Slacker and Steve - Worst Coworker 1/31

Wednesday, January 31st


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Eight. Is there any chance we talk about this and you you know paranoid and weird topic no tickets can only assume everything is about you know I know it's narcissistic but when it's always negative I just assuming this is not about you okay cool there. There's a couple stories out of out. Just haven't coworkers some more snow Morse co worker ever ever does outline here in our scheme booming home first and luckily you. You don't. Yeah co worker alone. Are you good. I see I don't and I try to be annoying I'm conscious of trying not to be annoying we say put forth effort. You know who are. Worst coworkers. I'm not gonna say their name do you do you watch the office right now Todd packer. All you out you know you'll we have a tot packer knew this building we we we we do. He's in love that idea series an English guy actor he's fun he's witty and sharp he's Smart he's an actor he is he's at inappropriate and talked it's and he doesn't care. There are absolutely in the senate acted as a way to do key in the GM dot this floors next because it teaches he's been. Exactly he's 100%. You're just what draws me to them. IT like I. It's its relationship that Michael Scott with a disease like usual sweet good guy and you which I sold. Todd I hope packer yeah he admitted some foul ha. It's. Without telling you the name of how. Howard Todd Tucker we wanna hear the name of your time packer camp you're not an office and we'll explain that needs. It was just the worst person for whatever is the person you know for a fact. Actor stealing your lunches that you are there that person that's constantly bugging you they're not doing their workers constantly bugging you also find out the person who organizes the clicks. Yeah us. Or the near the queen bee of the office you've seen me my wife works in which she got a job in an office when she was spike just starting out. It's like an ad men. And she would not kiss the ring in the queen bee and she did not limit that I was like what's happened. Makes if you don't win over. Queen being Hamas takes you out there will make your life miserable and so my life was like. You know constantly working out eaten right in this queen bee would intentionally bringing in doughnuts invite everybody over the desk and my wife when he won it was like say. Yeah. It's. She's better than she's got a TC measures she won't shove 5000 Catholics found love your wife for that for not eating you don't get this is your wife is still working their queen bee isn't right. No my life and quit. All wide screen she couldn't whenever queen date June when it's if you order placed with so much jets queen bee. You have to you have to jennies like dude you have to do. If you don't give me she had to be made life a misery all I was terrible just what everyone was against her. This we're reading some of these things it was the weirdest things and had people have seen their co worker do. Com this happens here sometimes what which ones. There is there was a story about there's a bathroom and error somebody could prompt their door open oak. In the men's bathroom and there was a dude who would still go win the war he would go in and prop the door open. And use the facilities with the door prowl call off as a urinal on the wall what ever 'cause you can see without guard men's room door USC have already been an awful it is is he here every so. If I think I had. My ritual in that bathroom is nice laying paper towel down on the floor slide buffer mice salads and might anybody's here when I go under or when I go out and in the worst. This is my worst co worker in a couple of them do that in this building. People going there to do their business that's not a number one. I would never do it more I can't do it but people are going there it's okay you had to go it's fine but here's what I don't want them I don't wanna Wingate. I'm so we'll all win and everybody knows when I come in or you come in because. Everyone in the building is salesperson or whatever and they're wearing nice shoes but I want to and yeah I'm wearing shocks I'm the only dude in this building where shots so they can Simi and his son up suckers you don't like. You're hoping I saw fifty you'll a lot of talk to want you to high you know. I am like yeah. Okay how conference room for correctly slick three days from now when I've gotten the visual of you to bring in talking to me automatic out. The gods of visually. Underneath that stopped talking to me man good man is a peeved. My own box there's other. Person said they worked in Dunkin' Donuts. And there was like a security camera system. And one of their coworkers. It knew where the dead spots were in between the security system nice and constantly use the don't condone it huge sting of whipped cream. And do wit it's out of view all swollen so I don't know that's a bad co worker but he's fun to work with. How are you high school with a point four seconds is that we've got to keep doing over over over by and helped stuff it's just if that's what I hear when UC. So. These are horrible at the moment but this is a constant never sure I'm the bad joke of a to. What was the other when this okay this is one cool I don't really understands when she. She passed gas and do it. Also she eats a coworker her hand elm grab your but right it's been so she wouldn't had just ripped one all over his here on the neck problem. He has. Yeah as she had not suggested that so she's good coworker how she stone to join now we are she had to do what she had to do. Your birds are they the other one was they were in the bathroom installing her what they thought was a hair dryer they came out and somebody brought a blender and was making the smooth. So well let's. Say worst coworker Dyson blasier. That's not we want any kind of took its like the weirdest thing your coworkers Donna that the worst thing your coworkers down. And because you might still be at work will voice disguise he needed. We just want weird awful co worker stories Jamie. I your disguised who's your credit co worker. Never pardon me lose the big bottle Vuitton. Well we don't know. Never wash as you know we'd ask. You don't have a water and then you don't hear it up that well I Z all it kept you kept me out of our group trips. Yes. Every well all actually here's your memos designer and like no matter what you know we assume you're you're so close everybody you can hear him doing his business. We don't you put they're yeah they're they're. Critical all the other off. That's nasty so I was gonna say something's a big plus how are you you can't go to the board of director since. The this is the end. Does that say all varieties everybody knows it's you guys sit around talk about it. I'm pretty not show. I knew now we have to intervene we had a talent looked bro yeah that's the reason you are nobody wants to shake your hand right because you get. And I. That's theft tactics well a soft costs aren't very good car Jamie got sick that's an awful co worker. And make him the boss's seat and knowing her meanings Brooke. On. What's your own. So my crappy coworker I portrait that is why all the time much. Brian Lee aren't aren't her husband just. Our. Power and actually my appetite or what yeah. I just about all of her aides. Are all. So you're a real time leg kick. Ups and downs of H conversations. She's supposed to be cleaning exactly. That's the word. Match. There aren't I great irony hack it we're she can't. Support that she and her whole life story. App Store. The U I hate those kind of he says it's not show friends in show business now you no matter what it's like dude I'm here to do my job and I don't need to do you do your job. Are you getting court all these she lied to your partner partner or you just only get assignments are uncertain days. I don't know quite a week and I injured my partner at pat and Jackie. How. Her and let it like pat apps are not. Earnings are already is working. Yeah we are. So. You're stuck with how soon. Six slopes. Oh I. Or success or break up a bit like might you'd. Outlet or to see you. Oh yeah. Use the cobra a tax I Norton or how that's where I just empty right so. I know when somebody is a climate is it's easily do from now. As you can tell so I don't know I just have to Larry keep bringing I don't. You see through my eyes and sorry yeah conscientious. But yeah I got to Joseph workers. All right so I in the summer time on my third year in college you've done little part time gig and it's now come to Canada baseball field. And one of the girl that I worked with she used to bring her coat winter and a bottle of Greg used for every shift. And should make. I alcoholic. It's no content and she would still lie and. In the you're talking cocaine. You're talking Coca-Cola you talking cocaine. Are we act. Actually read lineups and got grilled and then I guess you literally making enough money it's what you started a little side gig everything from the the baseball player. Or a chance this topic is bad so. Anyway yeah. Into the snow goes yeah yeah so she wasn't just helping out of the baseball players to special kisses and I. And she was getting paid for it. And that's just a side hustle many respects. We knew we did the mayor this note to the Internet showdown and help the baseball. Don't.