Slacker and Steve - Worst Day Ever 7/18

Monday, July 18th

Chris Meehan, a jockey from Ireland, had the worst day of his life after he was kicked in the face by his horse and then ran over by the ambulance as they were taking him to the hospital. What happened when you had the worst day ever?

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Staying on the you were people who had a home if the worst day ever have a horror com it started with this dude in northern. Ireland's. He's a jockey. Iran apparently. He got kicked by a horse to do the stingiest teacher she was it stays out and see the pictures that kicked in the song jobless I don't. See. How. Do you person you can click on one of their light. Is carnage videos or do you continue I don't know soon. There's a couple there's any end. And it made by eight in errors and gives I was could've clicked on and video and you reviews I can't. Then Itanium and you can you see his face open and he's got a bunch of butterfly bandages O zero Brennan bridge of his nose. So in particular taste I horse and that's bad enough that's that's terrible day. They call the paramedics. And down ambulances and whatnot rushed to help him. Unfortunately she got run over by B. Yeah the ambulance read over his leg breaking his leg keeping it minus three of his family members. More freely ambulance so she hit her. Now so I think I true yeah I think it was some of his DNA they drove over his leg shattered it. His dad trains ambulance strike out six. You're kidding no dead serious deaths of it was other fairly works for the service to so this is what we're talking about and we want to try to keep it light hearted we're just gonna keep saying the words light hearted over and over and we don't want me. We don't necessarily. I don't wanna tell you you can't call the lights if you've got divorced on the same day USANA you had cancer and I don't know and some muscle your car. Car that's a bad day that's a really terrible day to the point where it's a sense of it's it's a downer that narrow construction. Suddenly it's this is. Worst day ever but like nodded not closer so little tot he did just add one more thing like death. And then an airplane crashing a house very can work but I guess your divorce in your cancer we can work within an airplane. Crashed into. If you might making it better or worse we don't all work with a pill. It's your. Six was. Out of the the I'm a Chinese woman survived after a pair of pliers falls from the building pierce is or skull G. Now see this sort I don't know to qualify as she's really only one thing happened that's true I heard Jay was like it was only five minutes is sucked. So bad or yes we put it it's significant enough steady rises to the level of a modified so here's my head or my hand with pliers. That's sucks but if I Pearson with pliers after they stole fifty some stories. That's Trinidad a 31 stories. Yes you know let's get into a category we're stuck in her head then you speak at bottom. This is the one I want the money needed to adopt some. This dude. Had the worst day ever he's working on his motorcycle on the patio. His wife is nearby in the kitchen he's doing that. Like red then I'll. You know. Rented out. Do in this day. Yeah things I'll say there. A record and did it slips into gear. And she doesn't. Eight dude let go. Just did your major water skiing you crash there you know let go the role he didn't know he held on to handlebars was drug along as it. Do this house basically through the glass patio doors when his wife finally here's the commotion and comes out and sees what's going on cause he hit a mile and he's cut he's bleeding whatever she costly and it's below did not. She blocks a public spilled gasoline it's a paper towels and tosses them away. It's treated he's released he's returned home you went to the bathroom to console himself with a cigarette use news. When he got done doing his business he flicks his cigarette butts into the toilet apparently when his wife taught tosses away gas soaked rags. She puts it all. X it really isn't fly ash on. That place is you don't really get OK all welcome budget just so drags. I put him anywhere I want pretty clean the house. Myriad no debris in the house don't you Wear your husband smokes. Exactly so. Here's a loud explosion her husband screaming she finds a line on the bathroom floor this trousers blown away. And burns on his butt and legs and growing you. She once again called for the ambiance of the same crew that came back today. I think that the it does yeah. Odd this time when they're carried downstairs loops are they dumped him outs now and he seldom remaining stairs and broke his arm beads. Well what's just so he's he's told Lee this is this stage worst days ever if she was drugged by his own homeowners and there's patio doors. He exploded in his own toilet and then the ambulance drivers dropped a number of kids are bad. If I queens judge is unstick it is days that was an encompassing day that is the worst day ever apparently then there's this other dude. I guess she survived a lightning goal at after. Some guy got hit with lightning in a huge reason it didn't kill him is that it's went down his headphones. Is where it had found. When late Paris headphones and downs aware. If it came out as junk it did instead that saved his life and it could've done was organs. And down unarmed but it's pretty much the worst day ever when you get struck by lightning Newington got struck with your your iPod by the hole and you're junk and expended right out of his staff. It was funny lightning I'm just gonna say my new superpower would be that. Wait so we've you're living you know you're gonna do it all started you don't want really big. I call myself lightning to light hitting it should accept lightning John. Did you Carter started here don't jump. But now I don't read your stuff costs so. Qualify as his worst day ever does. So here's who we want we need to you don't have to have Tony things happen you know wants as long as one of them is really badly crazy. But if you have a Tony things in your life should be a country music song. Just you're tee there was one day at all culminated help. We won't hear about your worst. Day. What do you think do you think we'll be ruled like you mediator do you think you should call this person's latter. It's I don't that's a tough call how much Christ latter they tell me their name is Slater in my little punch him and that's basically the bus latter. There. The worst day yeah. The Yankee slayer you're only has one tee to all the cook beyond. The seller hit OK I'm. Com what was your worst day ever. Worst day ever it's so out of order routes restaurant over. And good but there are to me as one way nice and I'll let sometimes it's not malicious politicking get me you know. Just let sightseeing I write I. On its unionized. Yeah in my what I still I was stars from the thing. X. So I'm gonna play like crap I gotta get discovered and fixed up and everything so I don't know pitch and got my stuff. And I'm certain lick my nose. I'm prominent role. So intense. Yeah tend not to work one. She Shlomo earlier noses assigned jello isn't nearly enough and holding it together and there's no cartilage or anything you're just a collapse of a mouse. Though it is now followed cartilage terms all the buildup. So same day broken nose. Done by did you have to give the rabies shots in your stomach and stuff coach. Now thankfully the daughter dinner party that shot earlier in the long. Snow you can be hot let's all get ordered any yet and yes senior prom. The next day if that's if that's your guy means coo Joseph victim number do that with the HQ for the Conn the costs latter complainer. Whenever yet I jasmine. Yeah I worst day. Well I was seven months pregnant and blue light. An indication must say to time now really grow camera clicks there's people who are the very beginning when I say TBT answer Jimmy. You're like oh my god my pores over within reason why she's got her into Hawaii jasmine just so grown and out there you you're last in detention. Was vindication. Trying to land strike meant chasing my engineer all slipped and by all accounts. Tape. I know I get home. I expression does it broke a vertebrae old bulls while your tremendously yeah. Pregnant sit on a ten hour flight with a two year old in my own business broke up Paris crushed a broken vertebrae. Yes. Not a great day at all just to deliver with a broken back ten all you can. Yet you know walks worst day you give bush. Oh no ad I I'd Simon national dialogue like that are worried about oh you did imperiled this and I boom no I didn't. Why it's just push your day DL with a broken back to no epidural that's the worst since friends it's this is the worst is just hear about it just hearing your story I had a doctor come and putting the so. Yeah. That's how they started out of all white but it didn't do very little uneasy but you should know Sloane Z. Oh flown at all no accounts are so tired yet they are perfectly lit up at Torrey. Love diseases and yeah. Wow that is pretty terrifying den let's talk to you the God's as the sign Amelie. And worse today. I have managed to Alan you're birdies there on Friday I got off on Saturday I it would kicked out of my plate last ran 38 a fine and you click the wrench com Monday in my doctor called that with my test results back my cantor at. I fabulous weekend. Always that is at its worst day ever so we asked to disqualify you virus that. I did you understand I mean seriously it's just tabulate. You stop answering the phone you just climb on like you can go to bed and Clinton where did you hide your choice after all lists alerted. Your face I mean like when you think everything's so I was like hi did grid. Each night you got it just happened to move away expert and. Am only almighty god Cecilia everything and image turn out okay kinda you're fighting a new place to live image are our friends. Well I can't celebrate it three years can't or street last week so everything. Let's hurry MS I don't wanna let you go see like we're ditch fiscal note anywhere good if we don't been badly yeah now. All right okay thank you for the cost one coal mine. Yeah off. Worst day ever. I had to write an optional perhaps as granddaughter after working I got it didn't help a bunch of my house. At the time. Not hurts you. As it's your iChat problem like let's go gambling to go ahead and then I presume elude a bunch in my playing craps and not only got alana has just everybody has detailed and I don't remember I think it is both probably detail but he recognized by educator anxious to are trying to fix the liars and are 100 Micky out of on a web interpreted Egypt electrocuted to shoot some public anxiety conference. Seem like all the blood because muscle working jacket so they are just out there and screamed in terror and the Jews like twenty seconds later. You got so these are all morning. I don't like it yet I don't want the top shadows like ten top Amazon's and how much you. It's oh yeah now after you've already lost money gambling and getting a handle with because elbow then bring them from Sony load how yes not I do you know. They're an older than that but my god so you've done golfing gambling in them making potato guns at the saluted. So I think that needs you so they call home ice that's. I'm Suzanne. Laura yes. My worst day at. Well my office so I was gonna let me and my outfit would let Eddie. I'm well with dealing with. I got a cult my husband up my house also would let it under seven feet of water. I don't late lot. My how Iowa locked my knee op Ed as well and then I had nowhere to live. Because all the hotels around where we were jumping from the hotel to hotel Burton about a month and a half. She you've lost everything. Yeah pretty much. You can't get flood insurance right that you can this is really. And it doesn't harbor any day because of that bubble up all of your house that doesn't cover anything like your burn up. And it that the natural act of god and Cabrera and it it is however without any. I didn't already dealing with a flood of work being greeted me at the front door and that we just take it tell you that they your office was one of the only ones to let it. Congress and I a lot of our aren't. The homeowners. Are wondering if it's you know he's not saying I'm Suzanne like it. Little bit political action coming your windshield and are kind of like. Like a murder wow. And your whole house is destroyed use nothing user has no screws. Mil I don't viewed as this is brought to you can't ever trust him you just see on saints you for the cost Suzanne chassis. Yeah it's. Patty. Worse. Than murder. IRA started playing either troops or any interest he said he broke open at eight straight black kid has sucked and did you think I. Earlier I was happy I yeah while under my IOC. Which I am taking your pictures the next day but what I actually went and baseball bat bites it's been really my noted that while black and orange all and. So there is no way your year's yearbook picture looks like then. I you know I like making your picture the next day. You didn't both Z respectively tomorrow. Chair rice used and no other album put up they just send us available sideways smile yeah it's the dirt with with the now that's not how is your face now the fifth. I don't Shara undermined I let my last and when he other the national. I mean. One. It's bad time that is not great danger to the car Kathy. Leak. Yeah I swear states. I on what might. Edge I found out that more and I had it drops are accurate and that I was sort get our car hit and stole. Heard on top of my car had been stolen and a week before ultimately cost cue card and one more it's yeah. And you're you're eight months pregnant and you're on the hook for team fortress you got dropped from insurance so you're Karzai and his story hit. Yeah I had both of our heartbeat it give our party so we ought you aren't you cart EX. Still unknown saw I got out. Exactly. Yeah Natalie had a busy Asia that's pretty much still worst days. Hey hey did you break off. Twelve tourney you're really depressed well she's you wanna still you know make us and tell us your worst day ever stories online FaceBook dot com slash slacker its defense.