Slacker and Steve - Worst Movies of 2017 12/7

Thursday, December 7th


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Staying on at this is where Stephen I true then we have almost no connection to society what so yeah. I am now. I had kids we will listen burn this and the worst movies of 2017 for you right when you become fun experience you just it's okay you're going to kids and Dana G movie man named I might like tonight we did tonight with the synergies they weren't go to a moon we now know where does not one of those people I know other people do that and god bless just lower your brain go the window ten worst movies of the year we'll count down from ten to wind shift and downs. Wouldn't we'll try to snorkeling comment on the lady it's hard to do when you haven't. I'll say that's number ten is the emotion movie only one right now. Remember previews so that didn't go see it I mean okay remote user domino Osama song Marguerite. But to bring them tell you what on the big screen yet to use a line from you Steve. What questions are really two schools are just don't go Matt really was that group would talk and tell me about it slice road courses were answered the first month every quarter since I rights to him OG movie. When he came out. I think. I had many of the time and it was iced it she's had like Iran like him. Breaks for some reason my clothes so they the kids needed something to do that day and there was no other kid movie out in the nanny would look at me was like. Please don't make me don't invest it got like I know pass for how. It's rare on rotten tomatoes why I had one of their worst reviews of all time I can see why illegal if it's terrible. Suburban con so our teams is that the consumer remiss of Lewis are Matt Damon and or whatever suburban content I think it is it's. I'd even little he doesn't know what is comma Conner well it's like this it's kind of a dark from what I remember is he looks in suburban car and like com Michael Douglas looks in falling down. All I need this kind of a mad man and a superb all says he's ready to go off for that kind of thing I've missed so long. It clearly didn't do well you gotta alias actor in a big budget and it didn't do well. I daddy's home to comes in and number eight dogs are seeing the previews of the first and the second that's with the kind of big to Farrell's in the there's a mark all over him. Yeah Mel Gibson was in the second wound and I asked a question right questions were answered in daddy's home line that he had a now this one disappoints me and number seven but Larry and in this city the thousand planets are enough for them it's got dad terra dish she's beautiful and it's been great actor kid and it's just super high budget scifi saying oh don't look like it was gonna be amazing. Ivan see yeah I'm waiting for it to be and that's what system for free. It looked like he was gonna be the next. Sing like date they were prepared to matrix trilogy is in quad trilogy wacko nuts for days and it just people it's tanked. Hard submitted is of forward I don't remember I don't want my gonna boob admit that yes. Nobody knew once we ties to what I think you might be due but it just it got such a bad rap malaria malaria and the mountain between us. And so we asked him I don't open about it romance are getting some money. These huge budget Tom Cruise follow remake of the mom I miss the I hate I didn't care about the first mommy and I kind of forgot about this mommy they went crazy. Tons of special facts I actually paid for and iTunes soul how owes it to you the story was these and that is it's bad OK it's all sexy as it's been tried it's Tom Cruise is looking dazzling movie turned mumbling yeah. The Rooney Mara right S Ryan Gosling movie called song to song you know this was I know as much about that is I know about the mound between us thank you. Fifty shades darker one to 2000 seventeens were movies oh that was a follow up to the fiesta darnit if they do you have. The books have there lice and suburban housewives were doing terrible things in their husbands the books were out in the were all teed up. And now the movies aren't living up to the imagination enemy some people are so into her ending him. But if you're not then you're not gonna keep seeing the sequels is let's have a sequel came out to hold the hype although it was just what is still 1 morning now. All one this is a really exciting always chose your stupid star or stick around ours is nuts are high here's one for you number two the dark tower. Now our remember the books by Stephen King I love Steven king I never read any of the dark tower those books are celebrating people love them and they put great actors in this is McConaughey acting and it's in all I know everybody thought is going to be huge and may school. It's like yeah why I think this is another one would like malaria and like fifty shades of the donor introduced second this version is the dark tower is a reason why yes yes. Why are only eighteen and his number two on the worst movies when he seventeen home and now making his second appearance. On the worst movies of Tony seventeen Marky Mark. Transformers I believe he's still he's Verizon now long Marky Mark transformers in the last night. There's so much you know I can confuse them what I see now one of announcing money rebooting humor is is seen guys I don't even know. I do exactly the wall birdied an addition on his house as wage I know it's not just trying to make my. I will so let's listen up and you can debate over on the slacker and Steve Hayes took pains.