Slacker and Steve - Wouldn’t Believe Me If I Told Ya 12/6

Wednesday, December 6th


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Staying on the he started talking about things that will blow our mind to do it's can we blow your mind on a daily basis who by the fact that we're still employed here father's it's it's one of them it's one of life's mysteries we want your stories. We are toll would only need for tools wouldn't believe me if I told John here's how you know you've been successful with a wouldn't believe me if I told the store and Stephen does this involuntary reaction. And if it's if it's kind of mind blowing he can't help but to say no weren't fast at the end higher pitched against the war. And it if you hear this. Yeah only dogs heard that the that was studies fields of super impressed. By your. Your time Wimbley differentials are so let me ask you this when if you think this is incredible Oka I think it's incredible. And we'll be counting me there and the like dogs here and how intentionally saying my dogs learn the good with her I don't really get why it's a good. So it's for a jury to hear it do its name is Daniel pulse souls he works as a paramedic in Upper Marlboro Maryland ranks near DC. He's been a firefighter to like twenty years NE NT for ten. Tattoo on that we responded to a call about a woman who's going into labor. He ended up delivering her baby. In the back many in the home so far not that incredible right now. The mom and baby are doing fine on later that day local news reporter was inner interviewing about it interviewing him about it. By his parents showed up in the middle. Of the whole thing with Jake because okay he delivered this baby. On his birthday. Also his parents brought a cake to him. While he's been interviewed by us so it's kind of incredible that he deliberately leave on his on his birthday. No no way from there a fire with let's go let's go once a further mothers and we can get into the no way to let us. They toxin reporter about the day Daniel was born and it turns out. He was born in the back to an end yeah no way that's that's a wouldn't believe me if I told him well Larry I know my sense of. I'll do it born about an ambulance goes on to become a paramedic. Joseph liver diesel that delivers a baby in the back of the ambulance he was born in was the same ambulance that he was yes. That can service it was a model t.'s student talked to. Every you know Dennis cook with the team and I didn't pick a combat we ask you know what maybe not the same end. We caught I would say the odds solid on high pitched no way do we see yeah. A member of now you know what no word that's not too bad that 42 years later to the day wow delivered a baby in an ambulance and she was born in and asks I'll tell his parents still show opened his job numbering and cake it's the truth I don't think they would have shown enough. All there is a heads up about the reporter and I think there are like fathers like. All I've got an easier time. Tall. Sorry that's no longer run newspaper of. I really love. We don't tell a story about the annual. I took it. Actually that's a straight sets to. Izzo wouldn't believe me if I told you that now here's what happens inevitably whenever we give you a story is an example of wouldn't believe me if I told yet. Every single call right now you go oh my only four I was born. Boom it's not just about that it's a what do you believe me if I totally Andes and eat it we don't really want more about birth we want to once you won that always ice and we got to the stories here will always blows my mind. Dude. It was a woman bought. In an antique store like a mass book you ask sitting on her coffee table and heard dead. Come flooding goes pot why you are my math book the odds of her. Barring the exact same curriculum. Her dad's studied under. Ten billion to one but she did she ask book that I heard this same. Tight brand of math book that her dad studied under is a wouldn't believe me if I told disturbed he's like. You don't understand. That's my Mascoll I can tell by the way it's Ward Just and his daughter goes won't approve how do you know what is its we've -- open and he's had his name also written business yeah now the margins to tell you what's on every page this month that is she went on a national dish he had elected asks are these some NASCAR he had to be over at her house to walk by that's he able to see it sit there at that time it's unbelievable odds. Now every call as a solo. Here's another way. This one's about a woman. In California who lost her dark. Couldn't underdog. For a very very long time. And she was watching TV and there was a police chase. On on TV. I during the police chase a dog who shot when cops fired at the man accused of trying to run them over install a man they of the incident showed a white pit bull with a distinctive brown spot being carried away. Ha by a cop. The woman's watching video known. That's mine don't did you shop I don't think that's the dog had been missing forever she had fliers up everywhere are known to find the dog. The police shot or god not fatally right she had to be watching this at that time what if you it's if you story that has. What are the odds in it there are the odds of her watching TV on the date and her dog being there and don't think the stars aligning its. Now that is a she pseudo. Police department since California now has no police tennis. How did I expect to be okay and shall Dana bash after fourteen game winning no way that's a lower that's for next it. That's good so you've got a story that will blow our minds and get Steve to save those magical word. You could be our best wouldn't believe you if I told just stories Krista is up first Christa. Yeah I just wouldn't believe me if I dozer what's your story. Can and try to get it shortened version that list to sew up my aunt Diane nation guy today. Elected to create diabetic alert dog programmer retrain or rockets and that the dog was bred that come in Ukraine and we got the dogs from the program. A week later. I work at a veterinary clinic. And eight Doggett cab and then a bit bit these people have purses from the reader actually in Ukraine. And that you got your brother or. Yeah I'll it's half past couple sued dogs some unknown how. I'm Kris I mean it doesn't wanna say these states impossible seeing city beyond impossible at. That's where the little guys saying are you know. Mentally do you joy genetically test and I know for sure that there. That they are brother and sister. Now we have to hire paperwork. And so yeah dead now would. The ice water in the half you saw them play the other I did O. They have to get vaccinated first and Napoli who. Give it more it's impossible to offer myself I need true puppy mills one town over right end. Yeah this is true you currently unit that's night. I'll while Chris that is a no war that in no way then you've really gone on melody. How you wouldn't believe me if I don't just. I went to the grocery store and arm I came I can't remember it. I'm so that he is there sort of current assets and the guy there term that I could nationality. I look at the men mother's name on the screen in the back of me. A couple of times amendment use you know your parents got Catholic yes and he told me that he videotaped my first. All that wall I don't know hundreds they now want us I was cutting heads up if you keep hidden camera footage. I ran the site columns hidden delivery rooms could pick you do what's wants. Apparently he went to my parents' church and ask them about it later in which is really offered at the time. Time because I didn't tell him at all I never met him before I'm so it's. Instead he's not mean they did when I was zero it heats and then fill blueprint. Think that the ripping that they complain perhaps my parents about it they asked me you know what his name on his name Taiwan's and they confirmed that there like yep you're with somebody who would try church he. Had a video camera. And it's clearly stocked with them enough I hear it's parents' names and I'm sorry it. I wouldn't sell my own Weisberg to run and I definitely wouldn't of allowed aid best boy and she's charisma in there still like to give all up dinner juncture you from a church or not do for. It is right I'm sure your motives were completely above reproach. So but it while Melanie nude but is he that is in no way things usually golf I don't know was that. You can. Send an old Bristol and fitness the top of your head. Yeah it's you hope but that's you're out yeah he could think of it but don't push your head there is a blood golf and good pitches three. Design your quick Korea and I don't I took it to a creepy place deny well my apologies to the yes you wouldn't believe me if I told Jeff Juan Antonio. OK I grew up in another state rank high on eighties dated and sky for a little while haven't talked in price in 1989 where he lived out here it well try to talk to come to find out all my daughter's got asked. At a vacation Bible school the babies get these grandchildren under one minute and a dark. Finding out it is is it. Okay way to stack. You know no FaceBook on ten you contact. You weren't you weren't stopping him and putting your daughter in position to be the catalyst. It's not bring you and I see your high school sweetheart fifty beats him completely Q is that it's a chance none of it was. Don't not at it like it was ridiculous like it was the grandmother and the kids came home were telling me about all their kids they meet up or don't like. Wait a minute what was their last name and they told me you know like no way. I do now. Well it's grand kids Powell did our. Rekindled as you may sue your own you're living happily ever faster. Yeah we'd like turn. It. You don't get awkward with them since the Phillies and strain into Dubai and that's a great intends. Amber. Yeah. I wouldn't believe musicals just. I'm OK so I know look everybody a baby is videotaped stories but I have another one Dario okay. Our. When I was born my grandparents were really impressed with videotaping me. So I was in the hospital are there really need out of and measuring real mention my mom derailment they were videotaping me while about seven years later and my parents got divorced and my gotten married another woman. When I turned eighteen was putting together a video collage of me throughout my life for my graduation party. We learn how I was sitting in the kitchen and should be achievements are green ink. And she on the video footage of me there are her grandparents blocking down the hall and they stopped and looked down at you and Michael could. Wants. Is pat that's impossible to what's on the videotaped. Yeah her grandparents are on that so looking at Yahoo!. Might start on all of our grandparents they are looking at me. What makes you believe in destiny like your whole did everybody was Manson T yeah the odds are weeks you literally. Wow absolutely. And I'm afraid we gotta give you this one together. No.