Slacker and Steve - Worst Pain Ever 8/31

Wednesday, August 31st

Kidney stones, toothaches and broken ribs are just a few examples of things that are said to be more painful than childbirth, according to a new survey! Ladies do you agree? What is the worst pain you have ever experienced in your life?

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Staying on the you feel bad for women who lied to all of us on this whole time really know what's been going on man it. Because we deliver no leaders say it's bad taste in case team to make it I. Ready to go that far below the pain of childbirth we know. Average miracle the miracle seal Matthew chance that there are no liar you disconnected and okay mom. It's Kirk is perky and there's no doubt it hurts I've heard thing I've heard rumor and there's also. A good portion of you and distant point this out and get an epidural so that's actually what I hope to lower us about it happens early. Yeah which takes a paid away. Really know yeah well I am an error model ice looking down at her like a couple. In the anesthesiologist miners are just hold on to some I'm tapping in at 8 o'clock. Well. Obscenities and it was the same shoes like oh okay this awesome this is probably one of the best he's my life I'm gonna take a nap now. Like I could see contraction does it racetrack I think owner and you could see while it's still happening you know Mike you can't feel much. The whole thing not just me or you read this. Kids in the neighborhood the arm so there's seven things according to science. And women. Okay it's a growing women's which is it is it science or women scientific women there it is. There are more painful from Ben childbirth and here's why women consider that. Does this study was done. Using women dead and bulls. Had a child help and experienced some other type of pain you know. Now according to this. Saying. Arm like a third degree burn for example. Makes the list. Having ydstie in grass I mean I never caught on some pretty serious burns but if you've never seen somebody. Third degree style haven't they put their delight sloth off the stand and most of it because scrub the scab off. Jeff Hurd yes no I've never had a horrifying. Her it's way more than given birth and right now that's like number satin gaffe on the list or looking for from you guys we want you tell us what was the worst pain ever so you never had and we're gonna put it on our our charts Pope came here. Where my childbirth right now is like number forty is too I mean we there yet still address at seven and anti war movement are way up. I tried gem and all tried general overall job. Apparently it's some. I nerd inside your head gets inflamed minutes is having pain. Got a headache so that's out of those migraines has been extremely rare and if you had a if you you think you wanna kill yourself Maria I don't have that I'm number fives. Doubt. I've never had you always dig out I don't always always joke and not 87. Arnold with fast I'm not a seven year old man who com is the ruler of an aristocracy. But I am a person who had way too early an age. I doubt there was a strumming a what do you without. It's from I too much Urich acid in your kidneys and also pretty soon is one other problem I know it's usually called teams so because you get it from. Living decadent life. On and it's not heed the U said he was from boos could be partially from booze for like red meat and stuff so it's a time where I was in a band we were drinking a time. And we lived close to any all you can eat buffet that had primary bonnet are idle literally had primary bread like I don't know six nights a week. And then I thought I broke my toe it's one of the most painful things I've ever been through osu that's what Joseph does it feels like you broke. Sect say Zach acid builds up and what are your joints most typically in your big towel and I'd like. Because I was drinking a lot. I thought I could tell when I didn't remember if you it's I go in an extra night. Humbling to improve certain would you Kringle aren't moderate meet with success. It could affect the entirely you have doubt you're just so what is he goes away Arizona yes it is drug did kind of lowers your your Cassidy nearby bombing I've never had that one. You please know what is. Steve it's when you pick up a pencil and you have doubt. Somehow jars your toe on it to done everything hurts it feels like the world really walks by you too aggressively and make sure tomorrow doubt easily to a horrifying that I don't want and that's also how. So watermelon through my birthing canal before all of doubt again okay yeah we I don't have a birthday with respect to our broken ribs still iced it that migraine. Let's see I don't get headaches and you'll see you've had migrated couple it's the truth where he was talking about we get spots in light and tunnels of vision you know. That's not good wow how battery free of mean they started when I first started getting them they were really bad but now they're not as bad like they're not as debilitating I think is as a lot of other people's but they are painful I mean it hurts. Boone did for me it's uncomfortable. In a just can't be around light. But it's not yet okay that's. I don't get pain pain my dignity and minds I got a hangover headache almost you know like that can't just can't move type a headache you know get those in either way it's worse in child birth weight worst night number. Three broken ribs. Never has that's part of a broken revenues there's literally nothing they can get to a coach you break ribs were an athlete should did you do your the bad you ribs earlier in the day under. I was it not in stand bands like in the mix in rock band follow you jump around and yes I know that I broke I think dyed blue I fractured in the morning did you read my kids jumped on the tests. And literally you can do. Is like rapidly to a Spanish drank and it hurts all the time or whatever but there's nothing worse in the world he doing your pet have memo means for stepped outside you like. Only anonymous knees then imagine knowing it's a familiar sneezes going to launch its to a spasm and though it is this steer it all together at once watching the worst hormone because you chinook hole. Hope hope hope quite haul could know you're sneezing no external hard slow. That was site itself have to wait delete healers none you mean nothing you can do I never had their payment is worse than I think we finally found in the you have had to take care. Yes I've had that. You're not T tell your had all the time. Why can't get via a skydiver. Brighter feel like we're fourth season on the home right inside your head. Until well until golfer doesn't do and it's been on Thursday five million you're right. We've all had that that's bad it's bad and a lot of women that have you remember a lot of mom. Say that tooth aches worsening giving. Number one. Kidney stones I'm here to tell you I haven't had those who you meant many times yes. Because in the same thing from the get out. And I I it's like I even went to an ER this last time. And they look you let your guy who shot and painkillers like if the moment you're faking it and senior notes. They finally stopped me in the butt with some then. That south to the pain for a little bit as you say it's when it travels where you can always just what are you doing your stuff up yet not yet nobody does not her coming out I know you think it hurts coming out of them are coming out anyway so what's in your body. Oh OK to go on from your kidney to your latter's wherever tie breaking news new you have to give amended and the I don't know if you can have a bunch about. Indonesia yet to peak too early to screen door to make it. She's a daily value and I doubt if you can't tell her not to do it all there aren't anyway she did my deal my my father's favorite does ones that are like did you aren't grain of rice and they do heard him or not so big they are they can make the top. Yeah I remember my dad got one of those and I've never seen anybody like doubled over in so much pain it's ever it's scary what's wrong with you people need to see every everything on this list. All right so we want to hear your worst thing ever and I don't think we don't when we barely have time to get all these but there was basically an exterminator who decided to go in and go. I'm not gonna Wear any figures were to like take down a beehive moron and he got stung literally. Thousands if not tens of thousands of times just about to deaths every single person around him was geared up not him the fire department even came we come they jeered out TI yeah. I cut shifts. That's going to be the worst ever I don't know feasting is like how you managed just. I've never been stolen so I don't know how they must happens. We have to do you stop check what causes. He's a really interesting feeling why it's so. So pain is into his analogy it's an interesting thing maybe I had a Justin realized you know on the first and premiums like. This. OK if I Amanda and left of the spear through his neck after a fishing accident you see the pictures and and we don't FaceBook to guide and then not. No dude was in Memphis in a trash can in the guy got impacted but over and over yankees broke a leg and he's just. Okay China town today. If you or does it go. You are so if you lived through something incredibly painful we're looking for your worst pain ever stories. Victoria with. I know I. Worst in our. I got my hand caught in an electric hand to make clear and and which grand mere you know. They went with me. You know than I was putting a wintry mix and I and I credit and it turned Arn and copy my hand. Sunnis manually your finger what happens then wouldn't. They like got quick speed and might. Turned into and which could add that makes it went on. So broke bones and they were just kind of relates I break. It shouldn't you know why terra this do what we know. I want a little bit Allen bit. While he's an ordinary guy who's then importing US 43 just after childbirth. And her alive though the. Tell my got a Riley they didn't so much faith in my hand dialing did not want either crested today. Saying Selig TNT show you Jimmy paying case anymore works for me to minister to maintain to include new miniseries a whisk old who can you get out big surfer can't play well I think it's quicker. What do you do what. Still wins doesn't dignified C. I'm asking things. Only god you're hurting me Dario it's so yeah no did I I I don't wanna ruin anybody else's call later on that night. That rank terrorism nightmare for me anything if you ever but if there's a clog edge in their in in. Garbage disposal. I won't. I've only touchdown on just feel I don't buy and how awesome man unlike so many people don't think you just are usually around to pull it out and it's still got some spare money can ask you you're gonna be worst pain. Ever tiniest. Yeah guy worsening. We're trying to ion couple years ago I H. Well and I climbed a mountain and I wouldn't trade deadline Dotson and dish you know I have to reach it so childbirth look Monica problem. As I got a higher speed altitude altitude. Yes what was my worst you've ever. What does that really I have to what happens when it. You get a regular pounding headache like not so busy and can't see. Like the way they act like little under collapsed and they couldn't believe. I'm just there. And you do better just did you just go back down you get better. Oh yeah you're right yeah. There is I have like. Maybe five admiral let me you don't have much with each month on my water we're not like people like coming ground meat to help me thank. Maybe I guess. It's a reverse bad news that's exactly what I was you're having the bench is your body is not. Right adjusting to the pressurization or whatever so your breakthrough that goes up on everything you know breaks through that sickness are gonna take that might not some labels bodies just don't rely on our way. Okay and that's why don't climb mountains. That's why has nothing to believe you have to believe they notice the arm what's plural words sedentary near zero instead. Yeah. Pay you dined at me. Yeah yeah I worst pain and Barack. Also unlike say it's a what does that what went shingles is a grown up chicken pox do you is what I think it is right isn't it kind of what is like snake bitten. It's similar it's like nerves just like it. You carried in your nerves. Sat it on my exchange I had it in my notes they went into my year it went down my throat wants it all over the right side of my shapes. These are some you can put on it to makes him feel better you just got to deal with it. You kind of have to deal with that they ended up giving me. I had a convulsions. Can help with the nurse came and I was taken about Kemper cassette ever sort out our walls or how long have. Well I chatted about a year and a half ago and still today. I get really stressed out albeit break out I actually have a break out going on right now I'm on the corner of my nose a little but any time there was a junior heritage as you age it's just it's terrible. Whole reason it always on your servicer if shingles can be other parts your body it's always your finessing people ocean doesn't commodity. It can be anywhere I had a three kind. I am on three separate areas and have it on my back a patent on on my side and I kept on my shape. And there's no cure where there's no way to get rid of its once and for all. You know touch someone really getting stuff so. It's not not typically no gas and say there's been walking slowly away from the microphone because somehow. Oh you're transmitting user your voices should personally be there is headphones are now on a couple of minutes ago with the continuing here. Not only not only does it just looked terrible but it really does any time your heritage as your face her. Even for myself and touch you on your change its. Are you married. I am follow CME UT CHS RR and god I was totally you know run anywhere. 5 o'clock shadow and Welker that's red MySpace. Now allows him being in a hurry are sold out at the okay thanks you're human and colleagues I expressed in the rules keep your singles and she asks parents to Ellen's. You were seen ever. When I was seven years old I was. I was stunned by it gently says. He owed on the box still exist until you. By Shelley session but it debt discontinued ops. Did you know right away when it happened now. Right there and just only gambling just are you hit the tentacles or something you swimming. I I know I would like you gotta teach us like does electrical shock just went all the way up my leg. Screamed about it trying to scream the wave coming and it lasted Chile official played so they'll. Actually seen the jelly finished. Well Michael legs swell up the next day we pretty much figured out that's been a lot. It does anybody do this thank. You mean do now. Oh you're supposed to appeal to those Dionte. Is that true it's I've heard I've also heard other people go it's naive but you have to tip your own view to be someone else's I think it might have to be someone else is Peabody could be tried I think what's the difference what can it be my own view is it's he's got that poison coursing three year old Heath. The president hasn't gotten to your. Oh my god Steve's knowledge of the human body. Especially if it hits her leg and blood tests earlier blow her up through your tricky do you but no yeah I think you could probably pee on your own I think so protest against women that might be harder than it is for men oh boy. Lot of your foot wouldn't be already. You got to create like a trend should. Should send us your so I. Who doesn't as if you feed on your own Delhi attention we're doing a YouTube video contest. Here's sponsored these sound sponsors of our show just play running away for miraculous case. Did you call tonight Ellen yeah you're right no make the big jelly fish. Irks me that I guess the little ones are the ones I can just sneak I don't know that they are necessarily more they just kill you does the venomous Dana box jelly fish are not that they're they're like gimmick to dine dude they're tiny PC it's not so that's fair it's not think you have to eat pizza and Al. I'll talk to the big guys say they don't really done it was very dark of the least and that's why they have so much because they're so small how many predators and her I Sean. Yet but yeah I he's restrain her. Well we didn't keep this G rated don't win having relations with a loved one when I'm done or sinister if so what someone shot and expect serve my head. The back at what is now that's an actual saying yes yeah right that's called a course post acquittal headaches Judy every time. Every every time shoe on the only or even it's like gone a long time you get. It goes critically acclaimed circus think about it mr. or mr. Padilla pressure go up at this comment I never heard this I've heard of it either but it's. It's out there ministry that there are at a medication you can take which got to find the right amount whatnot but it's this score or. You can enjoy eat any part is knowing that even if you're having the greatest time ever you know he's done it's gonna sock. Helio when you feel it coming on your like oh boy ever got that are just quit. And I've never could have money you have a sense of humor and down in my hand and women's tennis since he. Well it's got to let you know my daughter screen it's produced about a it is kind of a deterrent once it now in. Let's they just try to work around but it's it's pretty bad. Although we like it whenever I need to be honest eat that I never heard of anything in the wheel house of value to that's you know that's like all sizes all the worst one so Kershaw takes stones on the net daily before is okay they're here how much guarantees us to know that I couldn't relate without pain notes of horror while. David Acosta on its only John Deere and the psychological pain that you know I don't know like some hot girl comes up as a clean nearly. And saw it's. Just had a Sarah. Yes yes. Rusty never let me on hand and policy also fewer. You've done most you've done the baby ends so I had been written and a baby and a kidney stone. And aligned it. Not I'm not trying to see what tough guy but my last one I didn't go to the hospital because he once you the source and you get a it's the pain and the psychology did you think you're dying deserve it's it's like somebody took. A red hot samurai sword she should see your back to your like well that shouldn't be happening over the but now it happens at least you know what it is but it's still yeah oath where you wrinkle those numbers kidney stone and broken ribs. And yet well and broken collarbone ends. But bone market that's what was worse than what you rank. Kidney stone in the end after it we don't know he understands down there is just needed to widen things out for it. Please let me out of it felt they had a blow it up but it put an end to what one does not great data is now. Let's not talk about tackle Chester Simpson and yeah I think we yours. OK I had and hairline fracture may have done exactly know how it happens I'd trap went to the emergency and they it and hammer right. And meet Bob I actually broke off I was in the emirate. Jason is the men and yet just children united in my subpoena ever only a broken bulbs and I have. Holy each yeah I he'll hit the Arab I had replaced that you had as surgery after the cash. Says do not feel I think speaking Sergio we never even got to doors and it would no word though they're ODID. Like to sink because that's part of it to be something to be doing. Didn't tacitly that's easy to that is I think it is Catherine had to go up through the out TS UCL door yeah just one outdoor although it's because they could Howell. Yeah that's that is it actual gainers it psychological cleaner combination Datsyuk was Lisa just as you units of course could you like to. According. Yeah I don't watch it. And I. Well sure there doing it broke out. Pumped yeah if he still wanted to tell us your worst pain ever make moms giving birth steel bad you know and gal death I dislike currencies FaceBook page.