Slacker and Steve - Worst Taste in the World 10/24

Tuesday, October 24th


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Steve. Tell lives and dies. Oh I got nothing on that Yahoo! what does that. That is Ilya buddhism into some kind of endive and guys. Demorrio mirrors an actual mining is I think his name of the vegetables were no longer resonate well I should if I can give it to vegetable it makes sense why you would know there's I don't know I eat vegetables what did enough to leafy vegetable pedal looks like Gladys. But not look like hail hail. Better like tail but more or dark green enough. Now what color it's it's like lettuce green always look roaming to oil oil McEnroe a remainder and I'm on board. A couple of Gizmodo I hope what are what are they know about sue me now is not detect drug is and it wound its. They got experts together on taste senses psychology and neuroscience. To figure out the worst tasting thing you can put in your mouth nice bomb. Most of the things on this list are not things we can with whom you can't even say on the air really number eight. Oh yeah who's ever put that their mouse I'm no. I wonder and whom. There's no way I can even clean that up it's a dog's. Some poor dog boy needs the right now welcome you into. Why would you put its bid whereas some weird people out there that glanced so this we're talking about right now and were those drugs were in recent on this list and you can chime in if you if you want to. What is the worst. Taste. In the world they have played in number one and then again they don't have a clear winner but they have sheep brains are supposed to like dog Marines are. We'll see how marine eyes feel it I feel like maybe there's a culture that each sheet greens and there's not a oh you don't sand gotcha yeah but ID your point is well taken Oka I feel like your brain is a brain that kind of gray and any other kids who would taste is nasty in your but she brings a pair but if you defense Brian's. CG defense tries to nice and not a greedy. Or. C gnome but some biscuits will that are so I would. I don't know when the sop up the birds will. Walrus sadness and buried underground for months to ferment. And the last and assure a little of that specifically got a better Berry's food and native it like I I would say it's probably not as bad as. Perry sat. There's iron faced or number three on this list I have to disagree with whole heartedly Brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts prepared properly or one of the best tasting things up where you steam on the Blanchard. To come back in the open with enough butter so a good man. And that's how does die fast. And just crap ton of baked good made yeah I'm not or taller than they just become this like. Millstein cabbage butter based in things accumulate any yet been so you're basically it's this way you make lobster taste good. Yeah but the way things look launcher if you say it's a process armor on you know it's boiled plus those who treat them lobster. Tonight as anybody tried veggie night most so sincere lynch president but you might see whose resume. What is it. The extent of your knowledge stops at men network V cast song I. Entire library kept in my either catalog is light up if it's not I don't see it's like Tina but does not like peanut butter but it's is it's a spread new Chela. In Australia Boca and it's night it's a vegetable. Veggie might I don't there might mean need to an owner back onboard nobody it's it looks like such potted meat sort of I controllers terrible blow to give you might actually liked it but I that makes I'd love somebody from us you listening from Australia can tell us no individual might. He's as bad as it's it's made from leftover brewer's yeast. And moaning and aimed at trimming its like blacks in the caddie here looks like caviar a little bit but it's not. So when I wouldn't keep going with this list but let's go let's go down through us. What's the worst tasting thing in the world little dig minus. Not a food OK so. So in your back to dogs but Blagojevich is what it was soaked with what I am I slept with my contacts it and I scratched my cornea really bad and so I had to go into the doctor's office and to see where you scratch your cornea. Put these drops it here. And that is soon and it goes. Worst tasting chemical nastiness that's ever had your entire life I go we leave it. It here I think he means it doesn't even get on your tongue it's in the back of your yeah. I'm still taste and it doesn't go away and I guarantee you one right there I don't think we're gonna get a worst case I think that dom glands is now second so that. There is a really cool side blatant benefit to this stuff. Is that what the reason they're putting your eyes because it pulls up in the scratch in your eye and then they can see where the scratches by holding a black idol Britney glows so they see the lick on rolling your eyes. Well also when I did it I was sitting there in the room was completely dark and they had all the black lights on. And the doctor was like are you doing OK and I was like this tastes terrible I'm really sorry I have to spit and she's like no problem this week as break there and so I leaned over and I spit into the sink. And years it glows like right. Nine days off some doubting his cool like the taste that. But I kind of want to do gravely. Hello again. And gotten them but it's. And Tom consumer Jerry's. Salary I remember John W and I wanna do mine now I know Iowa where the food and I had askew was three McClure read sushi. I don't you guys or guys you will see guys like to mix up that green just pleased with the liquid plus side these actions so he's back. Accept tricks that little boy don't you ever have relations with a woman Weis easy. You're doing your local culture is like god sort it all plays the greens the browns are stuck to act stimulus means a. I can't just. Leave. Considered. That I was sorry I don't look for somebody tried it it was still slip away from a taste buds and this noxious fumes is 10 my you know I'm like hello how can you guys what's important of that because it gives you a little blast when you eat sushi why can't I just either regular I don't wanna mind sushi to blast. Asked this year due to even separate would just didn't keep the most I'll be away from your callous. You roll the best. So are the ultimate insult for slackers who accuse of being at the level of us out of four year old. Stand by what we can talk to some aussies over here I Sierra is a nice guy you want them to the ground my stuff. Did you maintain your what is it tastes like. And dean. If you want uneasiness and he's neck and she's dead there's like there's a Saturday night and had a couple glass is why we're looking each other what to reduce who smokes me. Do you still yeah. Like a salty being that you could come bread and you have a it would a couple of neat that you have to have a. People didn't. It's an insult to east and it's going to be the end so I may give you it's just approved on their sin and I mean does not do it yeah. Chocolates on them because I think that I wouldn't lead mascara we'll see you soon which with a spoon. I'm not saying it would stay with like it's not like Mattel it's like get it but it'd be amazing if I can make it well you. You guys who wouldn't love it. I would I would try this if you would just talk a little time I no assets is also now you talk. I'd subpoena the veggie. That's going to be our party slugger NCE two beds at night. And just have a hot Australian people aren't that hard to get your man or woman the message is a Marlins are off. Sarah. Yeah I think what's your touring Europe beds in my two. I am not that they can't think any any air from Australia. And there that's that led ninety images whenever I make that image I feel like that's gonna. This smell of the stuff itself is awful right it's eat it and got a okay what is his ever doing if I did. It seem. You what Sarah it's weird that he's working around Australians inserted to go to next and this. Yup you're just here to journal. The so if you tried a little bit now. That can't keep trying to make me eat it I've tried it Moore and every time I believe there. I have beds in the good name is done I know it's just. Here's Steve just insulting a whole culture critique Steve looking wrote it's. And the more you could put the show so you can I never get scared when your subsequent. I'm serious just don't you can Europe and the international relations are now it's okay you're just a guy owed it to affect the race still. Guy what's bad in your mouth. When it's good that we. Are all. Yeah he's arrogant insular. Not tasks and I was able. All hot and it's 530 what are what are you court and on I don't know and life alone. Castro when you're a kid that's witness in which you took the job that's why you don't. I drink it when I was pregnant with my friend child in different labor. Always slide it's maybe slides out quicker. All caps look. Let me get this amount of no go no us. Then Steve that's about everything is apparently right now.