Slacker and Steve - Why Millennials Suck 9/13

Tuesday, September 13th

According to a new study, millennials are killing the movie business, because they have simply lost interest. AMC Entertainment is considering making their theaters more phone-friendly to attract today's generation. If you are a millennial or aren't a millennial we want to know, what do you hate about them most?

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Steve I. I'm having serious indictment as I'm actually really nervous right now Demi to continue T I think I ate. Can you completely my body laying your slam I am freaking out I can tell where we want to talk about millenniums. If you're millennial we want you to talk about you tell us why you saw tell us that's. But I'm offended well. And I'm ready offended yeah millennial. Arm so we have witnessed something. This is OK I want I don't know how to say this without sounding pretentious but like I don't like us. I don't like a little money and it's contentious faster don't seem to do the dirty exact same way around so why would I change. I hate it I hate it and I don't even like single I don't even like dollar deals I just don't. I do everything with a credit card I don't I believe in electronic world but look I don't like little money. But I will tell you this if I did change from somewhere. I did in my truck and I put in this little change area or come close to home and putting it in lake. Which I'm liquor bottle or something else to save the money and then the kids and I would go to queens or grill if you do it's that's all you will try and save the points. That's why do. My kids put them into their piggy banks and you know does I don't. I don't like a little money but I'm I'm not into I. It to get to the point of this I have seen with my own eyes any person who we will call millennial. Take change. And throw away your self checked out the push to Tony dollar million of its outcomes a court in the sickness and it. I know this is he's not an expert says yes they don't take your receipts filed into. Hey they did change and then try and attract kids are walking out and I'm like. That's. Me it's not a lot of money you take a little money. And put it was more a little money and more room it's the reason among many else. We'll never give. Anything because they don't understand the value of anything because somebody's always given them every senator it is out. Yeah that's very true truth it's like six intimidate me. The answer is nothing but if you saved six cents and put it was six more cents a eventually you have six dollars. And that gives you a burger so show that your city site. I read somewhere to the millennial think that their hard change is gonna be done away with it's going to be around much longer so let's just are getting into that mode now I omits you know. Com you don't throw change the way did you take away Tampa. The few times that you pay in cash and I normally get stuck with change you know back so I won't sometimes habits like Nickels and pennies. Looking at a it would just because you were never tore I hit the did you go to the quarter would tell you don't sort of what you just did determine Clark yeah I will I'll leave it now just in that change staying in they can do Danny -- do whatever they want with it a this walk away and leave behind. And did you got to be honest you if you're walking along EC quarters and there you'll just probably step over it. You'll keep going fifty cents maybe you'll like dollar definitely. I will bend over for a dollar yes yes and overheard the way America. Com so. Who does what you. I heard homeland overburdened. That's the bottom up so yeah a couple of these lists that say why millennial such an Alex this can either turn into their column entitled that's basically that. Now we could just read the whole list do you just summed it up oh nice I mean that's it's it's you the millennial nephew. And you're just like you ranting and raving I just. There's just no. I wanna understand him and I think it's because I I didn't grow up around him mining group around colonials. We just we don't click end his authorities. Are sold. I don't get it that I just I bet it is is the point where I push people like that out of my life right I it is tough I don't Anderson the his number one priority and we are done little. You're not in the gut of like Brett Smith pulling her frail Syria have Mora French milled it into. I think the agreement we came to Austin areas whereas we eat. Place value on and things end like this feature we're taking it we have personal responsibility who won like. Did your job make sure we can afford our insurance on our car and this and that. They would take. But my friends called so it's like tickle my job and my friends yeah I guess it's my friends do present first error rails are. Austin is I know we are young two friends were super important but it seems to be just talking to my nephew. That's all that their whole existence is is all about he's grown up jobs. OK so he wanted to move out here and I would play over gimmick free place to stay because he won and start over in get a nice you jump on life save some money. I said sure so when agree to what he said well I got this friend that they need to start over two so he can I bring my friend out and I said no he threw hissy fits licensed fine. All right bring your friend out. Well my friend has never Carter drive can you provide a car for the drive Witten coal what are you talking what I know through another hissy fit. So I didn't back down on that one and then. He some other other underage friends are gonna help drive as you hollowed out here and he wanted to provide me a beaver right place for them to crash and they all wanted to party. And then he was due to send them back to where he lives. With a bunch of the illegal substances and I'm like okay this went from helping you'll get a new start a life so why does all this stupid nexus of paying for all I started or are honest. I said no he throws the biggest and now it's my fault that easy to be nothing in life. I don't know if anybody's gonna call and talk about this I'm really what I want. It's a one we talked about this. We want you lived as a millennial or as a somebody else tell us why millennial suck now I run down this list really fast. I don't understand any of these. This does list out you didn't even noses of credit blister something. Knows magazine can remember which one okay sing these are the things that moment years there are a terror are killing vacations. No what is already understand that. I've never taken a vacation. Ever. On top that's why when I was when I was younger I take a honeymoon never took a honeymoon. Why when what do you do I mean I've taken I've taken vacations who I I hear in the air like I went on spring break when I was in college and stuff like that let. As like full grown adults who died and I've never taken vacant why none. I'd I don't have the time for it I don't I don't have that kind Forrest it's right if you leave. So battle happened back tier were elements just yeah I don't know. So that's what they mean by Melinda I know we'll see your chilling vacation you're killing retailers like Macy's I think part of that is because but her lead nine out of ten things that I own in my house I ordered on line. Oh yeah you. Are they drew the her. You're killing the movie business same thing apple TV Netflix I'd I'd. And you can tell you the last time into it's I I Keyon it was probably two years ago that I went to the theater see movie and that's probably because of your kids they wanted to go or download Zia. You're killing the seat. OK so I read this list earlier this and I think it's right because think about it. You guys every single day that we come to work you guys both Wear a button up or a Henley or a colored shirt. Yeah I Wear a T shirt every day. Wow I just realized that you guys are killing society highway T shirt and jeans every act. Put so you in your mind you'll think that any occasion requires dress operas I'm like oh funerals weddings that but that's but data day I mean I obviously you know I don't have like I was super swing key job and high rights law firm or something like that I think doubt be a little bit different but. Hope I get dressed up is like a nice pair of jeans nice Belden to dress she's in but not sure. That's right that is the most I've never seen intercept kill so blazer on occasion about nursing area religions. Oh my god you people to feel if they're happy I. So that if you're if you're not a millennial we'll talk to you but we also testimonials as well. Any and we sound harsher desk but looks let's do it. And figure out why you guys sucks and I throw one a little bit yes like a little bit more light hearted here's the thing that bugs me about well. Millennial is really the most connected generation in the history of the world literally Ab. But in your pocket with a touch of a button you can update the status from anywhere in the world can I can post pictures you can do any of that. But the second that I have to have a 42 phone conversation with you and I hit. Send it on my phone dial your phone number and hit sand mountain you're nowhere to be fair huh. You had it yet similar it's you can read it yet. Yeah we the most connected generation and we are the least connect to generate a lot actually talked right you just wanna Padres are crazies. Mr. tell what's up. In this regard I have missile blow you won't run your iris I know lol you I just use. If you're millennial you just wanna talk crap about him we'd love to talk to you Canon. Yeah I know I'm. So I am a millennial tonight. Like he said it's 52 so. Just the start even I'm sorry that your nephew like that we are not all like that okay noticeably little. I don't think we're all like that it all a lot of work really hard and that's why we don't take vacation. Because we don't have time or money to do so. Okay because one of the things you guys are killing their vacations and knowing no wise because you guys to overtake them. It's because. How do you really have a chance because I hate that they had. Even though a lot of us have college degrees and everything we can't get good decent job until we take a we can and. But a dangerous sue branches on colonials there's the ones like you who or who knew more Buckland and down indignant done and then there's the other kind. Who are more like Steve's nephew they're not buckling down but you don't really need a vacation because. A vacation from what's there already could slide toward eastern so much time with her friends it's like to know the communication for. After her at her after about. 24 weeks. Of the full on grind meetings. In. I completely agree I think it I think there's actually like an age difference if you look at money else. I'm 26 and a a lot of people younger than me I don't understand how they live like that not caring. OK I mean look it up on it it's some general consensus is it's a born between eighty and 2000 is a millennial Luka so. If you're I think if you're closer to the eighty side. Your Buddha more driven than wrote exactly you're a little closer to that little. 2000 side you're a little more like your nephew of the design and even a little he falls in those in the top in the age range he is so we can't he can't do without pay an idea he shows up he gets his I don't know he works tomorrow marine has goals in the they give your client and women to say that you put yourself yeah accidents happen bad thing amber. Yeah AI millennial same ID such. They've stuck because they want public keeper MySpace. They have a beer budget for the campaign budget that they need. So we expect everyone to like him all the stuff over. Not really can title they're like oh all I'm not gonna spend my money out and they got my Carmen how my mom and dad you're my guts and that's when he dollars. I'm lead. Oh aren't you drafting oh yeah yeah there's their. The trailer still finished it yet because it's like somebody else is already handled all there are other stuff we all had our parents handle. Our needs and we were little but at some truly. Harry remembered being like you define David my parents right. Now why did you what you doing exactly your own now adults go do your own car but you're only life. Yeah. Even twenty tiger out splatter your parents how gross foods grow cared much do what you did differently in adults. Thank you amber stay you've all amber is as severe budget channel drew is going to be your budget Andrea. Yeah I need Lima o'neals are terrible people to play god or not. Now about what it's like something you things like cool I didn't sound. Not many outside and I I millennium Cuba layup but because they are offended by everything. Is sheriff. And they voices. Whom we do a show where we used to just be able to do a show and only the people who got through on the phones could have a chance at stinging ask oh now now. Now FaceBook and Twitter in snap Chad and exit ramp. It's a we say something Teresa he'd say it is exercise there were some good it's cool but too little code small town it don't I don't unlike school what do you know it's funny yesterday aroused I'm about sat girls but because I talked about how. White guy probably time. Soon you every. There's no buddy who's not offended by something right now I. Ignorant post about the weather and you are someone Charlie about it that's a mouth full line because society in case you've been calling India. Contestants. Yes I do I millenniums. Okay and how long lines huge saying that we're missing only talk about eight feet gonna talk about. Movies when we talk a bit about vacation is money. Don't think about the time that I've millennial starting going into the job market what would the economy. Around. Crap OK okay what we are also be most educated generation there is Al elect not compute education with intelligent I get back. No. Look we can't be not educated generation that is out there so we have a college degree we're ready to get these dot these dogs are out there or asks tell how are we supposed to go on vacation. Or go to its ten dollar loopy or one person or go to higher and store like me she. We don't have that type the cash I have a job that pays seventeen dollar an hour and I'm still barely making I'm definitely they'll lower class the and I decided to go back to school because I was tired of working those. Those like cupid dead and customer service job and I try to go to college the first time and I hate it. Now going back but I'm they'll really sure ugly and I think they might change our. I have an eight under you a bottle that. I want I only got I love you for putting it in the later model seems to come in my old house now as you walk down my stairs. It was a line of patrol models in the first three were pennies the next you were seriously do you have a trillion times yeah uses a world moves closely. I think you hit 18100 which he will bottled it'll only one that. Recorders and Los. I heard. That's a nice I think you might actually be writing but at least a sense though because you guys are educated you're ready to join the workforce and there's nothing for you to join. Exactly but I wanna go take vacation and are you kidding me good and I wanted to take a vacation. You just you're you're not launching because an Intel but it's a kind of a snake eating its own tail because I tell people start taking vacations those other jobs are now because. Like money ask to go into the outcome you Riley needs is not an economy that is a wiccan circle. While thank you could thank you for the inside contessa you don't suck you seem like you gotta together. David. Hey hey hey you should I think millennial. Manners. That is true they are social awareness. Oh there's a. Only a lack of social awareness I'll give you know they just they just. Do you how we have these conversations sometimes people don't take social cues anymore it's night. To Diebler and conversation Amylin he'll just walk right in like a bull in the China closet Wright and Haley ice on roads iced. Well we do her talking about something very important but we're not anymore. I'm arguably in fact millennial yourself dated it's yeah I am it's a you have no manners you know social. I think are lucky enough to be raised an assembly where men are so important I think a lot of people these days are being raised. So you but I think we can lay all the problems similar deals are having at the door at the seat of the terrorists you absolutely can't it. I think and lesson of this whole thing is note this generation didn't. Late small line around you but I do you know Petri dish. It's a whole bunch of parents were like man my hard core farmer parents are so mean amid. I did my kids anyway Juan here that's say yes ma'am or yes sir they can just say. Didn't call me by my first name in fact. So early to call me Michael you have to call me dad saw the no respect no nothing. If you're respect for the parents there of respect for the security guard or the manager of the restaurant Taylor says nothing and no one that's true David. Thank you saying no thanks you don't. Are you gonna need K I had my lord we're learning more heart I and it's not yeah I think we're Neely and it's not their fault. DMZ. Yeah I money also. Okay I'm Melanie Alabama all the millennial OK and I am I depend. And I kid he had millennial they have I want a clean. And the crew it's about you learning something here all I'm my layover I got to my hotel room by my belt get and a lot. Chapter twelve hour. Yeah yeah. That's like your help. But he was seen everybody who were so connected but you're not living your own life you're living your licenses for snapped chat and Rosie. Or social media business people they videotaped the concert in and just watching the plots. Concert best you don't watch it later a small screen watching now with your big eyes you who. We love social media and make public country public and social media problem. They're up to you when you're like oh my god good chipping and my own now. Personally not life and join welcome to the real world middle with a girl personnel into this Canadian dollar AG a home. All right if you wanna continue to route I mean we know we just talk crap about social media we're gonna drive you to a social media days. But I I think this is a healthy discussion and colonials you can go over there and tell us why he's. Yeah I just find his slacker in Steve's a FaceBook page.