Slacker and Steve - Yesn't 5/18

Friday, May 18th


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Steve on the alone and Steve are you hungry. Yeah actually implementing. An athletic question you'd say no you Steve you wanna vegetables know no. Does now anymore. What vegetables. No no no now. She only word no word now we're not allowed to say the word. There is a viral petition going out there at change dot org. To get rid of the word that no. And this would be why are we getting rid of word. We do we need that were actually. Apparently. We always a new issue. Aggressive there's something wrong with the word it sits Chiu according to who'll mum obscure to all these people they read 27000. People thus far and how was this morning so I don't even I can imagine how many people have signed it now. Who signed the petition to replace the word no. With the word. Yes cents. Or god I wish I was kidding I want with every fiber of my being a USQ you're kidding I know that's with. Which is yes it is yeah this is traction of yes not yes yes and not yes okay so the reason why these 47001 unit work you renew the word no 'cause it's negative yes it's been negative it's too negative no it's just she'll light blue. No I didn't congress is now Mary and old so we need yes cents. So we still have the not that's negative Steve we Marriott with the Saudi Arabia and try to answer a question does. Actual gun so yes it did not know yes but yes it's still gonna be a negative connotation yet it doesn't have all. Also see all you're right weeks or so the lens moves while. I love sort of dance Mexico's conversation European captain to yes and contestants hello. How good was no so or not. Here's the thing we are part of a lot of things lately where language is changing and I'm one of those people I mean I'm. I'm down whisk. I think there are words out there that we all say that are probably big east. Think also tell my head I can't think of one right now but like there are things that we say that we dig dig down a little bit and go oh my god that was like a slavery word or that was like oh yes you were saying absolutely there are things. But didn't. This and I am I'm I'm all for abolishing knows but let her sing. It people just don't like the way they sound in the Nate they want the rest of us to never saves and that's the problem I have this is the crux of my issue and I think you do as soon as they're they're there's someone we know whose father is fighting cancer. I'm sorry I just did exactly what I was off today. She doesn't want anyone to say her father is fighting with cancer she wants to say her father is living with cancer she doesn't want it to be a battle. Because. If it's cancer. Takes her father then her father's a loser O loses to kick butt but if he's. But if he's living with cancer until I cancer takes him he didn't lose cancer he lived and it. Lol are. Cool dude remember OK hang on here. Kind of along those lines are we just spoke to a friend to shown forget the context but they were saying that. That beat their children at the burn center at Children's Hospital Colorado then there are not. Survivors. Are not victim there's not tricked domes there are survivors survivors and so and they said don't use the word victims. You survivor like oh okay. Case in that chase I kinda my little ballot can I because it. OK well you might even if they wanna be told. Survivors and they say that did this person with the cancer ten society for everybody get everybody did just fine and the people I've known who've gotten cancer like. I want to believe that I'm David in cancer is Goliath in on kick in its butt. That's the people who bright we see good Children's Hospital call and we we wanna go read it where we're kicking cancers but. But materials right now one SAO I'm living with cancer so very positive right okay so then we all passed. Save allies now you know what I think if you wanna go ahead and say it that way great I'm gonna say in my way quite so you just don't correct me that's all I'm saying out and if you wanna go. I think you know is too negative. And I wanna change it to yes since. I mean. 040 loss that's up to you. Like no one's going to understand what you're seeing right here to sound weird and silly AM don't expect median on your agenda I'm not jumping on the yes and agenda it's the first word children learn. Always know think it chilled children and dogs it's the first week you spend how once again ambulatory they're moving around not all know. Oh no no no. You constantly say enough is. I have time to teach him yes and tie don't have time for that yes with a contraction just stood. The first poor Dave and doesn't tell you. Stopping at civil does make them go blow up you're in its.