Slacker and Steve - Who’s Your Daddy 8/23

Wednesday, August 23rd

A new Fox reality show will let women look for their perfect sperm donor. If you had to pick from Slacker or Steve to be your baby daddy, who would you pick?

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Steve. And I were made you choose since I've got to play. I'll play this game are absolutely playing dope. We need you guys to choose. Who can actually makes you don't you like to eat the dead dead wed game we're inside. Mussolini Hitler and wow and you're like oh my god which one of my gonna sleep with a with a one million channel or whatever. This is we're not giving you a choice and it's like you don't have to actually do it but you Wii but I talk for five minutes and and so what we're talking right. There's a new reality show and you probably heard about a fox is developing. Where women are looking for. Swimmer donor they're looking for a father for the children but not to be a father and he just wants his. His seat to raise a kid but are there on the can either if you really go through the traditional process of meeting a guy following Lou analysts up absolutely in his shoes. I don't remember Gloria. On. So we are talking about it and it's just it's still. I know it's not the end I know what's not to did these. Let's sit the last thing weren't we all finally realized reality TV is ridiculous and I mean that's that's just ridiculous that we're in a one impregnate a woman I'm gonna show either through. Finding a man or fining her swimmers right and I still I don't think that's I think we're ready before reality TV is over I think there will be like a running man thing where we kill people on TV. I think that's probably when we finally go. Old cars to the moment we are reading this. We are seeing about a reality TV show where. Yeah and just do you choose. My swimmer hockey it's the or Steve swimmer always of course these are you dirty politics did. I tell you this I am politicking. I want yours don't you okay want to. I don't why all I can think he's a gallon zip blood bank is in the freezer. A few words I thought I don't know where should we go grab it and we want you to choose. Between mine. And Steve said wide. And wide now. I would okay first what can I say I would never ever. Donates to a bank like this ever because I've heard stories were legally things came back on the dollar donated to Jesse can. Absolutely attend it's happened all right here's the deal. If you're thinking about if you listen if you if your brain and Michelle then it's going to be hard to answer me if you listen long announced. We desperately need you to pick one of us and tell us what kind of swimmers you want. Hi this. I hate. Want Steve's but not in the way that you sect are what you go everyone's gonna choose you or not I don't think they're gonna choose me but they're not what's we servicing reasons why they're gonna choose viewers that they're gonna choose yours you com. From. A hardy. Like we both come from the same type of Stanley night like terror cultural yes party folk but I'm the brunt. Yeah so I'm short. I'm slight breed sickly kind of I don't IE I don't know how to hunt. I don't throw ninety. I didn't play based items exports were much of an athlete price at which you were an artist though seat. You were an athlete to artist you learn if you do you can play you can pick up any any unsure employ it correctly. And money numbing the Meese or down what that gets me in real life. There is nothing okay the reason just never know. The first time that you learn the you know guitar solo on your favorite paid guns a song that I Halen and you have to play in front of the school. You became a god that day you which he juror goal you were a nobody thought I would not nobody but you know. An absolute nobody. In high school you were you would you do how much cash eighth after that date you became so lacquer you became a whole new person but it didn't. Thanks we do the often do what police are hearing now you walk into any party you quietly walk over and sit over to the piano used thirteen clean the Iron Man got every female in the room. Comes in did you pays attention to you. But you've got this boisterous voice that got you a job in radio you know you'll person with a limited skills and walked straight into a radius titlist and voice. You like you were the app. Athlete school also winning dumb do you when you were watching from ninth grade all I knew I was in popular eating nick. Yeah I was socially I was I was pretty awesome so I don't I swear to you I'm. Not pandering and I'm not trying to do the thing you were little. Of cruise swimmer like oh my god nobody is gonna choose me if I once you choose me. I don't I think there's enough Bronx in today's society I'm the brunt. I don't IBM does if you want to species to continue you leave the big ball. Only two I didn't get colder DNA if they did Steve has and you don't need much. I don't think mine. Is the future of the species seal within the difference kind of between us is my swimmers are attached to a couple of blue blood trust won't show I'm about is a good. I I. Colorado money. And it is due home. This particular yeah good for where I was there there's only one restaurant luck casino. Before we go to the phones here's the thing. And even talent that this is gonna happen. You have to choose first let me who's swimmers fix what do you like Europe's female right now and you're on the new reality show SMS swimmers. At the end of the show who you take it before you answer I know slackers a well rounded human being he knows about food and wine and music and everything that's. Or learn stuff they don't US and are gearing I don't think I. Deal guy that I truly I'm not trying to down play myself Oka I believe I learned all that. I believe you could learn. That you're just was nights you're resistant to a for whatever reason yeah but. I don't think you get my wine knowledge with my swim Oca what he's taken Steve wal hoax anyway you know what I heard. I thought because I feel like getting in getting you know both you guys I feel like Stephen I have more of personality that mash invite. We like all the same stuff we're kind of in the same area Odom you know yeah okay see we're OK okay and the like that history kinda stuff and actually quick. A starter what a hard time. I'm just it. Plus I'm a lot less bitter than soccer dad yeah in the trust fund has a lot to accept that at this what do you think you're gonna you're gonna win I mean. Don't win you know why because you've proven that you can do a family and I have not and that I want. In my eye and say you do make some beautiful babies seat and you all my life continue you do Mary did you do the traditional things you're supposed to quote supposed to do and I do not Chelsea. Yeah a guy who swimmers who want. Steve's. Release serious. Thought why Chelsea yeah. Saline veto it LL be getting I'm not traditional so. I alliance like a friend and send the assignment then Mack Brown at. Knicks. Steve's. You don't I you don't get a straight from receptacle. I just it is doing good does apply. I can tell you your you know. Joseph didn't sound so stop trying to make friend well yeah I saw. And I. Everything I already have head and I know that my personality. Like it directly or slacks and then they're also irons spontaneous crazy wonderful look at. Yep just like me. Chelsea do you believe it's Steve it's fun spontaneous and whatever yeah. I'd think you'd kind of irresponsible annoying. Now are loose and I like the looks more support this oh. I'm like doctor no so many irresponsible and knowing it's all about. It particularly confident it. News about a ball you sound most swimmers Jones. Yeah I'll tell us in Iraq Chelsea Clinton. That was once heard. Must look Taylor the guy whose rumors you aren't. Serious Taylor wow are you of course due to act and they didn't do. Like I do not knowing that you don't did Steve within do you still want him with the. Our Lola and the greens are diet because he's laid it laid back here on the radio and blacker than. I know. I. Black Christian right I mean why I would want somebody who he did you like I feel like with diet with my personality more debris we're still. Create baby it would be cool baby now it would and the like Elaine baby I feel like Ian black or maybe it would be alien baby. You should see slackers to discredit. Taylor the car with the I'm just I'm just in my car listening to this Taylor and Steve show I can't wait to hear it. Worry more about me until I think you go to you soon take you. We need to say anymore it's our result in there and I guarantee you the rest of a mobile also put this up on FaceBook and I don't like I think we're done after one more because I. I think they're also do you honestly didn't think it would affect me this strongly that this is the mostly because people aren't getting who you really are so completely and totally wrong though. Remember that we go to Vegas I don't of the club and she is watching flip this house who know your. Spontaneous one guy that's the everyone else was at the club the casinos I was different I still don't front are they do. Open to watch a toll how do you actually nail that moron. And the shoe is gonna particulars whoever's I'm not realize. This is the worst thing we've ever done on the radio and I whoever eyes miss my idea of home. I hate me.