Slacker and Steve - Worst First Day 5/15

Tuesday, May 15th


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Steve Todd and talk about. Your worst first oh yeah that's real job I really really don't know. School or yell at worst first if anything. There's so with a song predator some we saw this from somebody there's an a ten cup most common ways people screw up on their first new day in the job spoke. I do well I mean you to a public protests every job I did go on how. Steve I'm guessing today. Did you met somebody. You met our interns father what's his first name. Two thirds of the Jeep. It's not gear as you just don't we know we don't remember and they are instead it has huge mistake you make on the first day I should use our president back sort of remember Gordon. He's right to do. Job but too often people look at the but the next thing you can do wrong in your first day in the job as you get somebody's name wrong. I think I think you did good I just see you be awkward or your boss you're like OK so many good reports such as G hold on to. I mean I was getting didn't. Yeah. There are pour it out we go any authority thank you I mean I see that would be bad on Nancy said stuck on stupid because of their nerves. Boca. You know that I know somebody who knocked themselves out on their first name job. That's true for a stay got a job as your brother maybe allegedly stood up puts it had to go and the students are thought it took. First day job. At the end like this. You and then they do the drug test shortages earlier thanks. Bulldogs just immediately fire you I guess if you don't pass OK so they get a blood test or something first much we mean it says but it's a lot so they took the blood. And he already has that saying we're he's not good with that he wanted to seem like he's all cool like next we need you ice and handed the cup to go peonies aren't accurate you do you go wait a second DU we just didn't go to the bathroom. Rocket engines business DS only you're only find him in a puddle of his own blood chaos but cover in one hand painted Senator Obama. We knew we not hire anymore and today to test is panties that's Rawlins. These bring them out in the cut. Mishap and still feels like to party has found a lot of Africa Africa for. What else went to the wrong place. The first six I will drive there the night before so are you go exactly your little I want everybody you know that she's not lying is he thinking OK and we do any thing he'd go he literally does dry run south I would call. Asked you when you're still printing directions from Natwest governor Berber directions welcomed in 1998. That you're stupid GPS never guess you're going that's what map quest. Every time. But I wouldn't Al. 20 Indians told me to go and drive in owners and now quest. Leg stopped updating Stossel sometimes. I remember you had to do it saying I don't know I don't know I mean maybe I did I don't know but it was like I remember you texted me. Must remember the name of the I think I'm not positive blood I believe you are doing an appearance or let Nomar. Act comp release all the blood and none of the mavs had it on their yeah it was a new era both. Your question Mike I asked this earlier thanks. Greg of course of course doesn't have it flew yeah. Yeah I looked. You remember Derek. I was actually appearance I don't like OK Steve here's I think it's a brand new home community so stop. Look because they always had those balloon seven I don't see the artist or did not. Yeah this. Clearly went too rich men and anyway. Took the capital percent stake in bull Brothers I do an in home really. Okay loves these jets finally what's a remote was wrapping up I was like do you know simply barbaric. No balloons from all the other builders really until the this is all door or the oil bold and honest with an hour script I. Social scene is shown at the wrong place this. Adjunct instructor went to a new college went to the wrong classroom that's Riley did so they're starts teaching is in Schroeder religion class or over an hour. No one stops in my present what this that it. Really sit there with that calculus book in this guy's. All started jettison it took a little did all the way down in the calculus the left. And Disney. There's one that's that's a question. That's the worst first day ever ensure every class of leaders are to be you really. That's a good thanks a mixed up with this today in home economics are starting to add to that but the Jo Buttafuoco with the but I don't know I don't consider odd that somebody else said AD in their first day this you're seeing some stupid they sent an email to the staff of forty people. Saying it's been a great day I've actually been really busting eight. Boos and a busy haven't yet it turns out she actually doesn't really big boobs or oh look there is like yeah you're. What are murdered murderer. The do you imagine do you remember our first show. It had to be mad yeah out an ad right because we hadn't seen each other are now it is idea all we were why your. He might lose wanna talk but I. It's it's not happy. Weaver is so any al-Qaeda. Lives are so do you work most of our stories will work but if you if you would your first is cool embarked on yourself self fund had your mom when they did what I heard is. At least to me your worst for eighteen I had to be whatever your first is something. Was so tragic and it's ingrained in your head wherever we wanna hear about your worst. First day bash. Yeah I worst first day. OK so my first day of high school and wanna go go to school at the moment given her pepper spray on a key chains such as she needed it since you saw her friend girl group and around with it and ended up spraying it in the air and then goes into the events and it. Spread out through. We all it's what happens the football. There are a couple of kids they start having reactions do it but they obviously weren't forthcoming with what happened immediately they were scared of. So the school things are they interact sooner. Up. You have they would terrified and worried you know EO we brought three hours left and all of a sudden reading shepherded out to the football field. You don't have any idea what's going on in and ambulances are pulling up in droves. It's your reaction and stripping women showering them in front of all they appears. Syrian daily we don't know why oh man that's not a great streak to scoop. So quickly with Hilton spot that is so that's fun that's not a great first day thank you by Heather. Yeah I worse first day. So it was my first day working at an MRI office might never worked in an op is the sportswriters Hebert and her best to get actually in. In I have cry like little microwave going to write that these boats the water and of the current. No but at the microwave went back to the front dust in bed but maybe actually he looked. They're right back to my careers admire it right mile slick black keep charter if you want and all. Eat and so am I kept running now coming got that phone clicked the need Heather Burke who lie and such and then it was not a standalone office is the the building in oh yeah are certainly probably go oh my god you guys smoke smoke or not. You wrote a very relaxed she ended public smoker about a week and so we constantly have patients people worrying over touch with the McLellan I would say they have had just been hampered. Bird marine calendars lasagna and here. Yeah I Damian Davis stated it never it never went way right. And provide the girl that. Earlier on had to move monochrome in the MRI tunnels that little word can then started to side. If it's Qatar which is remind me you know office episode I was trying to find songs where have you gone there. Teresa. Yeah yeah hey worst first stakes. OK I got a job as a receptionist that this company that rhetoric would learn what this thing freeware headset into the front desk all day he's. Sons and payment. Sarah. Kind of. Oddly you hear so. I didn't realize that the phone system had. We'll ask feature where you could you didn't. Their comments speak fairly every single owner. Afsane the company and I had a friend who works in the company who had gotten the job really and he's stuck by the dust. Midway through the data feed I was doing and we were just chatting and I had just started gaining the fact. You're asking me how valid going and it was actually going really well though we started batting. And I was telling her about it and I somehow activated the teacher that. Accessed as this sounds. Like inner calming every since I think they're coming every time while I was going until it. Explicit friend. Shoes why this is really getting it on had. Goods god. Yes that I owed also my last day because I got from their center who hunt. I'm using your prime that every male employee I don't know fighter and that's just local. Relationship never. Your resume this exquisite. Good. Seriously just laughs and just dumb and ships. Could you. I hope we and I'm because. Yeah my friend got back to her desk and eat that somebody would like. Kitty you know half moon and you let's hope I'd talk word god theory that at. After the fifth you know you learn intercom system we need a new job now right that's your first order of business with how to disable coming out of barn door. Obsolete Yankee series just not JD. Yeah I. Worst first day. My first import and it really super serious topics. And around mid day and I boxed texted me about important meeting you didn't get it and I text and then I looked forward to speaking again but auto correct change to take sleeping right hand. It can't happen and let let let let the all. Now I'll just pretended like every now. Oh there you got out and meeting since I first get a bonus that's good yeah.