Slacker and Steve - Worst Wedding 10/10

Tuesday, October 10th


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And disclaimer. We are stealing from read it again yeah. Owners until they don't read that was blown up did today there was night. Worst thing you've ever seen at a wedding you have is awesome pretty cool the wedding itself is the worst thing you see you guys I avoid what is religiously every now and then the last one went to attend it was. Twelve years ago. Eleven years ago to truly weird I know who wouldn't forever you you haven't yet I'm trying to figure out oh wait we gave away a wedding. On the future forever allows only forever ago. I just you reach a certain age well here's the thing. Thank all my friends who have gotten divorced. Remarried when justice of the peace and they don't have the big pageant didn't need to do the big thing yeah so I can do just. Seems like my parents for to a lot of weddings when I was young. Now I don't go and I don't go to or might not invite I know your wife was hot so she always got invited to be in the party everywhere every bride wants I was the first wife serious yeah. Christopher I thought I was bow huh. They both GAAP. But if mom. It's weird to. So no visual we're looking for it there's a few people read a few of these I'm. Once Redick who don't know what's the worst thing you ever saw was the worst wedding to ever witnessed let. And is there was. On the team we went to a wedding. And nobody knew the decision on the bright side. Or the groom aside Lanka's bridegroom cousins as the seed and sustenance or who want to touch it they're cousins. So besides Brazil no more real well I know numeral well good guns. So slew of how do you know where to who sadly idled between protestors like to rewrite it. You don't walk over the seek to. Put. I see you that's a wedding ring quiet over the pews to catch us but she's got us all along her way into our own. I got arrested at his wedding reception he was charged with assault sought class surroundings and remember world in a restaurant they were approached by the staff because they didn't drink you know Cole who knows not sold by the facility everybody does all what what what are you bringing your flashed some stuff. We don't provide the provide those are cash was a free bar lol well I mean you don't sort of bring you the we think it's free which is freed assuming somebody's changed or is just three you know he wants all I care usually get into the grooms probably got a flask or whatever and that the staff busted did you you better groomed did you have a slash attached to your size of word you were just pulling. Steve's a little harder ask my little girl. Starts you've covered your coach for over a two. Wearing it talks there's a popped it right here so my. It's what I did shoot and to. YouTube's though that was due. To make sure it is good though lady who's in all of the on the big Tim Burton movies and she's in the Lone Ranger and ship them all. A shotgun and Jeff has said so easily in this version of its kind. You don't call with a slap a wedding with a flask on my surrounding shotgun legs. It just just your thoughts of the you know management poses in her meetings all the time and I got really started to entitled some you you you knew. You start this thing you know what you gonna talk about and then moments later. I don't remember all afternoon the plot of the Lone Ranger dome. And suckers got one leg up on the board no one can see it did you see your name deep on. Think I. It's your flats that sums up that break OK so wait you say you're. With a class yes she hasn't gotten up to the altar yet they're dead what are. We're just turn your back to traffic pulls sort of keeps to open up I guess I'll. You didn't ready so much like a long time ago when I was in a wedding I was like best manner whatever my arm. The groom when he handed out our you know we're trying to sweep wouldn't do oh you mean there's it's it's always a money clip moon I got a money clip. Plus with both of my initials on it. All it was like right. And I'm looking at a guy on. MT all gay all horrible. Moment forward and we went all that I had mounted at the at bat but at the which is alive and well with I'd I'd sort of things remembered me and I'd buy just a flash just. Any in lieu of the money clip ice still classed up with their favorite could do no doubt our will it would be Washington apples. Do you have a garner does it feels pretty. Yes I would which are a little garter swing. With its management is trying to do in the though they're trying to do for him to go to audio or chemical that you're so anyway these were drinking and actually your wedding worst wedding. These guys were drinking and alcohol wasn't sold at a facility. So they approached him in the attorney knew when they turn into a brawl in the groom got. Rest. Oh no he says he'd beat column consummated that day would you know with the bride. I don't know and blue and it's hot topic it's my dad's name them. Choice and right and what your record every other I think how in the world. Yeah juror are smaller moon with I now. Yeah violate any of you keeping score on this. If you know Steve's first name which some of you do know now you know his middle man Bono put those Judy you know the doctor or just keep seeing them over and over and asked why he got an original even Girardi a new that's about it. Our there's another wedding what are the ISO one wedding guest. Eight the next week. Before they cut the cake hole. From the inside. She couldn't walk so little exchange seats fund it takes with all want to Wear the key to stop the use all right take mosque wherever where it's like. Hard to tell our strong all our shot got started out so this guy was shot for whatever and he body. Like tipped to take over. And they keep the inside an OK Jack could soon go into this place you wouldn't really Tamil. I'll look like they don't ask don't win Brian it. The success of bridegroom come up and they just like friendly and got a good bounce off that's. I don't think that's the worst wedding and you are letting that happen at a price that's sure everybody here. Tasks on the back is mark petty is really good but we did you go you'll ever won in my weddings. Who would. Literally said my ex wife's name on your I was called runs the city yet but her name was and it's all with what do you. To his wonder if I grow Porsche so this year Finley can only doing war one can dig coal seam tighter time. And this is a reference for only those of a certain age be Rip Torn look in tool who was our position. He had huge like. Moustache that was legs curled in our lunch I want to it is surely did you expect he was like do. Michael. All day old cities slash anyway do you Mickey and oh yeah. Off a miracle to tiny Calder the wrong ball. I'm Julie through customs and managed blues marriage you know I saw it and it did mail us at nine months long haul do generally supports famers Mickey and and there. A patio paint a notary tonight the anger and the initial. What a pain in the so who aren't so good. Horrible wedding and we got more examples of ready we'd rather hear him first came from you worst wedding stories is what we want I had another thing. Hey guys worst weather whomever whatever neo. Hollywood contract is so I have three kids and a lot of right front that we have kids are going to body but can't stop. And we grant you this but even they permit a pretrial her. Everybody is hip yeah super excited and you saw what happened here that's you do room froehlich particular beliefs what teach it and that's how you're never showed up. Apparently. Didn't come into my sister Margaret cook and since you don't wait here for a little bit and that people kept bringing up their kids cash and we. Ended up doing the title of. You're okay. Non. You don't need it. Doctor. Yeah he's rude I. 040. Videotaping Hewitt and Carter eighty. I'm home. Guys get all. That's a brilliant scheme I'm good job that if you give people who you know have like three kids they're not not only Malone it's either you let him go lured the guy is Cyril children you know or some adults got a no no you guys to Asante generous. Would it. All we actually had a couple nights in there in the center of the room call Hunger Games often had a slogan if they keep because there. I'd buy continue to watch that I I'm just gonna say is you know how much I I've seen. People pay for a bad day care is expensive biggest what you pay at home to Tino is now what do you can't. You gotta multiply that doesn't go up her kid but if this person in charge of watching twenty children alone you don't want a hundred dollars an hour. And so we gotta gotta agree or not that's Jay lives. And I were sweating ever. On the entire wedding where the air by the most notable part about it was in the the wedding started like any M on Sunday it would where they're able to submit their bulk cash and when the bride locked in an. NG how many people didn't show a wedding (%expletive) would hit the entire island and didn't end it like. Didn't they get their grit in and they didn't do anything else like bailout. The Freddie even eat because she would they'll add. The next day she got about eight and then about everybody is so terrible they iron. All us. The uncomfortable a lot of. Your gift as your last election. It was from the floor showing him doing. Food I. I would know that's accessories a snow day see you Lisa. Got us. Hey we're sweating. It out well my first wedding when I was told to get married my ex husband how he wouldn't okay. And it will all laid out to Georgia where you get married and he had everything ready to make out there there was nothing bad there was no wedding. Sure don't stick to hold on let me make some call secret. If you do it'll take its. Iraq could look really cool way Elliott. Well yeah actually you might imagine them wedding now marriage lasted almost as long as the winning home Lisa. Yeah not technically pioneers. You know they can call knows you don't know I knew you can committee. Yeah. You were slated. Well so would my wedding that kind of a comedy bears the holy spirit but basically the worst thing capital I extra mile from Georgia came from an apparently it's not actually that. She can't sell arms to my whole my husband's multi hit it. Legally humanity before a lockdown I don't like spot where life brought up all it publishes. Its. And Dow and how is it easy so they sort of struggled through the entire hour. Yeah but jab had the best part about it with my husband got it are running throughout the. Oh yeah. A little bit I don't know.