Slacker and Steve - Worst Gift 10/18

Wednesday, October 18th


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Steve are there. Don't really weird time to be talking about presence right but. We kind of talk about presence in a bad way did you think we'll hear the worst gift you ever dots. In your life yeah there's a there's there's this story that we are talking about is mostly. In fact entirely too Good Housekeeping Magazine story about the worst yes people got from their mother in law are. It seems to be a theme to this like mother in laws like to call their daughter in law us. Well why. Let's see one woman wrote about her worst if she ever got from mother in law I got a scale. Always listen. Look affects. All what do those what's up Friday it has everything immediately boxers get in the BMI say all right. Affecting. His jedi trick and but they X below got another woman said she got clothes that are too small. Did he didn't mean she says my mother not purposely buys me close and sizes that are too small to try to motivate me to lose weight. That's pretty large another mother line games. A size small bikini for a sports team that she doesn't even cheer for. Well what does because. They gags X was a size small room. And that was the team all that she cheers for come under Marleau was like sand pretty brutal. What's the worst if you forgot. I was a shoe shining kid. It's kind of bad yeah where those two shoes have a pair and I don't really I don't view that Ellis knee wasn't knows my grandpa. Yeah I think he was seen no observatory died did your grandparents. I guy was just saying this on their did your returns do my my grandparents. Legal literally sink I stops or they didn't they don't NASA space based on the south aging at like ten. So they would send me. No matter how old I got I was dating craps right for a ten year old was I think here's another baseball. All too real secure and that's what you gonna do laws that didn't. It's a feel there's a certain point we know. All you play baseball and raise some hot. Yeah. But let's just say and I don't say this because I I the baseball I'd totally lying about. This is legitimately would you wanted to guessed it was too hot wheels. And baseball. Shaped. Soap on a rope. Our remember those. Who wants to wash their body with a ball to the deep Dino anybody's like. You know that's so concept is terrible I want John enormous baseball toe the rubber around much but what's got those stitching so it's architecture I don't move. Yes it's a combination lose but I will never forget it had the huge rope on it lawyer wrote. You what that means it is means your grandparents were there at the end their lives. I kinda worries I don't do all that big ol' corporate welfare because I would complain when I Saito you wouldn't yeah. Yeah. Should moms like bothered done anti. Are there any money but added that he didn't get. All home you know when I first got into Radio One of my grandma's gave me a thing and it was like it was a those old glass slight Cologne things that they would come in certain shapes and everything she minutes are you messing with us right now no not. Literally. Three seconds before we turn the microphones on we were talking about those exact tanks now that's really Cologne glad I. I don't race car or a model T 1 yeah yeah I am glad she got anyone that was in the shape of a microphone all of us like you are really old stinky Cologne yeah thank you was really bad. Trying to stop lineup like that tip call plays what I gotta do it that way can. You're worried you do things. A commitment. On the another woman on this other side about the worst gift you ever got from her mother must said her mother in law got hurt they weren't putting her mother like yet. Were designer a diaper bag. Oh hint hint they weren't married yet they hadn't talked about having kids nor was she pregnant she knew. Cecily changed in. Manhattan and no one got a hair removal system. All an automatic easy to use hair removal system for unseemly hair growth. This is like so passive aggressive vicious nasty I. I feel like some of the worst presence on the planet are going to be from mother long distance patent on the new daughter who have like I think the worst of diver I told you this before was my. At my wedding. My fourth but I dude I used to do a radio show and that's true but it's got me a lot slayer yet all day this year clearly done for his wedding. And used one time. I always wonder how did you know that on his lines are now boxers a lot of waffle on yeah. All that run you and I just because my my ex wife was totally into waffles he's got. Just click small government. Might. Hey the good that's Bruno. He let's do this. Doesn't have to be from your mother in law to be from anybody on the planet it. What's commiserate let's see each other time in toil of giving out crappy presents stupid bottles of Cologne that are shaped like cars and microphones there. Tell us about the worst guest answer may hinge. Yeah and guy worst guest ever. I gave recruitment my mother she gave not to me my entire family crane operated survival radios. That's not so glad you could turn the crank any year for you second pretty out do you guys. I'm gonna do apocalypse just took we will be here who thinks that we will be brought Jesse bridge that day so you can crank your little saying Richard none of us are like. If you could could braving cern nuclear winter with my family going to yeah. Does ship with our little walk dog do you see real. Quiz what they're ready NL. Were the first out throughout. And and just know you're like hey where's Matt Abbott and we are about these support the Indians smokers is thought I. But I just did you deal would put your whole family collectively had delay put on that happy days and today crank the pseudo. But then we just started like. Taunting her with it but like three seconds of a song. Oh yeah actually dragging no real friend to recoup and the only that's coming up and crank it Maurer. That's a dog yeah. Maybe you took the call made and yeah that's pretty good that Melissa. Yeah stunt. What's the worst ever. And I am not and that's why can't. She can rat. Patrick meant we had two black cloud then tune also doubles Ehrlich what the current. Mean there are acquitted you pictured nurture our own them leading. You don't put betting handle you have what can you mutilation the net so I can have more grandchildren all. She's hot stinky it was it was so hot key meanwhile is doing. I've got to still say it's. So you did your phone is dropping out did you have relations on the rug. Oh tomorrow it. Could you can. Can you blind I don't know if there was a hotel in there it is hotels didn't since then how easily fly those there's yes and it bootlegs. This that he didn't it's a Hotel Monaco they're all over the place and Zeta won in Chicago I've seen one in Denver I've seen it late. Arm and a lot of them have like that animal team room and there's like to sheepskin or whatever and that they're I was. Making mad passionate love to whomever on the rug thinking this is brilliant and then you're in the early action you're like wait. The new clean means yeah I'm not the first one thought that all at all stage. I. I didn't know yes he's saying sorry for your perspective on everything putted. Still because they are really bad relations he enjoyed. Thirty year forty minutes and CEO you to put your. Today you know they gonna do other. Yeah this is Jack. Worst gift you ever. Patty did he tell you when you you don't think you're in the words you're not all of them all they happened around. Don't. Eat out quite a bit and I ended up being the last very badly. So I don't get it not only yeah blue huge gamble that they as the. Somebody else is like just it's so that the Citadel's first are not enough for anybody really did eating out of but there are used yes so how. Medics say oh well that's. A co worker who is Beckett will pitch that got me. That's up there I don't. Is the company did you teach Cadillac did you do really adds probably yes. Yeah got a half I thought. Oh god did you did you seen excitement and really oh my god. Yeah. Me. Holding back a little bit bailout a bailout ball very I didn't know that any joke around. I am not a guard who got the law. Also is we're that is a really awful now president thank you for that go in there Susie. Yeah yeah I got worst guest ever. I get my late mother in law. I Glover. Gave us. A toilet seat that was him payment that they had had in their house swinging her son was growing. I think that sends us as a toilet seat that you people used to poop on bill and then they took it off and painted it. Purely note they had in 1980 in their home and understand it and I believe I would liken our whole media yeah. He knew I had had it came into enemy com and they were on the budget and so and the top. Yeah I know I know a win that I humanity to a so that's something like that they decided that they had a it would clean all and end it as they had just sort of. And then what are you supposed to do and they solicit payment up display that yeah don't use it yeah actually. Well. Improve on I don't know did it yes. You know I I'll. It's unique in who else has what it is is that the and admits that sought to towns all there and Fiat may think something. My idea about you guys who can do for the call Susie the Catherine. Yeah I worst guest ever. I'm sound I dating a girl a girl my mom about it. And so or am I birthday my mom got me a book entitled how to bet them and thanks mom. Poll who think to get a man in the world to the Pacific I. It took a look ahead now. Had it's that is a number yeah yeah yeah.