Slacker and Steve - Whine Line 5/31

Wednesday, May 31st

Sometimes you just got to vent about the things that drive you crazy. What are you sick and tired of?

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Slacker and Steve hunter and no student. We haven't complained in a while and so it starts to bubble over and it bubbles over in many forms we either start to drink more than do more drugs and eyes lash out at fellow employees file so it was suggested. By management therapists and others in our personal circles. It we do a little wine mine I could get to a wide in mind. But people's sense and Matt are you wanna start you said you all is said to me was yours is little and you think you might keep her. Yes I like your why somebody like to blame the inanimate object you know took a while ago is having problems with the dishwasher we weren't on speaking terms or we have got now it's my ice maker in my free Stater were not. Revenue into well we're just we're. We're not getting used to each other's patterns and stuff because every. Three every single time I use the peacemaker you know I let it stop it stop no more ice I pull my glass soon there's that glass there's that last night on the high so one more so long that he's. So it falls them on the floor and it's all over the floor now he used to be a couple of pieces are numbed out in the long one I don't don't don't so you you learn to stop. Likes six cubes materiel like yeah six more tubes they are back time and it's just yeah. The but inevitably the motor Holland political muscle where there is that these media chipped a sliver or a solid yeah size where I you know might wind minus. I aid but he foreclosed house who knew there was a mansion. Bomb he has a sub zero refrigerator and yeah and I have to reached inside to get my damn slow while watts I just open the door. Yeah so you use your hand to want to ask you to tell you. This is the worst part in the world I this is not my actual wind mine today but arm. The same thing happens to me and it's entirely my fault. I have to I don't know much freezer opened a drawer reached my hand and right I don't like six cubes. And then legs to a bum do ballet on ice didn't. Think she's. You know what it's like I just wanted to like threats not. Didn't want her tax Payer now and a six minutes and got leaving those projects you ways it's now I'm just prolonged cold water. There's nothing I hate. We now all we're chasing little ice chips around the would you go to the drills are you going to be or near the thing you never find them all righty. And if you like signs later on the jazz come up with walking downstairs in your socks. That you like. And our own yeah. Paulson bet com. Girl a lot of medical things it can go wrong with me. And I'd be more good wins then a wet sock and that's just a little west are just bad spot on the and so our. Home so my one line right now the first thing that pops into my mind when I have to. I just I just spent some time with my seemly in hotels. And eat when you spend every waking moment with people you start to realize something. I have got that disease not disease it's a thing where once you notice something you can't unnoticed that little target that you just dwell on it yeah. Where excite I never noticed. That certain people chill like. But when you once you notice that a person she's a debt and you can't I can never eaten dinner with him again to tighten oh my god they do looked at her yeah. More than one member of my sampling of don't lose their seat when they walked only shuffle which. That I can I don't yeah. Now you yet. It's like but I gonna see this seems like we know wearing flip flops it's. All yup picks up your seat as zap them now what do Telemar steam. Because you don't you. Where you just. This hotel the whole time and I certain notice and one of them do and a certain notice and another one door and a light. Net and I and I need a suggestion several times to defeat but he didn't need to do it now. Think I tee it that's 38 minutes there but now all I T I I go to the mall and I noticed everyone doing my. I'm using the police I know about hiding because all I can hear is people who don't most of their feet I'll I'll I'll. I absolutely understand we're coming from because my daughter does the same thing but it twit tissues she will not get a tissue she will sit there and Mike Smith pull her snarls like. Fifteen minutes until finally like it's just get a tissue and now I noticed when. Every person does and it drives me insane I do wanna tell you always remove yourself you have to so I got to know. Is it a kid learning the behavior from another parent and your family rumors that the children that have picked up there were about to get we will. Ha ha ha but I have no yeah. Unless you break we know we've got DOJ. And everybody this is probably my fault. Oh OK I couldn't be all right I'm Justin what do I just might wind here is I need to know how to go back to not. Dwelling on that kids. Yeah it's gonna be with you forever and maybe that's a degree it is now to meet played lesson insults you know I'm telling you I walked into Wal-Mart. Just today just to pick up a couple little things on my way to work he's walked into. And adapt like sore I was over on this year's somebody's doing and I'm like her. I do wanna go over there. Yeah. Yeah. Stop your. Oh I would be cognizant of my gate now the eleventh so much fun no it's lazy lazy went on you know you usually did everything is yeah static electricity all the time. I didn't hear in order to bat for him like I said just for costs so I don't know why but when I don't cost gore seems not that I'm not. Leg where ask. If you drag your feet in those places something about it makes your clerk shocked you every time you really that's a knowing you asked now so it's like each you don't want to ask was when you fill gas year old. You could just sit there and see another rather than your daughter. I do minus change in the car and here's my idea is a for some reason the change little Blake receptacle in my center console. When they when they build my car they mated so I don't know able to feel like four heard dines and it took it and I guess. And I have we've or changed now but here's here's my little rub with it is. Lately I don't know why everytime I go somewhere and I stopped like Starbucks drive through some to get coffee they'll say it changes. Are your totals 47 ET UNL go to dig out. I would get up to 71 and the and then I go to get that last penny and every time it falls down in the crack it. And honesty and I don't spend and half an hour in the drive through lane like trended. Reach around into the axiom dig out note you do I'm tired of change I'm just tired of change you're gonna tired at all and yet just what he's done when John block it's it's in the way noise yeah Honda's done would change two I tell you about the Starbucks app. Yeah I noblest then we will probably go out because these are you ready for you when you get there and this is when you just you've already PS I get that but I'm kinda too lazy for that CO I don't know. You didn't we see any type of display guides I've done with the job well done you're mine line is you wanna change the form of currency. I'm a little sayings like I want some people the walk differently you want to form of currency in united sates of America to change spins round too much. Even numbers just make everything even let's get rid of this China is an okay with that. You know even reverse if we don't even numbers and we just did the change to charities and every time it hits in even numbers so I guess they didn't take a withdrawal will be. I guess he's out I like that only are we saw something while looking looked at well here's what we're doing for you right now. If you have something. Anything in the world can be about strategy can be about airlines can be about Steve okay I know me mostly me. It can be about ice cubes apparently if there's something you've got to get off your chair her. Fine about it opening. Line line lane and yet these wind nine. Well give me a break these people little locks so slowly everywhere and I'm not talking about anyone who is unable to walk marsh beatle eight. About Turkey create old people. All along much. And get right in front of you and walk like turtle in a spread out you can't pay act more applicant like that you're ditch your register all they crawl along. Yes and there next to each other they take up the hole spacing you can't get around I just and there are Bolivia yeah. I I guess this is they know that I whine a mine for years and it it I bears its ugly head. In the holidays but it's people who are not situationally aware and they'll ask you talk about literally walking slow to do walking slower fast. Be aware that your crowd of people deal and if you sound something interesting you wanna stop at this moment you put money and not everybody didn't wanna stop so then. You stopped then I have to like you know like I don't think you turnaround is that I late done something do you decide. Well I was in the slow staying right did you change that yeah you learn the acceleration deceleration. Lean concepts when your blocking is well I was like all Victoria's Secret I wanna look in there. I walk at this pace towards that and once I feel like unclear people very. And I can stop you want to say I apply the rules the rules are driving apply like walking the mall they stayed right in the right side door against the saw her. There's people on the wrong side of the mall although it's like just salmon and I just wanna like I wanna be either grizzly bear country pay the tab I'm like oh yeah. I'm assuming it's a stream my goodness what happens do you go do that yes I. I'm when he and they're neck and love and called demo on a nice cedar planks Omaha appearance a year playing Zune yeah just like smoked maybe cause some would be good par de Cuba lane become walkers in his era. Teresa. You know I. What's your wide line. I can't take it anymore people sitting at green light flooded leaving their tax. They Q could you tell me I'm gonna say yes. I think the law that says are the laws that are being proposed not every state now every city has it that don't text and drive. I think people perceive that as. Don't taxed while your car is in motion asks that his duties of don't tax win your in your car because then you're gonna miss stuff say if you were to stop to prove it doesn't matter. Why don't decent safe. Hey nothing dry yes. I didn't see I actually but I. I'm made it clean and put it on the back of my car and you'd think people look like the attention that they don't. I think the other part of this is if you're a person who's going to stop her red light. And taxed and you asked you if you're going to do that stick in your skin announced. You're okay we'll need honking at you know when the lights Tony you don't flip you heard tell us. What exactly why should I am are you're love you remember him look for me. Oh yeah sir and I know you're into the. Singh is in this is another one of my one mines. Hope is not. An insult people or somebody haunting you detect doesn't mean. But I think it is not f.'s view it's a real like 80 my god somebody's about to jump on your cars aren't going to be yes you're cars on fire me but it doesn't mean. What you think you mean. So the effective way is why people don't know. Are not our social vulnerable number no hope you're supposed to do Barbara Sasser repetitive zappa well a noise the person the most city test. I should severe noise I just wanna go like chicken little was assigned to go. But then when they don't now I want to be knowing how to you're gonna go to businesses I don't know if you heard anyone doing that. Just turnaround and wave and say yeah. How you're feeling is these phone number. Texting while making him wait learn her career or are you his name I don't know I hear now I don't know why mind you know Sandra. Not eight quite mines. Human people eat when their goal is not eighth and not. Want it back. This cop expand it to split I'm Eddie and big leg. You you actually asked did make it people who just if you if if you're gonna own honey you got to understand. You have to put the hood part on every day. Every time you put it on it you just assume it's hanging right in front right just delight draped in lights urine the emperor in Star Wars and then push senate backs what studies. I'm actually. Okay and that he. Yeah man I. Won't. I'll check of all a look at gloomier in all like stand the sight to see to make sure it's not in senate is unlike you I see an inside out noting I wanna go corrected but eighteen don't ever do that we'll go to a stranger wearing. Another person's heart if I. I'm just sick and it's it's kinder. Yeah I think brother my bun grab a lot. That's a minority. I guess I don't why the pictures is attached to my throat and you expected. I would give my other in this is not I don't I don't hate this is much but like it's one of your holy strings is longer than me yes no he could have to be yet to put up your ass hole tie up. Hold bulls Obama and pull your body straight now counties and then lay it believed that on your. Thank you Sandra you're not alone on the Haditha Clinton put the hatred Matt. Yeah yeah I mean playing nine. And their goods on a lot of drama being single in your mid twenties it's kind of suck. You know and out. When I was in not the only. Pressure your high school in cardinal aren't cool or can I go to this guy EDT today you know fine girls are really look that bigger deal but now that. They're all grown up and they went to college he got out of college it seems like only when it is. You have have didn't care and her yacht infuriate any you know just like got a good cargo recruited. Ready to settle down. What are you ready during your twenties you wanna settle down. Yeah I'm point five got to raise settled out Billick don't like is the right age. This settled down and get out of like you know like speak about very critical look at thirtieth up like that. That is so weird because women are the opposite just like you said Matt there are looking to get settle down get married to anyone else bonding new career resume travel everything butts and be committed now do you find it weird yeah got a 25 year old dude who wants to beef. So you're whining is you want more than 25 did you have to go after forty year old women if you want to get it. I mean I'm not a basically because our our our where I swear every woman who I approach is not light up our environment which is the best place. I understand outlook. You know or anyone really general what I approach seems. You know like. There around my age they just economy that is it they're now looking for any certain commitments right now my son is his high school it was so simple. You know you mean you talk to girl for a little while and you and your inner relationship basically and it could last all Lipton till high school ads put out. It makes me sad dude yeah let's find mass forever girl mad all you think you're and I did you have met Michelle. I. Don't know I am going down for this time line. And let you really you whenever you and there anyone call you on it there you only you had a. Out. Okay. An eight tonight. Tell you the truth and that and I it's become a habit for sure but there's a there's a very specific reason why it started. When you answer a phone on a radio station now I don't know if you could well did you hear before you heard us you heard the radio station on hold you heard songs or whatever and then there's like him tasks. Before it comes to us right. Yeah so the wish we need to Wear and I was calling radio stations when I was young it was like a British yup and now it's a used. I need him normally saying. During the being yet because I sound in if you listen to the days where I don't say if I just say Michelle. There's just dead space and it's like the sound like all. I yes so I say far. During the being so you have time for meet each year your voice and I did and it sox' success and I do get tight sound like I had a head injury but what I can't solve. Would like the. I need to ensure all clearly an app as well though. Oh Michelle could I swear that that is really the reason now everyone's name is Bob Michel and others are out there who has no. I can't take another call or whatever it was going to be paying attention usage report they're heavyweight boarded you don't do good it's like yeah. I'll just like the shuffling of the feet and now think you pointed out Michelle you're you know this show is now ruined because people aren't in your UConn and none of the topic to talk about honoring that. Why are they add a base some show they. The outfit but didn't because we are supposed to be part nice dog because they always call me LA did this size to half. If you'd like to complain about anything else is for example scheme wise oriented things she's and it must leave we'll take. And your comments. Over on these slacker and steal the deceased book pains.