Slacker and Steve - What’s In Your Purse 6/11

Monday, June 11th


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Steve I ask somebody first who cut its. Are you afraid of himself still yeah. I was missing view that but it might agree Mary for forty years if she goes honey can you grab whatever amount in my purse or just here under the purse. I know I I I know Weiss I don't know why it's there's Nelson. Right first of all I just a weird by a and second of all she knows where everything's out or doesn't know that's true you just go date because you know what I think sometimes it's a trap. My wife does that color it's like to see that Jesus in my cursor in the outer pocket and then I do I look into meat out of pocket means. Open anything that's something on the outside to and it's like dinner she's got this like I don't know what it is. There's no our pocket so then I open them and don't look at on the outer rim and I'm like I can't find it so I start and zipping to enjoy things fall and online. The exact like I it's seals. Like you're. And I insider perks. I steal. Like my diaper and I don't know whether Russia cut to read players' equipment it's it's one of the most. It's it's an un easy feeling as a mere act as a male to be inside a woman's purse and a daunting. I don't know what I don't know what I don't wanna know what's in there and also just pander to the purse is dumb. There's kind of some new stuff that a chamber who was doing this anyway is that a Babel was asking moms and definitely mom sees women in general. What's the weirdest thing since you've gotten your purse and that's what we wanna talk about here we wanna like no. What is because I don't. Know women. Cool when you can literally say it. I need I need an extra pair shoes and they think they've got an extra pair of shoes somewhere and like tit charity so purses they carry now are. Pull back do you buy it doesn't I feel bad because that's got to wait down the interior regular. You have to have a good purse with you all your kid per army the stuff of all your region needs while. Your wife have some weird. I'll never forget there was a couple years ago now what we were stranded somewhere we are traveling and we stopped at a hotel and we had to have dog food for dogs. And we got the dog to value it wasn't one of those I have like the rip cord on me you know I actually had to like cut into it. So we got back to the hotel room late at night nothing else is open or like. Rat would have any sisters or anything to cut open the dog food is like is they do. She's not scissors digging in her purse not just sooners but like also I should what you're doing. Like I sure what I know it's going to need open dog cart does seedy motel. I'm sure you're. You say it's like magic do you think she's got a right. Also looks at this juncture or your house totally you know wade if she could've known no. I'm trying to think what we're saying much like my mom at any given point even. Before this was really popular she's not sued to keep us alive for like while flights. Little goldfish packets. Fruit snacks links and you just have to dig she really wish I know and just are moving stuff around and all mixed outcomes and rabid and only this year is in the lead actor in your life. Howard you do this is a pretty good president of there's some some of the stuff it was listed by some of the stories we found. Moldy cheese sticks that's some good. Died purse. Both clean and dirty fond I remember when our kids were little I. Blouse drastic one now Lou a blow diaper has been there for I mean are there are there enough times like on solid compact in which all. The heat heat if you're just wondering where its where that's malice come in front to get that was weird like gel stuff that flakes off food Mitt I want while others just what's inside that absorbs the moisture carry some sort of chemical react it's I can gel saying and it starts to break down most know once the key is hit it. This is awful emphasis than any woman let me ask you this we have vowed to not have any calls because no one wants to admit to win something happen I Moya disguise or. All right I Sulu. I mean we would. Oh for you to go to show us. Like we said it is. This mysterious it's it's like where Wonder Woman is from its like this mysterious area that we wanted to kind of know more about the real wanna go there ourselves we want you described. The because trust actually put our hands inside your purse would be. Be really weird let's see somebody else said they had tampons covered in dinosaur stickers. It is my wife rating all of this this is how. This is like heard purse this year and entertaining and I think. Made sure for herself and the children you are definitely for advocates. Smashed up broken chewed away. Crackers like you know those little orange in peanut butter crackers thing I asked oil those yet we brought you a full mile to go natural and via. All right so we're we're gonna open it to you guys if you're willing to really dig dude if you if you're willing to admit you've gone to the forbidden city revealed to us each and what is. I want to normal stuff. What's the weirdest. Saying you have in your purse right now. Tallying the yes. What's in your first. Here. Who was in my purse is extra stride. Oh I used for the units I was her big kid didn't adjust it big pet peeve is when you know you're sharp at the crack at it and then here. Can't Gillick the full amount out it just drives me it's not gonna get a drink you're just so brand distrust. Figured you know all any stripe pick up a free strident Arap tegra ample. Yeah our staff. I kidney during carrier during Q could always do distraught that a thought all of it and I'll show premiering handy. That's right I don't know this is trust but let me tell you this I'm very strong loyal. If you go to the grocery store if you buy the straw as. That are in the white with the stripes on them Coca they sucked oh you gotta buy the solid color struck while was to what happened in the white ones are the ones she's talking about where you bend them a couple times or whatever and they're cracking your likes you you can just Hilliard a net oil well. He's in deep announced Rubens who has a solid solid ones are a little bigger draw you almost all milk shake their own OK so I make them milk shake straw animal assessing those you get way too much like we're all at once. Does it's like he's di Giulio loses yeah. Just jurors and it's I guess it's a sicker. And just into hefty strongly good night probably stabbed through the show the coconut to. I'm afraid that's truck I. I don't you remember or talking about here is now I've gotten on to my obsession about Iran's top of the idea because you want my wife go to the store each side. They are put on the list straws and she comes back it's damn white and pink ones or whatever like those socks. The meat on more and did I just. Straws store just writes I've cycle while you're at straws are. I actually I never know it's hilarious because as a person who didn't used to buys tries yet you don't know where they are and how are gonna tell you probably were there never supposed to be current air where dink it makes sense where their act. But where they out now. Do you Retief Pixar. I Joseph it's that they're in their my distrust what I thought I would always do an oral side of the weird but that's where they are but it's like to buy the paper plates. Oh OK but I looks for days one download. So. It's. Important why do you start. They have money and in tattoos machinery of death success with it all right so strong talk no actually don't persons grenade is like sitting here going I don't wanna come on the strong show that I called for person doesn't fit the Renee what's in your first. Yeah I IPO. I account manager at the collective quitting until I realized I haven't spent thirteen for any type of Elizabeth and their. Well any facility and you have to get old I. You can end soon like book. A little soap dispenser in anybody's bathroom. Anybody out there any type from small people let me thank you need liking get in here. Well how many prominent differ from commercial cleanly so I have to have all these things available to when I need to make deliberate or. Worrying is that it. Okay oh big tier and fits with. Yeah I didn't have about 1815. Keyed on. I I've always wanted that Mikey likes this deal would get into many machines there are things that I assume we just kind of told. That's according to avenue first were envious of your terse yeah. I should investor can straw she's a rookie but he Melissa. Yeah this yak what's in your purse. It. Well heck yeah we'll who doesn't speak the language you want my does that the only reason Nigeria person who for chicken for my chickens like the why. Belligerent chicken them or are. Attitude danger and we need to eat great breaker and let it eat too tight at many key channel and. Well then so I was just. Is that a conversation these areas and you get usually wit your chickens put out to stairway a mugger it's a would more Acker. Any time permits I just scratch their back helped pull it out. I thought oh okay so let's let you know once you tell us who knew your message to you know I think for. Would you slaughtered but I think I did that Islam was also for it's they don't call Melissa and I won't slit while. I think I screwed everybody we've all my straw talked Alley. Yeah yeah I was in your first. Right now I have a martini crude measuring spoons and Parker college at. Yeah you do so Alan you're in the car. To your Sun Valley what are you. Diplomat the. I'm I work for a big sweeping company and I needed to take that product from another historian and met a person who is not my story yet. Nicely done I would like a martini but I do we have a we've out of college in our kids whose that'll you be married yes.