Slacker and Steve - Winning the Wishbone 11/17

Friday, November 17th


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And ever took Turkey day coming up to dad and none. We do you ever do the tradition with with a which found where it rigid somebody cars Turkey's sometimes I don't know what always wins or don't wants to play we. So at least but I don't I. I understand what you Whitley you few weeks hold on this half of it you break it we make a wish first. That's right and you forget yes I just can't wish the news I thought you didn't make a wish and less C 10 I think you both make it first and whoever wins their wish comes first a true. I could be wrong and and onto. It was big in our family we we only did you made the wish if you want okay maybe that was just my played OK like participation through when your original wish. In your blog your birthday candles do you wait until you Beaumont the major you make an embalmed exposed to make it menu Loma sandals Jamal blown now than there was hasn't come true yeah. So then it's got to be does then he should be the same as a wish from me you mention her soul. All the while the reason I would winds as I would just look for there's. If you look at the wishbone one side has a little bit more intrusion on the more material to hit a bumper does yeah so that's the part I always. There's literally and it it it's your going to let Thanksgiving. Celebration that has. The wishbone tradition we have rules like for ways to win and I think Soto like that is actually on the list of well when it just grabbed the side that look sticker. That's the only I don't know there's more than one ways they're golf there's fives there's five key tips to meet me you never lose to Wisconsin would you wager for people with yet can only tell you number one on May two wishbone tang worked. Is something the most people don't do because. It's makes sure it's dry. So that means you can't really do wish to own thing that day to green's stick fracture or otherwise is to start. Oh you guys you meet your Soo much more you can't do they spray. Well one is that a thing not to try that signal to other people say other than you I need you now yes it is serious have you ever heard of before now DOS green stick fracture. Of a bone anyway wait so you wanna make sure your voters dry is that we designed to put but the yes still green stick fracture she's doing it to make sure that you're not the world needs rest the world those means means like your bone like yell at all and they are so it was nice is now clean it's a very visual thing and it seems like you might be a real thing it is so one can never tell with you it's a medical terms. It is you don't think. Third. So right. Well let's go to. I ask you make sure a strike outs fresh wishbone won't break smiled and there's like a green branch fracture greens they're correcting you guys have to dry it out by letting it sit for a few days or. If you wanna play the same day you consider him never and so somebody tries did you go with a wet wishbone. Saying no thanks does it's a no win situation where smoke yes. And then yes it is a man in his. Yeah it works right. I then next tip for winning the wishbone. Grab it with your dominant tenth. Oh we get a good degree actions yes religion on the got to make sure your hands are completely dry so that means licking their gravy off your hands first okay book. This process I'm dynamic in this this is what is this. Next Steve's pro tips that he didn't even know was part of the bigger picture is Graham said it looks sticker where and how you grab the wishbone makes all the difference. I'm getting this had a ticker that is sticker will give you an advantage OK yeah that's what it was always when there that's kind of Smart folk on. Grab as close to the base stones Z as possible. I've always done the opposite I've gone higher because it breaks I try to grab it above where it would break. A low but I guess that's not a good way to go go low you got to go low because you've got leverage on your side then I guess it says. This is called choking up and involves granting whisk them between your thumb and index finger as close to the base of the V also they are seeing don't want. They are saying go get closer to the V all the time which I was grabbing lows just so choked up but sure I don't want to get here on the beach Boca that. Kind of feels illegal yeah election night yeah. We do not given any good spot to hire a movie maneuver and then this is the last one and this is most important in this is how lost every single one most. You've got to not be aggressive make your opponent do all the work oh you just hang onto a look then poll that's it. Okay some people might consider cheating come to continued to do that they're saying the best tactic to win is to remain still let them pull is what I do as soon as we both government. And I lunged forward and I didn't look like you know it's very sumo it's very left tackle is no arm wrestling movie with Sylvester Stallone over the top. Oklahoma thank you I don't like that the whole country I don't my hat on backwards if you're champ rigorously monitor like yeah. 2000 have exit voted should think it's your placing buy extra wish phones. I hope so all the rolling them you know. Families who don't do just there's a bunch of peace a crowd Finley still images from doing your response to psych Christie's over the top ranked. But I will do like a whole China river assortment of power we not feeling the passion I don't wanna let's do we have once we literally haven't over the till we invite a bunch of people out of Graham prize is something and hoops before he and they just. It's a wishbone breaking while I'm the only one in their own off today. Asset Smart it fat bonus. Why we'll come up with a different but I don't I was just come in my yeah. Escalate if that's getting we're not hearing this hour. Guys if you want these Jezebel put up your wishbone winning tips on this laggard Steve based on page.