Slacker and Steve - Wrong Baby 6/20

Wednesday, June 20th


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Staying on the day. You'll see the story about the baby thing you gave the wrong baby I so we live in a world where that. Just can't you see was all the technology. And all the tracking in this and that you're bright but it still does Ivan had a baby in. Eight years when maybe go yeah yeah so even eight years ago they put a British stand on my wife. That had some sort of RS idea meeting weirdness in the place one on the baby and like they had to make you. Daniel. Had to go guests are nice but for some reason a hospital in. Virginia West Virginia tomorrow exact the ball I guess they have if there's still a step the it's armed. They gave the wrong baby to somebody for nearly two hours yet they reload and they have prize seed and is it me or open so this is. And yes keep it is where clean and just really interest back it's very personal because as a mom breast feeding at that time unless she is a mom who doesn't yet. Couple have their son Dawson on June 12 the Jackman in the nursery to get the baby. On dawson's Carty in the basket said though their last name Perry on the card but nothing else was filled out yeah. He noticed that the room number was different on the car in question and Hearst she said it was fine that's your baby taken in gold's ultimate attention and it. Game and that's the truth but the but the but the the guess its goal of your gravy sauce say yes but I H. They are hearing this of having a baby and everything they could gave us a different date maybe no much is my wife had a C section so she was drugged up. I I want you you passed out. I didn't ask both you guys purchased outside a club maybe grab some Oxley islamists and no split like I I I. Couple weeks and I absolutely could pick my baby out of a line OK let's smashed face baby. Like when they just are born height ninety Canadian meaning maybe doesn't look like they all of the same sort yes just to smash faced baby allows you would have been happy with that three by the guy I don't think I would've known especially for the last name was right on the cards likes. This is lakers' may be. Well apparently turns out there is to people who had babies with the last name Perry uses the same hospital. This so you only like you said they fed it they love Garnett they took. Pictures with the baby for two hours. On then the nurse comes in and did I guess they didn't have the arm venting your like are reading arm and so we did listeners like oh yeah no that's. It's not done Z saturated. So the nurse said Leo I'll take that and sloppy and out as I did it and they're tired and hopefully brought back to correct one this time but what does. Dude I'm with you know we're going if the baby they originally gave you was a better baby you keep that maybe you want the healthiest best baby who cares and it's yours or not it's those your rebuke and you can call it Dawson it doesn't now it doesn't it doesn't know and when they bring in your actual Dawson pure psychology nest he did just full of just mark comb humor whatever is just completed cell phone and I mean like. Hey arms. Ever until that. Let me ask the next question how would if it was longer than two hours what they've left the hospital. Now they would have to come back you would have so it's now how up. We have you bonded with a baby so much it's either is known to be no turning back you have to state survey really. Isn't I mean I know it's not sure baby but it sure well what do when they give you is now yours its possession is nine tenths of the law. What do you after watching you go to the delivery room were all the babies are on display behind the window you kind of check tomorrow and culture shock. Yeah we didn't look a little one little thicker than that can. We got the nice it's the Internet you have yeah you know around out of this even surprise you much of the really haven't thought that he is a monster domain is legal many machine that any new push C wanted to move. Your book the baby balls out. Dude you're on this topic Oaxaca with I. Don't have been received very yes is a giant babies pending disputes with the play they gotta have speakers so you tell us their cry eat all what happens if you buy one and gets caught your to shake all age Obama and the holidays are upset and nights. The baby finally falls out beyond them and yeah so we are jealous or about a wronged anybody. We did with the eight billion dollar business idea yeah that's the he he machine with the tax. I'm John it is still idea soccer teams.