Slacker and Steve - Who Pays the Fine? 12/7

Thursday, December 7th


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Steve's. Day. A friend of show has a dilemma and where you were stealing it for our show because it's one of those things were read see the dark senator Steve I think a couple plays a wild yeah. Just when you try to pretend to have the moral high ground so you're right for you. It's real life. Yeah. After the life you know your defense is the ultimate hypocrisy I don't know if the coach. My guy do you need attacks here across her forehead that says hi pull my friend dragged you. So here's the thing he works out. In another city were sound this little gym okay yeah armed. Not one of the big chain you know. Jimmer mania Boca change the numbers in their name or whatever just a small little Jan. And one day he was in there. And the Wii does Jim Moore some decent work out at one if you go there like 2 o'clock in the morning aka. There's no employee there right so your membership issue a sobbed. Or an actual sticky. So you let yourself pinning your kind of responsible for. Locking up when your dollar and abiding by the rules. About super original cut so armed. She's in the gym and there's this woman standing aside did you recognizes her she she works out there Oka and she's like. Kind of rattle ended the door she's clearly forgot her sobbed to get it bug you. So she's working out and do these things like in between sets he's I know Larry opens door lets you rent. Not a big deal he recognizes horror them. From the gym okay because he's management easier owner of the gym okay. I just kid OK I thought I was doing squats one day I see this hot chicks in yellow pants. On on the treadmill. I'm pretty sure I recognize her the next time which sounds as a who took this girl and so you would come on you and I he letter and some. Later on. Make a couple weeks later he sees on his gem bill. Aced 25 dollar fee. For a violation. Of policy. Because apparently. There's and notes on the wall Mitt says do not let anyone in in the gym even if they're members it's an automatic 25 dollar fine. And I'm sure when he signed the contract to be take apart this B member of the gym when you start doing things well they had was lucid probably you know clearly losing maybe there nobody reads that below. You just hurried to work out you're a cool New Year's resolution I wanna lose weight OK so that's a legal agreement that we are a little off on the you know we saw you. Just wait I just south of I would take you so much longer cared I just want all the details at a guy in heroes like no real crap on the won't tell without turning around to do what's on the wall behind you. Others there's the guy they got into our building and that was doing a bad thing what usher in the there's another picture next to him of another method to I don't. Really wears those both things are on the well together puts a big sign set. On the big side. When each reporting yeah yes they are the size he talks about station and stuff. Let's go here's the thing people don't read the crap it. What are you get on the elevator here to radio station I resigning all bull side are you I don't really was and refuse to read the rules than. Maybe things that'll help refuse the sides are there to help us cursor or someone will pull me aside and tell me object at the pertinent stuff I'll find out unless you're a guy that will really cut won't really contrary decided to move on okay. Dodge pro clear OK now I got a clear mind so here's where this dude is that. He's asked in the world should I just show a tight management on that as stupid rule. Oh so he gets to decide on his own what rules are Smart what rules are stupid. She's still remember that Jan. Just there's been maybe she got fired from the gym and she came back and he how right he doesn't know he does it worked there he's our management is just a way of collecting a twenty dollar site. Here's my next question if he doesn't go fight with the gym okay should she pay it. Should she so okay so quick and so she. One could call. Her and should see you pay half a bit. Does she know any of not find did you senate if he had not let her review and abide by the rules that we're really lies. Half a cup veterans curve ball. All because she's hot that's. So are the cops say no no no I don't it's. So do you think she. She has any culpability in this none whatsoever because he did not have to literary and sugary and all this even banged on the door written notes and put in my two glass like you suck you know I've my blog ear mound and a design he'd have to walk over to the door. Peel the note off that says 25 dollar fine yeah adored don't. It LSU agreed to pay this fine if I you find a response to find. But he did so we should this settled editorial in the dark yeah she's by margarine business by abide by the rules that are clearly posted in the contract exercise and didn't read and also that note in the door so you're saying she owes the full point 50 I'd say that's a GM should expire his membership there isn't. They should change. We tell and clearly we can't trust this guy we were working out at 2 AM. Chief of police say how does he know that she didn't inspire the gym got disgruntled had a flyer armor back came in and just start go crazy. You know what this reminds me is something armor little DT. Yeah we're we have securing our building too little gee did the same thing T let somebody in the building and they just ran amuck here is that nothing happened. It's only what it's cracked bricks and that's why we really. But they didn't come in she came in and worked out but that's why we have rules for one if this happens when this happens do you break in the rules that would Willet Y whatever rules. We would sign a contract would rule you have. You know she's one of them and I gym owners listening and that's. Definitely would lament it goes to the just. A little note on the road good. And your public Barbara what are get it to. Each. And where you add your cardinal rule guy you're you just don't rule. On that I don't I'm not OK okay. Common sense guy who might I did it if somebody. Is just Brandon outside east and in their likes and it's like. You're so I don't know we. Is all the time you know it's small GM you know the right make a big deal. Are. Admonished. But don't got to shoot. Let me see yeah it's. Yeah anymore and I would say that but he did it. I believe their rules are important also believe that it's important to allow rolled up men and women to make conscious. Decisions. From. We're not skew it it's no doom. I do so cool but I know her she forgot her fob she's wearing tight legal opinions where's the fob going to be. It is what is she just want to come and work out she's paid membership. If I'm wrong did you find it gets hot chicks has been kicked out so I never. Crap out of that it. But if she hasn't been kicked out that it's. To use your words mr. moral high ground who know Laura Miller well a little bit but nobody got hurt she thought she didn't. Should be kicked out she. Wasn't so now what. Okay so in other words I love the fact that we have a rule in place the we have 600 exception of the one Roloson placed one exception well if it what was shows up at 2 AM and not working then shouldn't I be able to yes I have the rule. The skipper of the ruling. But this guy you know why he's the victim out of a feel sorry for your buddy I'm. So sure. And then we'll. Talk anymore because I don't know which I don't know right. We're what does argument companies that kick him out of the gym. Or do you want me Fareed. And his story. The thought needed to be bigger and are always those sides he. Still the victim in all honesty.