Slacker and Steve - Worst Gift Ever 9/11

Tuesday, September 11th


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Staying on Ed I think basically what we want talk about is we wanted to do if you're the worst it's ever ever. Where you've gotten the worst just never got there's a new study out from delicious dot com asking brides. To talk about the worst wedding guess Aybar got yeah. Bombs. One of the worst ones is a teacup saucer with the names of gift givers engraved on that. But what is I get adieu adieu and I give it they'll slacker is should we put our team on their companies on do you remember that I Don Imus. Well what I didn't realize that I did it but I did it. When you were giving a gift to someone else and yeah. This is one of my most embarrassing moments and I liked how that happened when I got married the first time because there humbler bomb. Somebody. Had taken and got me like it really nice too skinny who picture frame rates to. But it's for her though. Yeah I mean do it seemed about even my house now I have a nice house I really like mask. I don't have a plea swore I would put a nice picture so noisy I have seen it it's so. It's like. Prominent picture premiere places that it is so it's a blue box opening and I pulled just far enough I looked at it's all light. Glass in ninety HTT it was a beautiful like Clinton smoky glass Canada a friend like as you polish of the regular might want to thank you customers yanked. Moving on you. Fast forward six months somebody's didn't marry him like. Let's give us bogeys you can rip the whole package you don't just like work good for us to the Tiffany. Picture trying to save you from tenacity its digital. None in dad. It was a one of those weddings where they open the gifts in front about them so they open an apple might harvested. And it was they are very public gyms around a large sums and you us. If they open it up pull it out. And inside the pictures for hello sir my sticky NIC engagement. And take you guys are all. Had blown up into the eleven by six or whatever look awful. On. You can't. Which you heard the smartly don't want the bond totally written yeah. And it looks like my wedding gift to you lose your way my picture so what they see who they can thank. Oh I'd still like yeah. Guy. Mediator goodbye and are they know they mergers and all your dog it's a thing as you believe they got the suicide that your children there's no losers who are waiting God's done 200 dollars they hit the ride and I'm sure whoever bought meat that I had spent much Soes and even. The specifically riots so. We use waffle iron at that same what. My you know this. I'd I know who did it you don't ever you got to the bird disease still had the batters like the dry back for crystal clock they can actually want it. I really think it's not every time in your life that you want a waffle iron just right now on the appointment nice. Where I don't wanna Los slam though I'm unsatisfied with a dose. Okay you've had the Belgians you Doug and sonics and all you know how long it takes much it's just so mad at me tonight toaster just look slick pending case and Mike Hodges did the kids angle makes paint it seems like regular snail like. Make good on his own though you're right just throw the toaster. It's mumbled but this is the Natal Biden too little too long thought mine is yeah tank it button I don't do it has a bagel bug but hasn't altered I got. Extra other but my guest artists could guess yeah that's. Good for ago. Anyway this is at a time in my life where I wanted to make waffles and I pulled a bad boy out didn't read warmed it up to there was you can already smell while the White House a consequence of the there is waffle batter all over this you did did she did Kuroda walked this year. Oh great he's literally got done eating show did actually. Don't waffles is given just like every isn't letting that the OPEC. Tiring gifted talented Q do but I Washington at school Tom did you know these ought to be wedding presents we want your worst if you've ever got. I feel like you also share with me your grandparents probably when they started to get a little cuckoo you know what they give you. They would just whenever hand the Lego again Dieter summoned put it the best computer cut into their farm people and now will lose really need or could. I wouldn't want it. Towards an electric friends. It's cold cuts they are all. Whatever of the two dollar bill. It's the third quarter cart my peers it's only do that's all you my kids there's no real gorilla does god bless them. Okay all figured out your coach Gary go OK all right. Let her rip. I signed into dollar bill to be one of the worst is seeking yet it's an endearing. I find it endearing as hell don't but because there is an entire generation we call millennia wasn't much testimonials disease install something new arm. This for some reason were never educated on the currencies available in United States of America I know about this you want. Oh I just took the arcade night. Play here and store are deals that Clark so is like I have to. That's what he did not strides. Remember her Mo did some hours and why I did Maggie two sides like it's not. That's actual currency you're died euros forty whether it's legal. Right every tracks private. And my parents even has some of the ones at that you want these little red riding on Jay Powell in the Julie this is precious so these are kids are don't give them waste and I had some you want yeah. It's how much you were okay and whatever they're not enemies you know how hard she jumped trades you as waffle iron don't have federal benefits and took me. Bottom line is we wouldn't be here. I mean Steve got parts of electric fence it's competitive when I was four I just soap and broke. Do you good hope bro was that a Pope Borough I bet hope on a rope but I guess from my grandparents got soap on a rope that was a baseball. I used to get from I was able under the dig out of for me yes it's tough but it is definitely invention shall. Present argued errors on it was always shaped infamous shower actually no hair on isn't it time to. But hey stupid didn't it definitely didn't have all the stitches all miss so it then they'll have truly been rubbed on place. I'm bella and the other thing needs to get me which I kind of wish I had back on what those. Again millennial and on and understand what I'm saying sorry. They used to be you kind kiwi to watch your face when I say that's. Used to be perfume bottles and Cologne bottles in the shape of a race car so Jabbar had agreed glass one yeah slow race car you as fronts. Rudolph yeah. It's sort of stereotype or the back yes yes there was a Monica it was like there was an open wheel Carolina because there's a NASCAR or a model T. And you I swear regency said we did but they would give me those bottles after they use all the club. So. Cuss doesn't need Cologne so what did you do to. I don't which put it in the worst yes giving these now only heavy glass car crashes since it was all terrible idea as cement on both from Manhattan. So. Whether quiz lakes your your banana or somebody gave you terrible guests at a wedding or just your stupid husband got you the wrong thing at Christmas all we wanna hear about the worst guest. Ever Nicole. Yeah Diaz worst yet. I and I got light baldness Kerr had transferred cheap. I'll bet I've never even owned EG didn't hole. Did that person Davone do you do they have an owner G that's with no actually they both had shattered and advertise. It's. It's. I I'm not sure I'm pretty sure that he'd served our Christmas morning live like against giving seeing it and that he had to go to the gas station in Dallas assertion that he saw on tons of Newman's Own G six. Solomon a we're actually stolen wrapped verbal. Yeah we sign something that was in the real neat I like I can't opener expression. Her order in tidy diet she not think no light vulture has glance. Unit to Mumbai and new geez. This is who is here how that every year that you stay with me yet one more part to enjoy. Here's what they can help me together. Yeah. All staff and the problems are that's pretty good guess that's what bush did. Three year enrollees. He worse than ever but your cabinet chuckles birds get six month. Because that's also David you could just give one party near you got to give apart a week a week to sit did you cars a year. Selig to good yeah tabloids embrace and you still love it every like you had good relations that we keep buying retire so while they're brining eventually they have a new idea in the first it's. They have to assemble an all I feel like GP if you had your had armed with kitchen you start selling your is that way it's part of as I like to try to motivate someone had to be better and bad. I don't know I'm just kept calling here what are those things we that you fight to cut there a couple of near the top earners those does all those nesting doll that's how you do your G cart assets are you have a big behind. You know these are drugs and just keep on nasty little parts of the clip. And you also learn auto mechanic free side can only dictionary 30 I didn't feel like that's probably not work at the Tracy here. I we don't even know or so I am sorry you do I think it's no the Jeep with the Phillies were. I do not know inaudible the DO nine. I have a great actor and a horrible get well isn't it true. We've adopted a little baby all the political oracle is an alcoholic or are they rope dot com yeah our arguments. Pour it into get to the baby shower. You all we. I don't know why you're being rude you don't understand it's broken doctor easy Chinese symbol for fertility and adoption and knows what kind of hurt her precisely that way. I don't know I was there. I am pretty good of balderdash is a you know so. My only concern I mean he's certain cultures. And god is. You're familiar why you as long prosperous adoptive licenses that would mean. It's very important. Thank you for the college or easy that's so it's sad chilly. Out. What's your worst used to but. But. But of course what we that's one of those French type Urals right worthy of closer every countryman hours okay. Many but it wasn't one repeated there was no one that was like not yet. Oh I'm sorry you can't have cold water shot up your who to how we alarm you. With a pulled. My test is yeah and that's when you want to wipe. We still yes still must. Yes don't go to a foreign country don't we why did DX. Ball on dry you pat pat yeah you were gassed so please could you know you wanna put. It what you mean when we go to Brazil it's all septic and stuff so septic tanks and so you don't want to put a bunch toilet paper down and then notice cleats is often says yes so you don't put any toilet paper. So the tour the deeper you used to wipe. After you wash yourself fueled saying that comes when your. Your kitchen sink to think it comes out next to where we can spray my suppose saying yeah it's basically that that attaches here too as you just sit there and you reach over and grab that's really don't she and you don't have families and as such it's guard knows what the assassin on it I'd term I don't jet. Pokes. At you like your message out. Ever slept for four where do I rely. Coach Al little lower try different nozzles speeds unstable I would just simply use one of those. Don't like water relief for. Just of special birthday and he does slip and slide and you're alone.