Slacker and Steve - Wouldn't Believe Me 7/28

Thursday, July 28th

A mother was in disbelief when she discovered her son's heart had been donated to a family member! What are your, "you wouldn't believe me if I told you" stories?

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Steve. And you want your hormones and now it's our job. Starbucks offered you know so did Matt. It's not really the moon from behind this but we we this is. Called you wouldn't believe me if I don't it's a story that trumps everybody else's story that that it's so unbelievable that no one believes you but it's a believable. Teachers teach your best story teacher go Tuesday in it's nothing new dragged out when it's nice to go oh yeah. I and the community that I was still an article. On our. You do that you out. There and the but I also noted auditory and renders its. Order this monster solo album was no learns well. Back need to back story that I can not do it if you haven't. But ninja thought Danny just got to be like the stories of like. Unbelievable coincidence. I'm just like call only one thinking no way I can't have possibly happened this is kind of a feel good one. I'm there's a Mississippi woman who lost her 29 year old son in an accident. On. He died from an injury and she found out he was an organ donor one in his kidneys was given to the pastor and church she know anything about where all the other organs ended up. Unbeknownst to her her own husband cousin had been waiting for a heart transplant. For nearly two years ago on she'd always known her cousin was sick but that you know you know what was going on. Right after the cousin third the son died cousin ended up in the hospital people started putting two and two together that. This cousin might have gotten. The heart is at the heart it is and they had to wait a while they wait a year to definitively find out to see if it is rejected all of this late date so. Once they reached out many found out. That her son's tragic death. In adapting her cousin. Regaining like yeah G caused an organ transplant inning upping your own family right. We should try wasn't close about a cousin could she didn't realize a cousin has been sick for so long should have once thought enough food and I'm OK yeah all right it's. It's your cousin yeah how much you really know about your cousins. Yes you've got a phone call from your mom like I call my mom all the time it's nice if it takes a cousin to be pretty far. Hertz or whatever the form of rises to the level of that fair grandma find out mice. The Who rolling downhill to yes but I like you could state your right statements this. Stay in the same I mean organ transplant between Dan remembers not an incredible I hate brands are mighty just looking for the next donor on the list. Organ transplant and having it stay in your Stanley no tax powerball winning big gap netstat and doing things that's. I just I am fascinated by armed what was the other one I left all the twins. All the exact time that they do you. How timeout pro yeah they do is now. It's a look at the the double wouldn't do identical twin sisters. Gave birth on the same day. At the exact same time and they were it was their first children two of their eats 35 in each gave birth to their first child like Steve said arm. And they were born the exact same time. Music and its unique in each sister's time's up. Other separates our dog no does teach our kids. On the first surgery she's still not quite good 1:18. AM. Don't Mallory. I don't one was stunner oh western India on milk this so close and as such until. A thousand miles why what did you guys is beautiful same hospital and make us think you're right to dig Terry DE through. I know you'll believe pregnancy is a miracle but it is it's this is the medical into the there's plenty. Half your swimmers are trained to like go attack other swimmers did you know that no not all your swimmers. Tried to go pro create big battle each other in the strongest one survived a battle each other and bat because is kind of does this goes back to TDs or whatever but did your swimmers. Are meant to battle other swimmers the minority be in there. 000 god should not so bright you want me the strong survive what my swimmers to be the last of the both her husband's. Had it. A swimmer that made it all the way. You bull happened to be had to be ovulating around the same time when not much Eric everything about not living together so their cycles didn't alone I don't know who LH. All of a little pieces that had fall into place. The nimble to even be pregnant at the same time the odds like one in three years he's. That's it. Okay wait more than one in three easy to call from. Yeah. I know here's one times. We don't want to. Know a good book you would. They're duty trucks and forties apart. But sound with the men eventually meet the minimum stay on the boat there I want deeds are all right. Exactly yeah I'll tell you what our that's what I wanna do did noise six CKE. It's not what happened if you shift that's it that's an incredible no way that is so we know what happened believe it does bite so now you've got a couple of different examples one. Our organ transplant inning opinions and we no way there. Identical twins emergency in time Nowak. A woman with a stomach ache. When the doctor he removed a two inch smallest cat hair. This from the stomach no. Dare I require quicker than probably best for everybody that you don't argue. Area sat yeah boy must go and party does not happen. It was in heard. Was in her and maybe parts and now they say it's because her cats shed in the bad. How does it stood still very emotional claimed she she was complaining to your OB GY and that she had a dull pain in her stomach and then now the doctors like to be this. Yeah just pulls a two inch hairball. From her. John give it our own doctor first started it was. Feminine hygiene product. Like it she knew who lost track of tunes I think it's scary you know unlike the full line. Owned drowned or any ground but it is seems be as self rule took the clip that. He's chino says she's more for studious about cleaning sheets well thank goodness as she's dating again so let's office. I. Should for Kirk. The news hair ball itself. You know. Or check with a photographer got reunited with their camera and got thrown into it into a lake. Also you can do to wait hours or so we carry us through play good trucks are farther you motorcycles walk there's my kid awesome. It sounded like months later oh I didn't got a package from his mom that was had been nailed 26 years earlier. It was all the open the back post chief if that's so while it's nice to act. Bumped so here's my DU trying to get the idea. It's the bigger the better something each and certainty entire story it's like your your have been happy hour would you co workers they're all I don't. I didn't lined up and burn my. So laid. Back kind of story because what is your holy crap wouldn't believe me it's like Torre told his story we wanna hear it now. I'm Michelle. I wouldn't leave me canceled I don't believe. Fixed he can paint. I'm sixteen and I are gonna really back car accident I rolled my car so late boots. And you're driving current times. I Atlanta's only to act as the only person in the Carney ended up apps waiting around completely amazed it's. The only way and your diet is my good friend Haley extra car and I got a really bad accident and he diet. And he told me how to get out of my vehicle. And they catch me on May read like it's going to be okay lobes. Change you while you were submerged in the car. Yes. Well you know. Easily hit it was crazy ilk I have it has that ever happen then you know but. Atlanta is he saved my life. Arm so he was like there are next to useless in India. Now I can see him I can hear you know I commit PMI can get care and asking me so you you were in the Waterloo where you want in recent car. Instantly and all of my windows are broken out because that's where my arm. We showed it was Iraqi debate meant that it went down the hole. I wrote in the end of re entry turning us moms and pregnant and actually just instantaneous and water adult section I in the. Draw this commotion. You they're calling to him because he was with you how long was he with you for gonna get too out there. Yeah and that get me out he told me my window was broken into timeout mainland now and I aid got out of their letter written on that being in he was packing musical name. Cargo bite me Indian stop I had to get up and not to the next pass this now in the middle of nowhere. You weren't afraid because your deceased friend was with. Act AS that it we're watt. And yeah you've never heard from him again nothing that are now. He saved you you know that's. He he'd say man I totally I hear is standing up my arm eyes may you know on the back of my net. Hated thinking about it and that cute I think this. Why. That is an incredible sort of way no way in thank you for the call. Yikes Mac. EEye guys. So are you and we were told delegates they like it to go story. I don't Durham airport for a while and Ralph Greek bond up 3000 feet the initial jump off point. Well not quite old parachutes. Out so well Archie just as normal. And were were look up the news rightly public it its economy is drops like a rock and army were only unemployed shooting we're looking at a C and he's trying he's Chinese Chinese couldn't do it. So I gambit actually hit the ground it's not bragging Carolinas there who not a guy hit the ground. But we we heard it somewhere where that. I mean complete you hit the ground where we're all we're all we do know the worse meaning. All the political building the loans we don't eat. I assume it down their medics had done their passion among trying to you know did he do what they can only guess at this point. You know monetary needs. And Wall Street outside a hospital making you know I mean their doctors tell it's gonna make. Wow. He shattered both play. Draw up the bill that's articles or you know or army unit right now during this hour chunks out of planes. I would say yes after. And still went six he won the lottery right right now and Hannity and chances are you you never never knew what would you ever. Well that I was told I was taught that if this happens you should should try to land on your side. Right you have a better chance of surviving if you land on your side is that true or not. That assaults I did I was circle actually aren't a lot. A bit later after that. If you lemon citing the correct your debt and anything between god and emerged crack in neo that you need a leader of blood every thirty seconds once he's not your body when you're not. Sasha Reid land for a free fall she doesn't go. Just like well what's the. Oh nice day scenario and biggest street and returns nothing. Yeah let me get nothing than just seep underneath teacher be engaged and chatty alleged yeah if I did you know. I we're trying to do towards a bouncy castles. What. I would do. She can't. It was an arena with Matt does unbelievable writes hey you know I and that is awesome to Evan. Yeah I wouldn't really musicals. Yeah like I got extra dislike him back him up. So here it is my grandmother she should that story in 1977. Tank she was born in 19100. Shoot 77 years old. She died onto my seven. It's a little seven. Sure I don't in route 77. Box. No older building number seven and hugs and how tall are you serious this was a good luck as she did I don't really do that heavenly sign right right each. Nearly so well I can tell you this much I try my whole Lakeland wondered you know during the evening and that. And in my wife went registered might pick up and picked up some licensed which were my pick up my leg late comeback Buell 770. Or you. Movie screen her initials are TRU. You know 277 true. It's like they're doing well. My door and. Miley doesn't. I have been extremely deadly new meaning you know you'll silly silly it is only square two I don't know I know that's values are in desperate need part of blues. I know I don't know length problem. Yeah yeah yeah I wouldn't really mean dollars and. All right guys were to go back to 1990 fire. They would be on this type but I by our first brand new car yet. Worst I've ever had to bring your car a 95 Ford Explorer it's a proud what. Actually looked as far but it common models so we're turret around foresee a lot to copy debit and electronic out of the habit of saying hey look it's virtual. The potential and it looks like. The date. So here we are driving this car coast to coast in Yorkshire purchased all Florida to Alaska walk two miles lots of opportunities hey look out our truck. Finally get up to a Wisconsin. It's 2010. I would run relapsed while at the score is I commuted donated. All the Scots and donate the car fast forward five more years. Come out to Colorado or come out of this parking lot and a girl had a shortage you just run explore all hey look it's not our. Wait a minute no way. There's no way you sound your exact car. I walk over like you know what picture first garden you hand washing every now say no you know every scratch and dent you know I thought OK I know discretion and at least that's what kept you right. Hold on when we checked it Chico they're memorized. That's like our offbeat pop you opened the door. That car is mine when I'm older. No Larry you know assist chip get the Beagle K just near grip other donated got it out of Alabama. Oh my god and around the country all around north. We are doing hey wow. There. He seems city they do you are car and you are meant to be that is crazy and he's really weird dry because what are the are the most gorgeous here is a par I would say if I had to guess the odds are that I won in three rusty any. Russell an astronomical also took the whatever you thought. I heard nevermind why that's funny to god Jessica. Yeah I he wouldn't believe me but dollars and. So it hammer when I am glad. Twenty he about to turn twenty Q my mom packed away and then next year I leg and the everything is coming up. I was getting really bad that I wasn't gonna get to get my mom ever again and I don't they get. I'd gotten engaged and I would be really really that I. Wasn't gonna get her like. Blocking her true love my marriage. And the guy kind of just went like kind of going to counseling and are just learning to accept that those things are gonna happen ever again. And done. My dad called me and he can you should come over how something tree hill and went already with power and heat down again that I think would probably. That I forward. The year that she'd have to wait that my birthday that would among I'm act. After that and he did didn't know about it they'll keep pounding and up and he said the a three year old Morris letter along with it it was a I now that the crop on it so that my birthday guests and then there was a letter that basically you look like. I went for the year before when she didn't even know you're gonna Hathaway but you've got all these things that we're like relevant in my life at. Did the next time cooling. I had I approve of all that we is that you making your life ahead. I want to be happy and all we think we're like. It looked like advice that he had written for like that day. So tiger really worries. I just started crying and I got like OK I hope you're all right. So crazy but how can look like it would like he had sat down and written it not gay. I immediately calling her distance iron Muehlegg don't need you now he's. And only got her but I boulder like you didn't doubt though. It ill will act chick but yeah I led it would really really cool about like one of the most special thing that ever. That is how. Yeah I'm gonna start buying gifts for my head at least a year when he said the deal to allow any good content for you. Carol. She came aria yeah and Moscow but I have a win here are under the Linehan and when he's underground. Music at all. Do you not believe that I would have paramedic and we responded to a call that guy got hit by a car. And we rushed to the scene and the diet is backed up his worst tailored down his lower half slip up. Seen it yet even dead dead shape Mitt happened like around I don't know 1:40 in morning they'd look them up and Niemi bunker trying to save her blankly rushed to the hospital auction and that particular night tell on daylight saving time hospital try to save him. However there is big and the clock back and I don't remember it actually pronounced dead locally with the by the car. What were you OK quickly oh because events and it's. It's daylight saving time folks we picked them out we see this hospital. And they turn the clocks back so he would that they pronounced dead before he with the. Unmanned. Okay earlier than us so we got a car accident and like 140 but he was pronounced dead at like 1250. So he comes get a nauert oh yeah. Limbo it's the photo. Then the mostly it's. I. And explain. 89 and I'm like renowned editorial written by the car while the. What I wanted out of that story so badly was you don't agree on the menu and Morocco finally. I got the feeling now he's now. Not there wasn't good and those who knows what I want to Kim and me. I would really means a palette and C group that child would not last and that after on odds are that. Mean you know my mother mrs. abscess and and I need so you look a lot like her un dead are hurt her. Husband dead. When I use your age now like so at night. That they keep her most interesting about a lot so. The side and on spot in my dad I'm not story and I'm like yes ladies settle ball like her a bit at my age. My dad like ball both the name nobody well I think at this. Like Indy that's my eight biological mother's name. Where where watch Joseph you'll wish you okay you still and all upon. Your bio grandma Sina capella. And it's a respect that I partly. Osman. Well the champion you even sent that is on the I don't believe.