to go to high school with an after notch and found out that you can apply to nab stuff. Can it get astronaut to come you have to kind of under the tree up until I got all these businesses where I lived in Hamilton and I raised 40000 dollars in two days. And organized that he had them all come that all that the them came oft com. Does that as wicked cool yeah that's I mean that's loud you end like did did it turn into any there there we just kind of become famous in New Zealand. I I guess I didn't tell people the meet but you know I am on the I really pushed to get media they were picked up and Australia. It was also a thing I wanted to do because I worked first city I was the manager of the bad business improvement district are Litsch I wanted to because. The tourism industry was flat then of course you can imagine. They split and raised and so I have. Going on from a little tour at some things around Christchurch nowhere near where it lipped I didn't know anyone there. Could help that was typical of what they were picked up in India and the UK in it. They're trying to get around. My name wasn't a biscuit with at which. But that doesn't you don't meet your neighbors so jewelry you're way cool. If you still wanna tell us what makes you cool or. See pictures of people covered in honey because that's going to be a Pharmerica. We want to head over to the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.