Slacker and Steve - What You Can Take From Hotels 3/8

Thursday, March 8th


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Staying on and so you're a club to go home. Wow I I I can be I've known to be asked the absolute steal as much sillier and don't deal you're no not nearly as much during a morning and it was causing you so. There was probably a some insignificant. And tonight don't really original still you still steel I don't not as much as I use it's. This implies he. Still so well the truth and I just thought this story and I wanted to link. Gold red apparently in etiquette expert is offering tips on what you can. And can not take. From a hotel who we're allowed to take but steals the etiquette experts say we did steal stuff. Paid for this up only so I mean I think it's kind of a no brainer clicked for example in the disaster this and I I and I'm not to that part of the story able to dissect the CM two. Like the little baby shampoos I mean yeah I I have enough for my own at home but I I will take that out I feel safe in taking that white and why wouldn't she want because Judas like use until we are open dates are you some are ready for its money now. Now I if I came into a hotel room. And winter grabbed the shampoo and it was have gone. I would lose ha my mind I want to open if the bar of soap has been on he's like. You if it's something in my opinion if you open it it's now yours yeah. That's okay because you're not gonna leave when you leave that bar of soap back then have these bar soap behind productive leave without for the next briefing right places anyway I don't know. I I apparently this guy gets plead his name is it. William Hansen. And his lawyer knows certain non and he incident noted sort of news from the police. Like dude we do what people would head injury is mostly just the perfect if you are. A little copycat. In their mid site. You can take coffee packets slower sometimes do I think if you take it they will bill euphoric. It's a little still are you sure. Most teachers are so if you're damned if you could've made coffee in your room I would've used in our OK okay I wouldn't go and I would have paid for the it's OK so first thing he says. In terms of toiletries left out by the hotels if there have to use it's often better to take them as it is better for the environment in many cases. And it's encouraged. Why would just a right to doubt knows anybody who is like shoved in the conditioner down in their pocket and Mike sneaking past the front desk clerk no I just put in my bags Arnold how could make a bid to leave your of them and walked out walk and six easy. To use bottles of shampoo literacy he says other items that are already in the bathroom such as slippers. There's slippers in the mountain when you don't stand directly is OK with that I would say this he says they're finally take to slippers no UT ET NT robes and slippers. You take us live this I can't believe he says you can't he says armed they warmup we usually do and once a guest has been wearing them. What happens if I did spicier room and I never put mine. They're gonna throw my way anyway right away assuming that that I mean when most of us. Good to everyone that you know why would there Terry cloth if you did you washed the damn how what do you washed that's. Right over maybe it's politics that's taller brother and all over my body that's your tower since it was. The towels what I am sorry nastier than the feet my feet just walk on the ground swallow. Some wondered how touches his merry. Right or the road to assume we can take those slippers now now get arrested he says you're allowed to while I can honestly say I've never. Ever even consider taking this opportunity. Bond says if you're going to walk past the cleaning cart or cupboard and just take these things. That's when it stealing I don't understand why because I hadn't paid form everything in the room I paid for what a great chizik doesn't make sense yes cynnex. I eat I have forced him right the ship to a bottle and the conditioner bottle and I called for a dozen unease more. They're gonna bring it up to murder charge readers know bring up that's part of your room or if I use them and throw them away. Or if I just put take you to input and in my bag beautifully usable Durham where there are aware of their act. This cleaning person comes in goes up the anymore shampoo and conditioner and don't set out more so fun walking I can't I just grab a couple extra. What could I. Right just because you didn't ask you there's a meant to ask. The more in my room no matter what. I walked I don't know that there's cleaning person's car and grabbed an extra thing of Kleenex you're you're exposed we've rationed down the left. Accidentally lost five. Snag now some and had to go without using it when they walk by. Or when they go into a room they go to a shampoo bottles in your own 31 all thought no you tell him don't they just they don't sit. So there you this guy says you're stealing Zain. I'm saying take everything you buy your milk taken he sit when it comes to team copy if you feel you have to take it home to get by you should probably question why you're spending money on hotel. And can't afford cost your team does your I disagree whole heart failure to take in the if I was allowed to make it. I really wanna go into a hotel room and have the tea bags and I'm like I don't the last guy did something to it on C though so white just take it. Why would take it and because I don't know yes Oca said taking unused copy NT is just desperate. Finally in the no brainer category he says towels in bathrobes. Are off and said that's no brain that's it I mean but who takes it I don't take it a washcloth you have war always cost for why faith. So I never banned in and reminds no time all ostracized or whatever songs are really nice hotel and we drank. Really good wind downstairs we to enable you know you take your wine glasses upstairs syrup when you can grow Asia and they don't they don't remember if we took a white glasses of serves were -- just. Sat him down so we took our watch clogs. And stuffed him inside the wine glasses so they wouldn't break when they were inside of our luggage as we were stealing the wine glasses I didn't see your home dude you have sat. Suzanne these glasses that you needed to steal. A good chunk of them are from the Ritz Carlton yeah. Part of that is you're able to.