Slacker and Steve - Womanly Wiles 5/17

Wednesday, May 17th

The powers women have over men throughout history have been painfully obvious. From batting eye lashes to captivate their male counter parts, to showing a little extra cleavage to get out of a traffic ticket. Have you ever used your womanly wiles to get something you wanted?


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Staying on the air power and womanly wiles. All. That. What do you dine wins. With. Stuff that she's content and connect. Computer anyway were really it shouldn't. Not that well so the other day I was looking at one of my glorious TVs and I have in my house one of my guns. Well attorneys say this I have a lot of teams he's my what's 'cause I like to know that I condone any group never mind. Arms to its many TVs but I have two really big TV silica. I just another TV in the basement of our radio station is bigger than any in MMI it says he's been really gets Gloria is there a reason that's good that's really the reason is on my brain. Because when I was buying my second big TV never. I went to one of the big box stores. And I knew exactly resins or does it do for your older stuff they usually do and I'll remember annuals such acts and I go in and I I may or may not as. On the likes answer my phone diets like all all new and I just tell us deals dot com slash owner accidentally let it slip that absolutely. So I knew what I wanted. Went through the whole saying. Found out the price in my test is that's your best as I can do we really don't have any removal might get a talked to the Weis Crennel basically we can make this happen to have the hitter in effect at I shouldn't hurry and with the exact same information. Two way different so store you know same chain you know. She might seem exact batch stop hiding in fine electronics room and she's ninety. I don't know a lot of teams I bump bump. Let freedom anyway. Plunging the (%expletive) did you should. Stephen Drew pulled its its six California senator play and I may have been may accentuated when the riffs and it's and I. But the not lying she came out there we GO 600 dollars cheaper why. Dropping those slacker card ever cut dogs. 6600. Red dead and we're talking about a TV Kasai 5000 dollar rent TV makes she dropped the TV. Two siblings I would say exact point 5% of the TV yeah I go to guy give the employee discount. What happened Mike Seaver part of the story she used her womanly wiles to get to TV for way cheap here. This guy helps to bring your model out to the car and like she pops a patch of the car and I do not know Mike I got from Bob. That's like to hire her she's picture ID I saw the ticker up to bunch of dudes can putt and it abetted. Our womanly it's. Women athletes would you ever pull over Purdue downsize its act now they're all in mass murderers but some didn't only type. We live. And that's what you wanted desperately to use your wife I got by failure VCR owners of Saddam what you just explained actually I witnessed this weekend to I was like in one of the big box stores waiting by the patio furniture old like. And that he was media and one other guy and this other guy was asking about some other furniture set or something. And gotten the seals associate was like yes I am pretty sure Ron Allen now I might be able to go back in the back in check for yadda yadda yadda. He got the seals so he leaves go take here's somebody else. Well like two seconds after the guy left his wife comes role in around the corner and she is like where is it in you're like well they don't have any left to like hang on. Pulled down her hair dish I walked. Hour hour and eight and I did not even getting you and big sales associate the husband left the seals the so he came back a couple minutes later he was like. No go back look at Jack yep looks like we got back there haven't operating Mike Hsu. I care about you guys as Hillary Obama did nothing we get none of the perks you get pulled over by a police officer on mutated opposite sex sexy doesn't matter matter you can say you really have to prove you can eager. I know I don't know my Grandpa's funeral it doesn't matter and they just got to go. That it's. I don't know what it always has been. Never mind math fun but the top button on the flow Simmons. So are we being sexist icing that or is that a real saying that women do I think it's a real thing I would guess real soon we actually have other stories Osce inter web. Oh women who've used. There when anyone else there's one who says. She engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a professor. Because she knew that he was into her and would be good for networking purposes purposes in the field but she wanted to get into. On the professor got her first job out of college. Not to mention several internships while she was in school. She's just mention what a great was but I'm guessing there was an and I ace righty how many you have assets they have value EU's zone is just an attempt what are our assets. Million there's another person who writes I don't have time to read the whole thing but it's basically what we would already know how many times have you been out at a bar or club now operate and seen the gaggle of black dresses. And if any camera carried a purse. I am floored it's like you did or didn't bring their ID no we don't bring credit cards often don't bring anything 'cause they don't have to say don't have to do. Because we saw. Second I just did things some. There's another woman who wrote she would get extra sweet potato Fries if she were located church to campus dining hall. So if we don't mean that's not a huge clue but it worked still one of those sixty she says when she first started going. It was accidental chooses happened the night in one of her whenever plunging neckline. Tennis shirts winning and that's an extra prize was a cool Nixon comes in and night the Garfield sweatshirt and through that to do to hack. No surprise I. Listen connect to it. Go and in the sequined gown extra price. If if I could do it I would sue why wouldn't ya. This is so in the other the other day when that we have tons of examples of his what we talked about didn't have a ticket. If you're a woman whose use it to get free stuff so whose use DT gets. Out of stops who's using deep discounts we don't care what free drinks if you use your womanly whilst you for personal gain. We want to hear your story Siena. You guys are yard work in an arts and if you can can. Yeah. Again there are. Did your kind adding that her get there early and then lie and no matter how much about my playing and I wish to crew into the process. And mood stammer as little social and. And then the hand and that's standing cover cause they want to ask. Who are you batting your eyes enjoying steamed security guards or other certain words. You know and it can't contact Gary into as well and there are a day curb your girlfriend who. So it's the nerds yeah he's your entire day you know Jay did the broad. But did you have to Chatham optimal time. And Kardashian not only agency that they're still are great and it's like speed and technique they have earned Alec like a great guy and a guy he is. I nine's yeah. Just you don't have your girlfriends with the ECB I mean. We'll look at Bradley and like I'll just out this legal leg right with like the last week and the original carpet and click on book. Our kind of a brat. Has it ever not worked. We'll all I want god and that's that's why you have that sound near voice it's. I know you got its own slaves falling confidence gases. You could do you. I'm starting to get awkward so I feel like I'm the guy in the front of the there for a review periods CNN you've got a little yeah you're huge you used for anything else you know tickets or anything or Yemen. Yeah I've probably only got more. Than his female officers. Am probably you know how we might CNN will have signed next time you go Tucson. There were to suck you up FaceBook arm just kittens. But I if if you if you knew were last MI guarantee you you would not hear our next call and thank you guys are you leaning Dennett so right now. You go as your material on ya. Ya that's just answering below story in in the back in here. It's it's it's especially with take this the there's its emissions go Lyles she is Sarah. Now Sarah's using what I hope. Sarah prepared guys out are you using your Weill's right now we just gonna tell us a story with. I know I'm beginning early next I'm in traffic spat out so well. I know if you don't know that I can't think it's a right candidate pat pulled everybody tea. And the Biotech crop in today I had expired tax record I didn't make her right leg and get out that's coming. She may just be right because if that were me Paula. More likely pulled out of the car and shot down alone. Current status to tell that he can't tell me that I've beaten wanting to get their work early I think you did you do they also did compliment Indians. Times and that she would bring to read not a political think that helps. Yeah when I knew nothing gets it didn't think Aaron I got a warning I think there's like a thirty dollar case may previously and they are outlet next at bat. I write I mean weekly oh he didn't. Entire where him and for nine minutes can't drink and an app the pop given out I think every now and then getting you ready and that it be okay. It's your writing this is your first my guy you please tell you guys gee did you do anything else other than compliment to Vista due on button a button did you. Adjuster makeup or anything Regis already spot on as he was approaching your vehicle. They had refreshed a little garage I allowed keeper packet checked he no mantra and see dramatic I'm not that were up because I have pretty terrible diet but. Gotta respect that shot your Smart you have a template already built news following we're excited you are you want to finding ready. There it Sarah you're awesome thank you gonna call on my my wife claims she's never gonna take it mean if it never occurred to me why until this moment. You do you think why now I thought I saw it when she said she's never gonna take it. I just assumed she never been pulled over all know she's grown polar Hassan touch it has suggests that if there today. How come how dumb in my office to not make that lead and I queens but the yeah I I womanly why else would you got. Oh hit in college back in the day I was an exotic dancer. And customers always wanted to make it out on dates and I. And I Ers had the rule not go Allen. Might invited blind because we did aid which even. At the try to see motorcycles. Jeannie car wash by flash. So whipped up by squash there was a raffle to win a crotch rocket. And I didn't have ten dollars or raffle ticket. I got invited to come acts like a bar ten bucks Ben Turk. And I won the crutch. Why it's. Did you lose him ten box life for many years ago. Well though he paid leave and I expect I became. Ha ha. Yeah it's those double represents well I tell you when you rode home on your for you're doing and how could he know about that amount up. It's all it again each time we never talked about this I realize it's not it's men engage in cynical you and says I if I didn't hang up ordering ten. As drivers should first look I was I can you see any reason for my checkbook knows or go to Jay Berger I just where catcher and if we just see. Yeah I womanly wiles. I Atlanta my dad and I've got a very. They axiom used car wrecks and we went to regulation Ed to you get the keys early church to even meet. I have a earlier in the day when I and warn you that it be about a 150 bucks economic used and this and so. I'm land some later in the afternoon after I got app worked to get the same status keys. And at that that's what can it kill time may or may not Hitler didn't look up and I walked out of they're paying half what my dad dead how old numbers more acute than he'd been home. And error. You must now work somewhere where you like working with Greece certainly you came in looking fresh as a daisy as loans and. I may act ever to the school side out. Now you win like finger pain only terrorists who could but how. I don't get any hope late. How hard did you flirt I mean we're you we was there just was it just plays full dance her aura you. They physically they do in the same really touches armadillo you don't have so let's hope robbed probably know us. An announcement like I don't like verbal spat they're Bakken or and that wasn't anything. Expansion and. I swear to god I'm not taking money is doing a service right yards it would lead but usually every women off yes. They do Billie Jean happened filter where did commuting the mound and Olivia else. Me and my dad sent me to go get tired very him later. I'm not into a how home soon. Remodeling this is or how big kid you know mechanism that you really guard Jessie the time that the isn't. And if they can charge almost went to China. Our roots Jack Kelly. Yeah yeah I womanly wiles. You have to appear to go to broke college student and I needed tires from my card but it added I would you know address and well provocatively put on a nice summer dressed and headed out to local tire shop peak come back and healthy skin and 600 dollars. Cleric may pretend like I'm let me connect that in. Oh my gosh and start making mental shake a little bit and she's looking on and keep being created heat while the back. Come back out he says actually get a copy practically brandy tired state your car there your stress very saddened tax. Payment on a tired. No way big give also or did you hear what she said in the other kids I mean myself shares are cheeky as you know less amen I say this you and I both now. There we both fall for that like as soon as the woman. Starts to get upset. I and I know you're the same when I shut down all give you anything. If Justine to prevent decide you only see you get anymore said please don't cry at least 6000 dollars a brand new tires what do you do you think. You think there are genuinely used or were they know. Are they look a look I mean we're like they you know they can't tell you I hear they did look like they are trying to lure that Warren but it definitely I could've gotten my Palm Beach you know my how do you immediately and. So you still use it or you've you've retired its instead act. Ninety cute sound in my killed on those tire turns. Many mr. Weill's regular free new car has its day you were there Colin jelly while actually. EEye yeah. There you know fairly young Ashley cooler. Right Daryn. A focus. So how do you use your womanly wiles. And it's. Not even going to say certain. Indoor climbing jumped. Started going last September. And didn't wanna pick her membership stamina had but just like contemporary punch. It's certainly hadn't had contact and they used it or say I may go climbing all three times a week. And I've never used at that punch in the you know. All because they love to see you look at their own style also not your falling into the trap. I. I. Don't know when you watch Jim do you see any day or is it just say your where Lou Lou Lou Rosie and meg not. Here that helps that helps but yeah. I recommend all the guys Danielle hi. Claude Milwaukee and she'd. Picked up Ashley's hair Fulmer. I think if you yeah endure another one of those people you have the confidence in your voice you know you can get whenever you won't know who won it. Yeah. Oh my god I will we got to let you go I was whereabouts are climbing though so where you're off to great cross streets the gel Smith anchor we end. Sitting across the street is serve us lots of Brothers would not do you think you've gone Ashley and she had on yeah. I did Jackie. RI RA bomb womanly wiles. I'd say I haven't ever not once paid early night out. Some my girl my girlfriend and I will break you wanna go I yellow haven't gotten it output on our stars very little like I'm look at pop band. Go to lake Russian made the master. And go and yet that the MI actually try idea Alec over here. Gonna go boy am I now have always. Congratulations. That's cool Arizona Simeon maybe get us RJ cards or something well. How is it doesn't work like JUI here's the weird guy over in the corner no. Called Jackie. Are high and keep going and I'm not gonna have any money to pay her image. So you wanna give his more womanly while stories you have to do it on the site currency FaceBook page.