Slacker and Steve - Ya Dumb Drunk 7/27

Wednesday, July 27th

Blame it on the alcohol, because it can make us commit some extremely stupid acts! Maybe you tried to cook pasta in a toaster or got really bad tattoo! Whatever it was, we want to know, what is the dumbest drunken act you have ever committed? 

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Staying there. I'm we're gonna die you're out you're. Your dumb drunk when you're you're you're dumb drunk there and is your you just you've done something dumb while you're drunk boom. Day and it doesn't have to be. You know did we we do drunk or can sometimes and don't have to being injury dang this is this is just got inspired by a couple of things some people over read it. Did a good threatening I mean some great examples would you be someone knows. And I did you see that guy Justin Timberlake played in golf tournaments yeah dice I just seem still. But it. So people just get enamored with celebrities do edit the what is. What's happened we think he's gonna happen when you touch a celeb exactly especially on their feet seat of the other. Does it even touch on your shoulder or hand out meaningful for our weakness but don't don't definitely yeah yeah. Definitely and yeah you can touch the thumb. It's like she's big mode but he's. Here is common in touch touch and Justin Timberlake on the feet I think you Rihanna respectively I'll just ended was turnaround basically go do really c'mon bro what do it's why would you do that blah touch my face actually your story came out said he likes slapped him but he didn't his team wasn't. We eat in there in the picture that I saw the still Justin's face was only being much more so the guy didn't there's no rush did just decides. Since you brought this change he held his yeah it was. Wrong with us and Stewart tried so. A drug that's a dumb to. Is up about three seconds or three did I get about sixteen security and a little booklet they thought that Emanuel primary did in the the arrest him because you don't touch. Jake you don't take you know you don't so some of the things from ready and then when they did our our. Cracked interns have found a bunch of other dumb drunk bangs and some minor you know we can read theme are one encouraging anybody to do these things. But one of the craziest ones. They stuck. Regularly look bow tie pasta amendment in the picture they really had a hankering for cost them you know your drug use like I can soak this up with some things. Yes anybody who's over an amateur drunk. Putting food on top. Of your drunkenness be careful yet it's not gonna solve your problem you can create a whole new set of problems you G create a cleaning disaster for you or someone you love. Later on yeah I do believe runs probably dried into something else owns enough so let's first and clearly one of pasta night. I don't feel like I'm sure it. Boil water rained down though so they shoved it in the toaster you guys sitting massage therapist a certain happened. I don't let that I don't museum blatant. The only yeah I just. Now that would mark burns others would just. It would just get more dry yeah but he vineyard drunken mine like crap tiny water and then then you have another vote is for sure it's better yeah I remember when toaster and perhaps you're electrocuted today yeah that's not a good idea. Bomb someone else set aside money for themselves for more beer that's Smart I remember. His it was like this dude woke up all hung over the next day or whatever any left and almost common shares money for later you wanna distended and wouldn't let you. I think we need if you're if you're a dumb drunk and you get blacked out nights leading self knows it ethic is epic. Tears well they know somebody else responded to a text message of from them self. A and arguing that. It. It. It's no paradise she. That could totally be me you know I touch myself like where my car is in south and also your Smart you take a picture of your hotel room number in the second we get to wherever our agenda over the Audi dealership as the season is a dumb drone crucial honest that that was brilliant take your virginity is unlike. I'd sure remember 360 you are number one hotel or how or what color sensational. A picture now you're doing if you're not a professional drinker are you know if you are taking a picture of your hotel number and that's part of your and so you text yourself when you left your eye text myself where I park my car at the air for a text myself. But then sometimes it takes a while if you if you national Wi-Fi zone or whatever okay disallow potassium through saw semis of the and really didn't know like I've told everybody I'm authoring an annual my thought my phone late but might. And unlike most I mean you know remotely remotely. The happy days relies. Here or there chipping and but they aren't there isn't human he's used this to herself wise guys I know here's some of the other ones. Tony's in we actually read couple. This past this is these these are just quick he's done drum things people have done W niece my question isn't. Am asking you in we'll be do you think a single. Female is going to call. Because I feel like if that's the females get drunk and then tell listening that they ever do is contact annex it tonight. I don't. A lot of mud but they don't do your right most of these stories are new moment please. Don't attributed to a gender but yeah this New Orleans or do this past Thanksgiving I ninety candle. At Exxon and Jennifer I know it's now. No I was not aggressively picture a dude move I interpret sounds like pumpkin citing speeches I know girls play yeah yeah. Well you what happens to your body. Home price eats at you wouldn't close you were designated Skinner birdied totally litter athletes and burn and then. A little dry. And they are got to ask you let us fire area to Milton always say oh yes and it and he's no longer smells like pumpkins us you know from San. On such a much front porch because they couldn't MIT's. They were in my lets you see it if it. Guy or girl. I just died or how I feel a guy that's a guy if need a number two behind my mom's couch trying to clean with a vacuum cleaner but that only move the problem now we have a smelly vacuum cleaner. I pictured do that it did did it mean to show the but the fifth. Oh god staple my stuff to table. The other boiling one up each other whose body stable suddenly was foreheads and this guy whips out his you know what its people live it still. Then. He is no he's no longer fertile but he won. When the one up can. Congratulations. Here's a drug plan decline in electricity pole knocked out power trip for an entire village and get stranded upside down for four hours it's good that the team. I believe that the pitcher he. He climbed the transmission tower of one point 3200000. Bowl she more at four times after getting drunk or GAAP. Unless and yet tangled in the iron frame and hung upside down off for a four hours but he knocked out power olds silhouette the entire village for four hours to move out of politics. Yeah. Hold it all about what dark comes up don't buyers saying I was on W two hour clued. In to us with another dude. Police said attention because he stole mannequin. It's always make autumn they bound him in the meth addiction. He Dresser you know brown Bob wearing spandex dress and rhinestone sliders stilettos sorry. So Bob Williams is he's going to be your looks like somebody's got to regularly sees fit if you put in the back you missed a coma. Connect to a drives value and I got to think that at bat and usually it's not an attack. Your people you know I don't look guys to be able to grab Americans Digg home took up arms. Gap and I are friends do you have made a number two. But in his pants. Because we are trying to I taught I've told this was one of the worst stories are never. Then apart and and I don't want them all be number two stories but this guy we worst we're trying to get into this housing was blocked out in his wife was inside she was mad at him for being drunk. And I easily Koroma back tears and Heidi key is so I went around back he made a number two and his pants. And instead of just taking his pants not to do it out he decided to light push it down. His handling its out his his boot slash. Actually I got there when he was almost to the need exclusive to resign with Leslie speaker Antonio a.'s season is like this crunch. You hit a lot of hurricanes life open door right in the yeah. If he's all yours congratulations this at the golfer the boots yeah. It's blowing up don't say hi if you've done something dumb while you were drunk who we would love to hear your story Jana. Yeah I would you do off. I'm I got drunk Irish until champ and then I had an argument with that or fifteen minutes about how we need to be quiet. Yes you want. So it's yeah I'm pretty much like made up went no way to. And I that there aren't hearing it and how might that there are any leg lights in the world are you doing and. I'm taking this guy out if you. Because did you did you think it was a person is now lawyers are into it or do you were just at a point where the lamps had enough personality because of because of your interaction with that. I lay low and stay trim made so much noise and I needed to be quiet I can go away you know I'm here instead of heading into you. You layup getting poorer pay no CIA guy it's just personal responsibility for your actions in you're really loud right now but it was immune at all yeah. So hey how your relationship with the lamp now right guys he's doing greater truth truth. We're fine I don't have scandal that's awesome. Cleaning out all the time I'm. Did they did she recorded CNN or isn't just a memory for you guys you know would it memory all. I wish we did see video you John nearly that's slug Germany you spend their car Sarah. You guy. I don't drunks. Drunks NN my sister and her birthday and we went out to the bar and you're didn't think good shot drop the glass. I want to go pick up the glass and in the meantime I just jumped off my back not realizing you'd waste and that's why I can't siren into the bashed early and nobody even knew I was injured. And Molly Wood in the bathroom I went in the remind stinger basically and had to keep this paper cut I've ever seen in my life like it's huge attendance. Oh yeah. And here ball I wouldn't back. Bathroom here now does your hammer now I'm bleeding I'm amber I can't thinking and told the bartender comes in with a dirty grabbed from behind the bar. And we might eager to see alcohol it's. Justine and I can truly we I seem to an end when I accept cult. I have the right side and I had on the paper towel dispenser so don't count her in the back on the floor. I have. She did not Bernard. And at this time you would like the first time I was meeting might. The warriors would go so my now boyfriend and I would like our first baby at a taking to the hospital. And at the end of the day they only didn't you want you stick it. Out dear all that once did you in my hand. You watch out looking like you'll enjoy their song and in my iMac. You are all not happy birthday is. You didn't even impact of the art he took me back Connecticut we have wrote together and talk to the barn untrue and I. Ivan I have cute picture there emerged any tell the cops Madonna I Wear and bring you can't just how to approach to. Besides you know lower to party would your value guys know and love. You guys sounds really fun and games he's Barack gen. You is. Dumb drone so. How many I showed guys I am. I need to panic can't find the trailer and I peed in the bathroom. I'm Andy card that can make you expression make her. So I'm not even have a so this is right there who also made a porcelain well sort initiative to top things. Maybe he. More and my big bite out I don't think there are that I now so in the George seem like community right area to go on to close toilet. Yeah yeah I don't I know I finished my my thought well hey slow. Yeah yeah yeah you really comes. That's more on the more you know it's not actually in our be your tour really sure any. Yeah I know I am drunk Kirk. Yes right I had every right to hide their garments spell it was ranked bachelorette party. And that we were at a relatively early Kia put out for that weekend and and then you really got a lot of yell back at Stanford a wedding and I ain't. The height top spot buyer in like bed again very leaky area and a good how Clinton. Preceded you go into their very name familiar about well our I got cut I see how keeping out illegal grab on. Cooper is hard is cobra heard yeah hole until outside now and I. I thousand dollars down to do something even resembles actually know. All we know you know is downward dog because god dog and and you think it's teaching you say to a girl before you bad journal and he'll back me up cobras pretty hard eastern he's got a hard. I don't think did you look you're on your stomach and you know premier outlet. And stomach and now. Do you get arrested for doing you don't go to seriously you know I don't. The Arab and politically housekeeper with an ax that I didn't plagued me it could abide by my elbow or. Are you doing. The better mortified Albright regalia. Like oh and a link and he got. Now though they're still there goes the cobra a day's big stories that Lindsay. Guy dumb drunk. Hi. I was living in Waikiki at the time and there the tsunami warning. While we admit the evacuation time we went down to the beach. To watch this you know army. Yeah tsunami is now our eyes and. We can't close seats for this war yeah you didn't really even died. I mean they're run really do not mean I came but there are just a warning that the evacuation of. There have been and yeah you're the first the day and you are hit us up bright Lindsay. Last when you know colts. You are a dumb drunks. I really count and I and I decide to keep consultant to visitors each Hewlett. And I must say my disgust me I had to me just for out of lake. Not yeah that's pretty Jackie caddied out and it didn't come out and my captain that's not life and try to get more and. It's not like sooner probably also look like your pasta resiliency. Please tell your men stopped now. Oh yeah look at that you're not a horrible. The experience of the pro tip don't open your Jordan. Moron dumb drunk moments will take him online FaceBook dot com slash slacker and Steve Ference.