Slacker and Steve - White Wines Make You Happier 6/18

Monday, June 18th


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Steve I ask you study out about winds blow through it all winery surge goes through my house assistant. I'm not surprised scientists atop the beverage distributors. They hit me until like days slash a dozen racers simulation jive with your your legs a according to a new study is out of Spain. People are happier when they drink one color of wine then the other which color do you think they're happier drinking to be I think there have cleared his eyes I know what people say they get aggressive or to read some to say people are happier on white. Well this job anyways a lot of money you know. But why your makes us happy you what's weird. Is some seasonal I'll drink. Whiny anytime and I'm like I'm very white in the summer and very red in the winter because it's colder alongside them the reds are little more robust forever and so. I think I'm a little moody here in the winter so I feel like she owes you do I do get more aggressive I don't know. Our Marjorie can read death they say it's women or the ones you really. Are them are the bigger thing with on the reds they're more aggressive or they feel they're more than yes and the white wines make him feel happier. I also. Amid Miller from you the reds Steve you've had to do or more chance of a headache herb Pedersen there's more TN NC that's I'm just saying words I've heard other people say when I am sure hammered. I odd fact that also came on the study. And in Garrick. Almost regret her window man made Larry said men didn't realize what was happening or didn't care. There's like tickets Emmy buzz because she genuinely don't I got a shot besides your rough isn't it I really don't care. The rights and they have to go that's my other point though in the summer I drink light in the of course your happy who knows I have some here. Miserable in the winter run good employee or even red meat as you put near hibernation sat on our. Drawing you're just a miserable Paulson junior gut yeah. This summer your czar Kevin White wings. Are you sure you know I play I'm glad the Alexandria I love his bad back. That's phalanx of paying. Primaries are zooming seeds. You don't need like signing this zions.