Slacker and Steve - Who Do You Judge 9/22

Friday, September 22nd


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Steve content and mr. judging you let's for the first time ever you would eyes. That. Wasn't prepared to hear that we're pretty good judge you for the first time that number this is the first time we're going to be judging well. Yeah it's up we're give either radio station in judging what is the saying. You get. Judge G. About yeah. I think I know years but let's but it. You can judge about what. Driver. This driving I can nitpick the crap out of every one. But it's easy because everyone's doing it wrong. She would do well when you're the one person is doing right there looking down on everyone else soccer the and for me this position too so. When your speaking about the one person he's doing your right you're referring to you that's correct sir if everybody keeps saying. But tiptoeing insider if everyone would drive like I mean we don't be dad know we'd all be happy so you tell people on I just nitpick the crap out of everybody. It makes me feel better about myself. And I've none else to do when I'm stuck to show average share the road would you idiots do you ever do you ever ride with like any of the people. You've dated give her do you do you nit pick the people you date the women dressed. If you're a bad driver I can't ride with you means that candy. But I know because all do a sit there it is and it fits craft ardea. What was it. Let the plot everything because you're doing it wrong everyone does it wrong all the time do we ought to do now is set up the things. Where. You we get like an actual driving instructor. To ride with you from work. To home or vice Versa one time and have them just and you have to drive like you normally do I thought this too I bought a professional to follow me when I don't know it. There's a never find anything wrong they will not I drive thinking that there's a professional following me I don't know I just real quick. The day. Sale Jack okay you've got cars and yes. It's frightening. What part and I'm so pursues in the correct. It's if it's more go weaving and speeding terrorist. I have a right if the speed limits 55 I have a right to drive 55 different when I'm sure he wrote additions Warren says Ted Kennedy I'm sure it's a fine. I don't think I. Yeah. It's 55. And everyone I'm sure in the road with insists on doing under the speed limit whichever one does I still have a right to do that 55 so that's why it's fine for me to weeds in and out trying to abide by the loss of five and this is my life and whatever but judge unit. I'm good but I can't Julio judgment they. If you have any sort of Fuzzy seeing on your steering wheel and your car while I judge you automatically. Sorry I guess you're probably wearing a load boots do your dad growing taste for everything. But there are no yeah. You guys you Fuzzy steering wheel PDA if you hasn't been Fuzzy and you're seeing on side but I just can't be friends you never seen a guy in many years now yeah. Now you've made me had to not because mine was a food related worm but I add one to your new driving ones you guys have known god. I just people. Not for their first eastern open jump crap hanging off your humor we'll give you that why get crafting I don't know what is that was an easy guide your graduation tassel. Why in a dream catcher hockey exactly everything and leg she now I. It's just not a place for ornaments this is dumb that's so windy he was done about the Fuzzy thing I don't mean to Fuzzy thing drives me nuts if you drive of a beetle and beetle and you have a flower in the Favre is a judge you for that at the as long as I say yes they are akin. I don't think he meant but everyone does yeah all but mine is the new judge I just so many different things when it comes to food. But I judge people. Who go to nice restaurants who don't get it. For example. You're one of those nice state counters and I was undercut. Well okay. Com Waffle House is over they have to look at and that's just got to burn the crap out of the jury a nice place now. If you don't at least start with medium I'm going to punch you and didn't. And yeah this is tries a New England. Any law I. Well we've got to make good law school where they don't oh well I. I would just ask you how I just stupid head and particular what if your cooked to death and put stuff on hand you know why. A place that serves portion we don't go to do not do it. It makes me mad I do feel like you judge me whenever we have yeah. To those places I like my steak warm I'm sorry let you know it's morneau it's not. Gentry crazy that you you you constantly pestered me about I'm enjoying my mouth not your. And the chef is in the cargo room Julia. Heidi this is after all and he's flexible concerns like some want to dwell what do we got the nobody can control. In the trash doesn't get it anyway because I mean nobody wants to give you are nice chunk. Of age stage and cook it to death. And I am okay there are. They are making less revenue also bet if I did it cooked a certain way know little deeds and I'm just I mean millions because it took a moment you don't know if a typical rhinoceros. The radio I'm hitting Wal-Mart. Am I in the Fuzzy is Dampier will come. Good I think it's just going to be kicked it still look like seven markets died perfect competitor whose body. You know the more I think the if you go to Louis sushi restaurant and you order like California rolls stuffed I get it it's a rookie roll good start so more like I had to start there yes. You knew that yeah go to Alex wouldn't change sushi or gestation and yes. Yeah yeah yeah plural is getting gas stations but you go to a nice sushi restaurant Bill Dickey now where we're going to why they clearly. In Vegas it no boo in here comes the rookies supporting your us. Imagine you are loved it and I DN. Let me turn right I was like Jerry will. They don't need to put a stake of just how vulnerable at all. What did you tell us for a role is on their menu. On the menu as a transitional tool but like if that's all you're a couple of got another round doesn't drag. I don't come to nice places any. I almost set a customer. Rumors about didn't surprise me I guess I don't know why he's judge your very right. Every judge G it's funny you let everyone else's fielder at their meals to affect yours does you concentrate on our morals is doing you're wrong dude and you just use what are. Do a whole show on me at Rhett just it's. Oh my god oh alternate boy is global law then what Weiner like it's. The punch back. Doing to kids are doing and I hope I know why. So how special we ask you to cross streets and you know we got to take slacker for dinner at the Waffle House was maybe all around and watches our guest book. Dover yeah. Whether legal maritime. That's a good idea your head would explode and what you drive a solar yes I. The last few weeks so obviously I take you most of the time I apologize because if you'd like to judge on anything else what are you judge G about this past let's keep them light hearted we wanna hear you judge you judge people. Mom amber. I I judge before you judge you about. Keep all your crotch spirit is slacker. I only Wear armed amounts. Are my guys you know you do not. I do just immoral because I don't anywhere other shoes green in grass seeds to the if you don't mean like I'm not one time in my shots and it took for ever get us there need to flip flops all planet I have. Thanks three pairs of Crocs they're exclusively in the garage I walk up to the garage from my feet. Do the more I went with a moral way I take them back off that drink and I would never is that OK amber to reload that's right well. You know you can land outside your house at all. Is that you're you're advertising than ever you're that guy if Brad Pitt or completely naked walking towards you saying please I want you amber but he's got Crocs on your yeah it's a Nobel trio wouldn't. I should. Companies like I can you might only stipulation is I need these to fuel measure if it. I can they do it. Greg shot or scandals. Yeah all right it's pretty bad soccer yeah you have to stop some of the Crocs are kind of really were who he's comfortable. Because the rest of that say this sounds it's not a judge it Cody. Well yeah I hate when you judge in. I judge people on crappy one. One ply toilet paper and I guess that's her. Well they don't care about you yeah you know the nice stuff to their bath is here if you're allowed to judge on that yeah I see. Spread the wealth people shop with a nice stuff in the guest buffalo knows. Like cost source cams are governed by the same for everybody I'm I'm not playing it straight no just most of its gas Zach now that you're you're taught yes you're you're right that's good when I ZoneAlarm. Sammy. Oh god what are you judge in full. I'm girl figured it'd Jim it's full makeup on and off when that in their hair. I. The makeup I mean what do they just came from work I did there having your hair did this you re elsewhere we but don't. You know you're supposed to I don't think there there is what they're not they're there to slurs you do you see any danger is Jim judge. Firm majorities I I and my husband and I. How common doctor really did Jim do you think that's true. Brasilia as and I expect it. It's what I was running towards on the treadmill loan that. Yeah because I'm almost there. Then you really does and it. Holly. Yeah and I we judge and judge people who Wear pajamas I don't know he there's a lot of back there's yeah that's dries me so crazy very busy. Holly I don't I don't know winner became. Emotionally moral lead any except of its likes. You scream I give up big time like finals pierce 3 o'clock in the afternoon a Wal-Mart does not just of the 3 in the morning it's real you're 3 in the morning like maybe your hair reading easier if you're born into the store which some baby formula I or some ear drops or something. I'll look it's a slide 33 in the afternoon right prime time we flew in Iran what are you do you're allowed to Jones and holly neighborhood put hair on. I doubt they're not hard thank you the call my age. Yet. But he just people. Hey I thought I get very jedi when people are cooking them they have a lack of my skills. You got a couple that you correct you gotta be the same side bug that got to me a bit armada that. Now I see he died I guess mincing almost everything because I just don't wanna be judged on that relay them. You can you teach there still is set it for me I would love for somebody sees the united skills. It's an amateur Seattle do it I want. Correct way to cut an absolutely in their zone but I have great chef's knives or whatever news was a kind of rockets forward birdies I just talked of tongue to fingers. I'd I mean I know in my head out of but I die I would want somebody delights almost like. I'm on a potters wheel in their Patrick Swayze was aren't you doing go stick with what I wanna be tot I'd still just kept is that weird why are you up. Separate itself the fifth. Yes. Would you judge Leon. I do not like the way that people he like they need to coast are Mount Whitney eat no no one's it's soda esteem and I am all about the it could in the they try and eating the cracks fishy and. And you're doing well. And trust me I close limp to a Kouzmanoff went I know you're not bad al-Qaeda. Is we have a coworker she did she didn't have that problem but she has the problem. Like you don't like it she can't Indians are real CK if somebody is making this sound it makes her. Did she wants to stab them in the eye and get the hell rather it's that. I don't. Past bad tree aren't you might might bow wave. Can not even eat with some of their friends. If I think you heard the call Rachel hey judge you're sweet we're not done with there's no. Let's go judge where everybody judges on the site currency FaceBook page.