Slacker and Steve - What's Going On 10/17

Monday, October 17th

Our show is about honesty and we want to explain what happened last week. Last Thursday Slacker had to leave the show abruptly to pick up his children from school and tend to his wife who was having some complications from her recent surgery. Usually, if Slacker or Steve have to leave the show, we put in a best of, but with zero time to do so, Lil’ D and Steve were preparing to continue the show as normal. The higher ups decided to play music instead. The next day, Slacker, Steve and Lil’ D had a meeting with their big bosses regarding what happened on the previous day and also the future of the Slacker and Steve show. The show’s ratings have slipped a bit and the bigger bosses have been suggesting that the format of the show should be altered. On Friday, we did not have a show. Slacker and Steve decided that it would be best to completely take the day off, so that their frustrated demeanor would not present itself on air. The show will continue, however the format may change in the future. 

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Steve are there. Yeah everybody yeah armed. Souter cautioned that there's just a few minutes ago on how to tell. Everybody what's going on if if you're tuning in my right now you're leaning drama the show there was this for a couple minutes and then the show's going to be back to normal yes we hoped there. Arm. How do we do we do this pulp fiction style restart where things got weird where they herded or do we start where things got weird for us behind the scenes it we flashback. It out of the blue I got a call from my wife have gotten had surgery to move on and she wasn't able to go get our kids. And there is state parent teacher conferences and it really came down really fast. And normally in a situation like that. We would place some best of soccer and Steve. And we find our way through it. Bomb but it happened so last minute news. That. I just I've failed and I also bailed as part of there's some back story to why bales. That makes me seem a little bit like a diva but it's the truth. The worst thing I did that day and I wanna get this part out of the way first is I let down two groups of people you in little. And everybody listens 'cause I was like I just got to go and I left until it. And that's not cool. But on the other hand. I mean it is it's failing it is what it is it is there to give you two go pulp fiction out of order kind of your nest. One of the main reasons I mean it was Stanley I was don't leave no matter what yet but one of the main reasons I was so. This in a weird place is in the last week or so. How much do we love people in this Jersey thank our job recently talked about funds stopping you need to think of like. You have a crappy job when you think our job is really good but sometimes our jobs at a normal job. And lately. I was unwritten understanding are we always say are shows about honesty so. Clearly our ratings have been downton. And and we can't legal I don't think legally we can even get into how they'll work or any of that stuff but even down in Seoul lately we've been having meetings like. All the time now to show up. Thumb that day. The day that I left the show because of that the Stanley south. We've had yet another meeting where we felt we can't we were walking into a room to say hi it's one of our big big bosses whose downtown it was literally listed in their. In by an toner and guys like sometimes say hi so we stop by and say hi. And with your blind side with guys who might he's changed just about you showed you rooted. OP GMD's white trash news like any good anymore and you don't need to add a person or take a personal way and I are all this stuff. So. All that's weighing on my mind. A final my wife isn't doing well. I snapped I bounced. That's what happens. If you're you're all caught up for one day. Following day we get together with the boss and say all this sorry my head was in a bad place in think world late. And they have bad moments. Are Abbas was like. Is it the analogy yeah we've talked about it is when you lose you when you when you gotta be kidding your target and you lose your kid. And your freaking out he can't find Kidman finally trying to teach grabbed me hug you might or might not think on your facts but then the next set dealings who don't. Jail so. Our boss felt that way when I dished out of the show not tell anybody knew little he went on and I can make. I I wish you guys would have scoop got good Madonna showed no break no it wouldn't it I think you could could. It makes. Anyway. It went from. Oh my god I'm glad everything's okay with your family which was great to never do that again. Two years to Tony things that are wrong with your show yeah. And that moment there was a lot of wants. All of us turn into the same thing her life. Now you want us to go into that around. And be happy go lucky people who who make everybody. Forget about their crappy jobs and whenever you want us all go in their room dealing. Hey it's such and we couldn't do I couldn't do it. So Stephen I went out and got sufficiently. The good side based. On. And now today we've come back to end and we've sent our apologies again. And we're here and we're gonna turn offs like all that stuff that's happening over here with our our bosses and stuff. I don't talk about it anymore the only thing analysts say NS. And I should I even take. There may be changes tone of the show because they think that that's should not exactly. End whether you agree or disagree it's really out of all of our hands at this point so. I guess if have we said it means. I don't know if we send enough or we said too much nobody's come running in from hundreds of stuff was but I think there are afraid to do that right now. I from from my car I just wanna say it again I'm sorry to UN UN LDCs and I'm sorry everybody else for bounce and I was I was being immature and a day. And we and I think we are all kind of being immature the next day but inning and we work week. The one thing you guys never sees works bird actual human beings too and sometimes we're just like sick of it. And we were deathly sick of it and it was best that I think we were not here as we would come on an exact. Simply put a sense some things that we work irreversible yet. At gunpoint so. Having said that. Bomb we are now this is this is like the tests ended it in were to move forward. We're in talk about tech rage. We're give away a bunch of funds we just don't have a great. Day from this moment forward.