Slacker and Steve - Work Mistake 11/29

Wednesday, November 29th


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Staying on the we could go all day just talking about the things you when I do roam in and do your work yet we don't work mistakes in her. I think management here. Haze us to come and and message with the bus because that's why we're still yeah I believe our show is better to win we're completely off the rails a does this is. Stupid the biggest thing you've done bad the worse going to be huge it's like. Something that had the rippling effects or some sort of catastrophic. Effects and don't be kind of fun this morning is sort of fun but also not fun with it. A restaurant Pennsylvania accidentally served milk shakes to 84 year old boy. It was spiked with vodka yeah. Now my assumption is Steve was in the restaurant in Illinois religious is the best clues about your. Ever the biggest day in Steve's ice was the day that I told him about a mudslides. Expect great authors bruises and health and I'm. Let's talk to them. Yes a bit but there's also booked so the whose face actually for the for summer boost its good we supposed to be you still wins when you've got. Mario was accompanied ebitda I. You gotta balance it Donald I went a brief freeze I was a little. Boy. The boy's mother ordered him a regular snorers milk shakes to go she'd realized until looking interceded they gave her the vodka version of the league's vodka version. Time persona drank have to milk shake. I see Steve is now booking flights in Pennsylvania with the we are Mexico and the kids go up to there. To the bar and ordered the pool or you swim up to the book kids always ordering a virgin mud slide or virgin Dockery Oka and we're 99% child. Demi god she she was just. I'm Marius and tighter yeah. But I think it was like them. It's a potentially at all inclusive resorts it barely put me alcohol at all it was so I don't know stellar gonna judge was smoke consider she she the second. Why are some good lie and I can't shrinking middle is almost since she's 82 suspicious the chance to patients lot. Oh down there so we enjoy your biggest pork mistake that we got some other examples like for example any armed. Under zack's shoes axiom that attacked. Oh this is set to happen. You know this happens let's come fast whom we know even surgeons do indeed chop the wrong leg off to somebody say their owners like blue. Text you know the best in the office don't win and talk. To the people and go gonna have to pollute Snickers down today I know I'll be there within no time. And then that goes back during those. Friday. See that's that's you out 'cause they tried to them it's is so Julie goes over holes all this is a brown in new looking dog this must be Snickers. Till the darn it euthanized you know sorry. But he's got a better word but I really feel better now Steve said euthanized. In any and euthanized is for the dog that need to be peacefully put to sleep you know till the woods and Snickers look like it plausible. The no trend takes us. Local AP I hope my god I'm they put the wrong dog to sleep and when told trimmed short of to get their dog wins Zeta ours our dogs don't you act. The Olympics is your job sort of nude colored bra. Oh. Would you like your dog that looks similar. But it didn't ISM I thought Obama camp up apple took up and that's the yeah that's a worry because the I wanted to tell the story that way I wanted to give back what do we do it differently you're trying to listen and honest as candy bar dog was. I feel your dog food should know get a but since we want your worst work mistakes this gives us an opportunity to talk about little. Moon you see here's the inside workings of radio Kono we want we are doing the show there's a button to my left and it's a round the corner from Steve's. NB usually sedentary seen them. It's remarkably adds I'll if you see a bad words she can leap forward and it is almost faster than I can't yeah I can. So if you see a bad word it basically just. Eliminates. Four seconds of audio like randomly so in the middle this sentence if I said yes. You idiot you hear in those since immediate. I would take knows all the what Diaz don't lose all that takes an audio out the bad stuff. So one day we're doing the show and you know and somebody called and for whatever the topic was working damage and elect. Still hot and we hit the button so it's gone now. The systems that record our show it's still on there it's only gone in what you hear on your radio blah yeah. We send the audio from the show to other markets we're on in other other cities. Little dean never does not content it's it's it's never got that out a couple feet it's kind of forgot about that yet that's what's so across the uncertain crush its site and she went from turn the radio friendly and as I got a lot of calls. Yeah. Political gee I felt I. And he did know. Ferrari let go yes no no I did we say damn why news the other thing too wasn't he was just like I messed up but I I have two dogs big time he was like. Pure and good. The key to us now it's obvious you went there it was there all over there and all of a sudden we're in the mill stuff in my iPhone just started blowing up blank. Yeah. Go on until these people know we're doing Michelle yeah. And it answered one of them and then I realized what was happening yet the F bomb that you just steal the dominoes fall right as time zones Jose who they're gonna aired and yeah it's. Frantically trying to call all over the country you'll. Place and fix in do you. So here's the deal if you have done something. Adding your job we are another story of some do you deleted all old Johns payment information and about it. He's probably humor we bolted it tellers and it's like it's funny hoped lessons my name's meg on spy on people's so their spine and actually go wrong keystroke to elect. Yes our tolerance acts stacks of did work mistake again. The bigger your mistake to batter it admitted any dual anybody's if you never got cost more than even better will boisterous guys you. We use when he hears the damage done our job candy. Yeah yeah well you clearly know James. Look at our mistakenly made. So I'm working corporate relocation real estate. And weep I how is. Or employee. Or employer. Vita how bad. Even though. I'm highs by house for 950 out and then company I can't be the company name. I'm but it Ryan written naps. Staff all now I just and the clothing company. I've made it completely clear it was. Absolutely and legacy died on the you know are there other. Or nine iron to keep outmanned and that was really their benefit I think nine under their feet out. Dollars we didn't. Oh you're true to do so weeks that we sat million dollars. Well we had to eat half of it our company and then. Southern company you act. I would written not. Yeah that's all. I hear it. A million dollars it wasn't the truth is you just assume that company had net benefit and they didn't yet they did not oh million Ali diet. That's that's a messed me yeah us to tell me you people saves or around the million dollar stadium that was fifty dollars shy of making a million dollar mistakes with the mall. How's your day you've really got candy how she died of yeah there isn't just on. Dad this is the the I want to say it but that's probably without the colts. You are a bit more mistakes. I guess operator sir those large caliber and current pulse where hundreds people are beyond the call and the elites with the Senator McCain and senator Lieberman and all that it Jewish leaders of the country while and we had its special gas pouring in from Israel. And when they introduced their I kept calling him rap T and I didn't know I. And carrying. Jewish yet every minute chat box but trying to tell me how. And I suppose if they hit my dead all cash apps PLC announced mortified I kept calling browbeat. Oh well kiss your entire conference call of Jewish people to correct and this Psycho leading. Already over and over with with with oh my god that's Christie leading. Yeah. Yeah the workers into the bowl. Yeah you can fire. I didn't bat an exporting my my boxer greeted me by saying it's so. McCall. Shell alone time. If we didn't know that the that the only call I've heard so now how all. These days she's frugal there up at what time I know do you really tough if I knew rabbi by the time I was with you. Andrea. Yeah I work mistakes one afternoon. I accidentally. Over Peter payroll like 75000 dollars. I come doesn't management wasn't happy but the employees were still on the. NN when you don't find any evidence setting now with an Ireland the brand imperiled good stamina understanding and then that Chad. You are paying bonuses and Eric Small bunch of banks to settings had to pay the bonuses at our lead and set a blog some weeks the U its name their hourly rate. What their bonus should be it's like 150 hours at their. Hourly rate act. We just go or go here to give me money back now it's your money you have to play well. Oh. Happen. No I don't know do what happens in the making a bad parent company can go back into the bank account and take the money out and replaced it with the correct amount. But the problem is good that they couldn't do it until the following day for my company had to make sure that they actually and the. And that's run the knowledge and the bank account several different class. Just. You don't want guys. Oh you're. That's awesome though they you've really gone Jacki. Yeah I do not pay. Work mistakes would you do. I am or explore a very large telecommunication company. And I accidentally took up all of our North American customers are about an hour. An entire time. Shut the forget. What exactly you how does one do that if they shouldn't be a keystroke us. I'd say he's worked Wednesday took home all I just may come may and I mean that's a good. Where does the actually it doesn't do anything else does this. Obama and oh are you serious. Oh. You shall know wouldn't hurt nobody's communication devices worked for how long the about an hour or so you're on your break series alone should. I'll go with the beat and you look to the great plays later with a lot on his dark it's. A team automatically as though they've got so it is there it's ours are black shirt it's an act. So put out for you Jackie did he is keystroke Wragge remarked here I was learning to control see this guy who like that with me. Hair back did you get fired yadier fired the now. Look up. Also well at least that's what six wins a million perfectly okay how are asking you how hotter you can click the sickening Lehigh ready to the now.