Slacker and Steve - Worst Cheater Ever 9/20

Wednesday, September 20th


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Staying on and we're looking for the worst. Cheater. Ever ever night I feel like tougher. It would start and we are we were cool when caught trying to do toppers stories. I am not a good of a cheater and mean I don't do we always get clobbered in Europe who wouldn't know good at your ex. I don't. I ends. You're gonna just last I'm fortunate empathetic of a person to cheat in bad situation or you you can put yourself familiar position I would feel a thing you just. What you everything's going great in a relationship from vandals cheat the castle. It's like a quick release they want it so there's about to Kevin Hart going with this this story been talked about from every angle. And we were just sitting around talking about it decide busy extortion angle is that that woman was trying to write cheap he. Again I challenge him justified but she loved his wife so much steady didn't wanted to find out of what do dirt or US who's willing to pay hundreds of thousands and that's a good dollars. No it's still him track discoveries Boca his mistake bright. We're not the that. We know this one fact. When he was she known as wife she was pregnant. So. Icky noon. This video that's out there Arabs got to time stamp on it or what it is. But it was she's pregnant wife's birthday. Oh this is just she could more her purse so. The bad reports this this Stan Garnet mob lights he's one of the worst. Cheaters. Ever been double William yeah. So we look. Looking for somebody like it's complex okay and out Kevin's heart attack Kevin Cavanaugh I mean just I wouldn't do that if it was like she wait till after Herbert. Expect it. As sad as that sounds a security here I am. Trying to come off as an empathetic person but the answer your questions he does. The cause you know what. It is supposed to notice it's right. All men back girl is hot and she's hot for me and we can make it a chance. Yeah it's. Tomorrow to get midnight award. Pretty quick to avert a test of funny how lucky are you know coach ethnic it's you know. That's Kevin that's ugly to a couple layers of devalued and I have to I have to believe. In my heart of hearts. Then you've done something bad to why do you I. Because you're you are you know I was it's early you've cheated because you don't cheat road you can't cheap. That's our military never recommended are now. Oh yeah heck yeah you have cheated why have you because you've been committed relationship I have so. I didn't do your your not wrong I I did to only want to continue our Kevin Kevin are you are you under Kevin I don't know. I I don't I think he's above me but let me know what happens itself everywhere it was back in high school in the relationship was just about over anyway. It looks. So. I started it's not around that smells like Jessica you know I'm die what did you do I'm just tell you the fact OK but then her dad passed away. And so she really stop talking okay I'm trying to get out of the relationship and then that happened and now I'm getting sucked back into it kinda. She needs someone to support in the last apply because her dad died right. Well so it was not a tone. Funeral. And I came up from an excuse not to be able to go. And like I said the relationship was just about over so you started signal somebody else is there a while she was putting her dad in the ground okay. Solely on the put it that way or is that not just axles as they should be stated she wasn't physically lowering of the problems if you're right so much better and Kevin are. She's weeping over the loss of her father she sees tossing rose petals elements of this case yes and that's what I am and I was seduced though. Put it says the relationship is about and I wanna get sucked in even more now. Through the will willow he's so then she found out that you there was this action luckily it was a little time did she found no later. But by then I think she had been in another relationship though she was happy she's on I think you were like that was the worst you I just didn't do we really it was over. It's always gone there would have been like back on now can I just say someone that's not Kevin he did worse and I did I just realized what. And I am probably the worst shooter ever so you can top seed yeah asks. I'm not the worst would you do you know this story I do this is my losing my Z card story I was the worst I ever brought eats you couldn't just lose your V currently the rest of us you had to throw layers of drama into us. Here's how I lost my he car and here's how I am probably tell you were sick seminar. I had a girlfriend. Who still lives with her mom obviously. And they took on a another girl to live in their basement or general from the neighboring state of Wyoming OK so this girl was this child water Pacquiao he was living in the basement of my girlfriend's house this chilled water. They become friends and it's cool and then my best friends started dating this child water jaded. Well my girlfriend didn't wanna go all the way. So it wasn't gonna have to post it we're just make out but you're into further personnel. Giant French troops. Seventeenth. I was all gas breaks it. But the that there is no interviewer in Europe so what she likes so. I'm dating her my best friends dating this jug water in the basement who will go all blue moon who wanted to go all the way. But her boyfriend my best friend wouldn't go all the okay wait why is Zach is he was southern Baptist and you always so now you do it. He wasn't indoors we get the wrong people the wrong relationship there and now I was duped because she told me that's where you're the visit her and David had broken up. If you believe you wanted to believe it. She could've said anything. At that point. And David and I my best friend were supposed to go to journey that I. We had journey ticket is good sweeter and guys stayed and slept with this child water instead OK so your best friend your body what's with your girl to do now she just went and I flicked on the concert. OCC back was it or roll of carpet involved in the story you were she to. I might be forgetting some of my own story. What happened Weis where there was a role I thought oh there's an waterbed and I was riding waves in the OK I should. Now so you're still. You bust your view card by stealing your best buddies girl. And my girlfriends ask spread all the mulls its own and roommate all that's I I kept an artist. This time we started this whole thing with mes and I'm Sarah decided to do the worst shooter that makes that is and then as you're telling your legs when she's wearing a funeral I might I would never home why Donna did act. I could hardly 300. First you know what buddy I still got to respect it that's pretty epic for your I lost my virginity. This child blog at you it's. She goes you know it's hilarious is people are now Google in. It sure no one really everybody now later. Yeah. There are rare blood and. But who you recorded your body fight no point in its whole thing fell apart she gets kicked out of living there chief. When they're right obviously broke up with my girl pitcher to throw away her title it was homeownership were not allowed to live with my girlfriend anymore Stephanie was not my girlfriend anymore it's wholly. Saw toward. Three people Florida learned discourse to. Because god or so talking. Tops the lakers' top ten then go you talked to him and I did not touching you way okay actually she was the what was and it was her birth his wife was a missed shot a lot of if you think you know the worst year ever we wanna talk to you oh hole. He mean. The guy is sheer. OK so I was pregnant with my second child. Excellent employee. And are you spoken to have a part time job and he was having an affair. These are where did it all these jobs and growing his second child and he's out doing was it. Big cherry on the top is it's got to be what are your friend at all but what. So now he picked up a couple of tried dobbs you're near. He didn't occur on one of those jobs. Were supporting his ankle injury you want her. All right guys and when you sat down did you just say. Your your your pregnant so Blake. Who it was bad wasn't it. Feel. Pretty bad yeah. He's he's close this regards level is nowhere near slacks is. Not at all. Nine you know go I don't know why no I wasn't clear when it was my strive. They you for the call Amy that is the one of the worst cheaters never Sylvia. Yeah I worst year ever horse again and are waiting waiting in the first saw the cars I'm not alone in this contest I don't office. Way worse where we're doing all. It's time Allen married my husband got me a lot of hospital after my water broke I was gonna get birth. And she and she legs shoulder rolled you out of this again. I'm gonna come up with new babies out what it. Are you a little bit you little little. I came home. And he went to build a dirty you win 10 aren't quite. Came at Belmont and amber. How would you hybrid quit old fashioned way the Qaeda currently have a deal I'd but it's okay. And how are all of this happening you about home in our mold how do you expect her. Jack I'll I guess that's the other part of one of what makes a worst year ever come he's doing it in you and your marital bed yeah dad's. That's it keeps. And while your wife is in a medical crisis PT your so I think Sylvia I mean it's a way no worse than not you I mean close. Cardiac RS and although I did was this journey you could be co exist yet. She is so much work is below Kevin Sylvia and played slackers lol so far. The Marquette. Didn't force him right after you have the baby to energy given another channel. IA. I'm gonna attempt at the first few months I have to recover from my C section on all that yeah quiet he would put it out up there if you want because he doped up on. He was just leaves a full Lander Terrell dude. Then I gossip I don't I don't know that we're gonna find anybody I think anywhere you surely Mary Joseph Lucifer himself that's below your level. The brandy is. I mean the worst Jeter ever ever. Who wears either Amherst and I agree but maybe I'm gotten the mowers pragmatic guy Allen Muhammad and you know moving in my technique. And he ended up getting married while he lived let me let me wants. Sister best thing is if you went home every night and every week and and he had claimed he is going to work and flown to California. Marry that girl and had blown rat. At a time. He was living full blown double life. Hate to double life here than I found at a bike it's happened at the and I don't think well Cooper. See he and his new bride and picture. That was what I know you said it was still pretty drafts. I love the way. What do you say you know it's like yeah. You're pretty let's try to even declared it by then you're like well I'm gonna tell you anyway and I'm moving to California. Brandy is brutal as yours is. Does does unadulterated. Did he should fit this year it's still way way below sliders no. It's nice thing oh my god. That didn't feel right yet. You know I've that's the worst year ever know that's wayward you love. Uh huh hung nationally with the idea. Hey worst year ever have. How. End when he can I cheated on my husband with another woman. Non peace. Depend on the five years later he cheated on me with that and more soon after that you uncomfortable. Whoa whoa whoa yeah. She kicked the tires of everybody in the house is. Chewing through periods Tucker. Whole season. Are one of our kids who should. Or shouldn't videos with the dogs where you can leave your hollow in the the head and Steve yes yeah. That's right dare you. I thought cedar.