Slacker and Steve - Worst Christmas Ever 12/12

Tuesday, December 12th


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And there. You read the holidays. You still lose the holidays and everything it stood for you to hide to just because you'd you'd luster Stanley urge you love them when you were with your family kind of loaded with I was moved out which are right the when I lost my filming the economy came. Yeah isn't on. Yeah ask had been nicer ride in that I kind of got back to duty. Do you have reason to where you were it was the rebel. Ice jam I see that because it's just don't have a family. No weird that effect for a single. Oh so I'm putting up Christmas crap and have a family finally answering. OK I salute you aren't mean if you wanna feel connected to the holiday you know it makes it doesn't thanks. You what's sad is I I still paying their stockings. You do that. That weird but all of yeah. Where you hang a fireplace yes. I kind of weird. No that's kind of view our future is that if I want representing each deceased member quitter did you the bottom did you buy new sightings or are they their old stockings either summer Olmert had to buy two new ones to represented you have out there initials on some no it's kind of seemed what they were like what they like. I think that's also are you sure is that so I thought it was Kristi oh my god no that's no but I mean. I don't put anything in almost a yeah. If it's a busy you know that life could plows put everything else suffering came across his boxer and armament what's in here I found them. But what are home OK so then I was like by just putting a Muppet but it is creepy. It's I think it's a beautiful thing it's full on buzz kill some girl falls for one of your traps in my children. I didn't layer and error my daughters sons are my dad terrorism. Do you invest your time and we're the evil thing guys they need it no acting it's beautiful pumpkin it's a beautiful army leaders summit here. I talked about yeah. Chris yeah really about your worst Christmas severed their people in a new story it would literally said they would pay. Up to a 160 dollars to skipped out on senior in line loses its like that means their Christmas so badly he'd get out of tennis to a stranger would she'll walk by the is as proxy in the and I. I think it's I think it's just a I think you just don't number we're at site. Icici I was growing number it's like I'd be willing to egg. I hate him so much was such a terrible time 4 o'clock Dick he's apparently always been a thousand dollars unanimous Cigna com and I hate him but not a thousand bucks. And they just pulled law. And the average numbers about a 162 bucks through like. I don't see how a guy just avoid the desk march that is heading now these teases Al yes just stick and so bright and I did it right now is there any GM here that's. The whole. Big make it wasn't able. Acts. Such spirit of the holiday closest that's sort of say it but it's people who. Like these experiences with her family mean it just it sucks so bad that they're going to pay you low light you pay to get put to it sounds like you. What do you do when you don't like something you'd throw money that is true that I go I want this to go that you're. I zeros Christmas ever. Go away on. I was trying to link from my worst Christmas you know I analyze them from. All my dog dynamo on business a long story. But they can I just add to it and I hate this but. Good to your doctors and pass away on Christmas morning passed away underneath the tree as all you kids were rushing to read. That sucked a and she foam now over my stuff home me yeah I was already there. But I don't think that was my worst Christmas if there was worse than it was just you ought there and I like I just want every now my other horse Christmas is not as bad as a dog dying. But to me it's one of those deeper scars and I just told my I I decided my parents are getting old I decided to ask her about it and they don't remember it. All it is now. Alzheimer's it's not from anything like that but she's ever happen. So there was a year where I'd snuck into their closet and found my present it was a Gibson must Paul it was a black on black move sweet would gold in my eyes it was a beautiful beautiful now Gibson is now my brand. It either he's had any real Meister target and so I was like I'll slum what this so long but some top shelf brand. But I'm like I'm making so Christmas comes open presents for their presence and that he didn't get an out. And so then we'd have some Christmas cookies or whatever on the site I know it's coming to an end and one of them announces. The war and and have to eventually become the likes. It's just flip it up the stairs and my dad I'm I'm running towards their bedroom and my dad is walking towards a garage well although. And we. These are. Coming out there leaning up against alone or that bullet hit and no. Pushing padding although. Server waterbed super single piece as hell does what it's like we saw as the black lacquer haired blue now it was a busy mere minutes. It was an attack. Everything you're just an idol picks up some ground black hawk talk all of them black Urlacher always instead it. They're big you what do you was was a water bed and you thought OK wait let's it has been totally expected to. Let's set about a Mike Scully thinks I'm I don't. I. I. There are enough good. And their oh so that you just so my assumption was there on the for somebody else I finally decided years later to confront them this year I confront them. And they said we've never how these are for anybody. Like I'm not saying I saw it it's our team ignore closet. It's. Been. Say but they weren't acting like they're relying the honestly though there are literally mortified this is sick of waiting. Here's Steve I can't contemplate yeah there's no way in which was my worst don't bring it idea when this one's works always. I did in my head. Had you were finally a getting behind me being a musician bet that's the big part for you because they were beyond right and be buying me a nice Qatar to prove that your all the way to do for your prayers to do at that time that was who do would have to save 66. Its role best and see. Child you only a damn bet. That's kinda answer. Jeff from provide I know some parents have to buy clothes their kids and that's great and I do. I closed my kids does that rule for its I didn't some nowhere emblem of bear in them to reunions on the meters and who does like those are the things so didn't but lights. Buying your kid all I got you know now do you need the. No you don't get to finally do math book and you don't Bynum. So every day when you slept in that bad you were so bitter is this I should be why it must be well let's call this could you populism restrictions because scissors as. Probably not intentionally. Oh don't you don't give yourself you didn't do. What an zero and go in there finishing this one Steve where I don't know where he's back in an 80 boy this time we want to look at the path. And has learned to belts that day before and so we other stories and I'd like a whole day and we get the flu. On other big somebody like I put to read this really fast odd trip a road smashed their teeth against appearance bed post he was was ever Wear lost one to fracture and result in size or headway hospital for six hours. For a specialist OMG. These are the examples were looking for if you had. We only did this if you did did you due out now with this Christmas will rock yeah. And so tell us all about your worst Christmas after British. Yeah I worst Christmas ever have her. Now. About 23 years ago company parent. And I hate to younger brother Aden the laptop. Is already had a computer. And a mock debate Chris good. Govern losing your own what your big your big Christmas gift was what might. I. All world are seen. Again you. Have good health and it's. So. To speed on how to from me with room cool. My brother got a laugh. Do you got I guess police down. The dollar MacBook Pro you can you got us for 99 Barnes and Noble's new energy dropped a few pounds and work in a salad doors. Oh yes. Yeah yeah it that was a bit of a slap in the eighth and I didn't actually prefer a bout three month. I had has he always been the favorite. Yes he's the only people say there's four kids and three older girls and then they laugh on the boys but he's. The tragic crash is. Year. Did they ceiling deal. It's beautifully you know whenever the films you know the way it did then my life's going to be better than yours. Car I'll heat I don't that is you that is tennis and I guess. Thank you for that all across you know that's just like buying me a bad you give somebody a blood type in the you're supposed to provide for them to be yes here's a chair in some. He's a wanna I got you free up today it's a couple of my guys great show. Yeah I worst Christmas ever. I'm happiest for volunteering your time and I attended South Africa because there's something wrong Putin now and I ended up happening when I had to kings killed and got stuck Canadian thinking about. Because the ballots. December 22. And go. I didn't South Africa and denounced Wright had to have this surgery and I ended up being released on Christmas today. But I know that lake abetted access Ali had a Maynard who is really nice and kicked me until I inspections I had no friends no family in premed and that's sanctioned trip Smith recovering from my surgery. So hey this socks is you had to pass a kidney stone or something yeah and do an on Christmas Day would be low ma. I had one around Christmas. Such as music hurry to cash a tad bit they got stuck and they had a streak to get it out of. Whole lease some spoke books oh man I know that somewhere out there pretty close the worst Christmas ever depicting you that RH OJ and I. All year bearish and worst Christmas ever. Well yeah. Hole because pitch. Tell my you're asking about where I was about eight months pregnant mom had a falling out with my Hanley scene and and the band spending Christmas and a Denny's all by myself. Paul why even opener Regis at back to like dumpster diving for yesterday's soon yeah. And you know that you're thing and. So you're this sad little eight months pregnant woman makes me. Fire and down moons over my hammy he. Yeah and I'm calling feel like we have the fall on Hanley freshman Shea and it was. Horrible. Really horrible. NASA makes you want to reconcile with them you know you know you had we definitely ain't that was probably one of the worst years. In regard to the falling out with my family but definitely not kill you know I'm not going to be eighty. I'm Mike Stanley to sell everything masks we we definitely fourteen dollar and and they are definitely. She's she's battling the light of their eyes but it always found. Wow good against us and possibly Saturday prisoners things really go off you'll love them. Yeah nice worst Christmas and I. Richard you've ever. I was in middle school. With getting ready to go to low you know just as we are working out of the building that that there's smoke coming from the bottom slurs. So building when I'm tired. We are trapped demand and Matt Higgins learned. But look things ended up burning battling had to be rescued from a prior to permits and my best friend at the time I am and her mom died in the fight and. Room night John. She'll Lama. That's. Off that is. There is Gary. So you can't help but thinking that every year year and year out then is that true. I think about morale this. That's some good stuff. Thank you for the call you learn and that is yeah. We ask weren't Tom Lowe he said words Christmas so yeah match. Yeah spearhead this worst Christmas ever hopeful. Grandmother bought my sister party and got me at artillery and. And then the ponies there raises us.