Slacker and Steve - You Be The Judge 1/22

Monday, January 22nd


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Steve Collins there. You to judge you cleavage yeah. Why do you on the. If that yeah judgment. It's not all them. Story immediately if you wanna beat John Sweeney we want your house you can either John. This study has to go to jail. For fifteen years. From busting his wife cheating on it as he stood. 90 through team might feel little don't say this seems like I did it did it. This much about this story I would say yes because I would assume. Just knowing what you know right now he caught YT know he beat the crap out of her or need to crap out of the dude. Broke some property. Did some damage and those are crimes. He has to go away for fifteen years yeah but none of those things have no not. One of those things have him in fact this man showed what his boy you're cold. On. Its car. ID column remarkable restraint to the lawyer argued in court. Odd that the client should've been given a medal because he never physically harmed the cheaters they're a lot of guys what do. On any said the idea if his client did getting fifteen years in prison is unjust like being punished twice now that's a little over the top. So here's what happens in this is if you were if you've caught a cheater or you just knew they teach you want to be judge he right now. We need some some judging people. She knew me they judge he's in New Jersey florist. And she's got a 38 year old wife and she said she's like baby can you watch the kid tonight our son 'cause I'm gonna go out to dinner with some friends yeah. And as a husband I've been asked that question of course there are a ton of time. He must have suspected something known. Does she turned on though the find my iPhone feature though it notes on here Rio and like pains her phone. Can tell you I couldn't do that my license and her password I was gonna say do you were a master at things like this you cannot do that here I don't know her password I don't wanna know her password. She yeah she has to know my password. I'm the master of what. I choose a general you know so she wants all I had an all consumed so she asked sometimes your songs is please read or your passwords. That's under my tail I don't know her. Password oh era boot. I even after the story it's thought that this is why I don't wanna know huh. How exactly so TP he'd like kings are phones like god plus neglect Tyson and on the phone. And to unseat her the exact location of her phone it's not out to dinner with him friends move. It's at somebody's house you now so we he goes. To the house and it's where her boss listen he. The front door was opened up wide open. I don't know why no but it was huge break ins or when I this is why I'm bad debt. He's getting fifteen years just he did break in their front doors opened and why did he wasn't given the empirical permission like you would need. But he he walked it. They've improved mood of the the the mat said welcome so in the door was also faster you don't walk talk the only guy that's why my favorite thing is I didn't see you. As a juvenile delinquency as I could. She do you. You can follow its. Oversight single law gives you local woke him on the UPI. Did you hear her but she's. A good idea and instead I don't want to welcome crew are in the back to your car that broke into before they're concerned at so he goes and. Thumb. Went upstairs and recorded two short videos to other his wife and her lover you have to separate bids. Did kick I mean you're not a person gets emotionally attached to people who I like I did in the house and I hear sounds that's all I need. I don't have to I I ten I I can't walk up there are much stat or eight. I can't you can't it's just you don't need physical actually seed to verify you are I see it I'm I'm I'm hurt somebody. Lou I shouldn't see it so you're one of those I'm already I'm not I'm not it's like how do what kind of restraint you have to be able walker care. Recording on your little Sloan and you know. Quietly stealth like and then make another vehicle parked to guess like Scott didn't get enough of this other angle slightly under clear. Does a better angle you can see her face it's the this news as well you know that when you play when you do find my son she obviously was so distracted it tells you when it's somebody's always. Using cyanide found it lets you go that's what else is trying to locate your phone and I lost my son in a drunken stupor and ask trashed in your hot tub recently com. That's true my computer to track my son. And like my computer my I had my phone always like doing. Somebody signed in just find my iPhone using your idea I don't know what every apple device that. Own said somebody's looking and also she was obviously had a sorrows of passion already study your W. He added here is like Allison was testing you testing Dell okay I was gonna say Erica he records couple videos armed. The wife's boss try to take him out of the house he didn't leave right away he wouldn't go he didn't hurt anybody now but he wouldn't leave. He's facing burglary charges for going into the house without permission and taking videos. Okay I see trespassing for sure he was invited him by that welcome mat issues. This is the big question now you break is physically break didn't he didn't he was trespassing. Fifteen year or student that's a lot he must had a previous record or something because if that's first offense fifteen years it doesn't make sense does it doesn't it feels so excessive debt when he verbal. He took a pretty well. Essentially we are the American people. Oh yeah he said it suits her failed only yes but is that you that's a legal. Is that is that porn shaming a river zone as the IRO. So but that's part of the charge. It's just burglary and some well it's yeah it's so he's judges arguing GT. Debt should not be like treated this way there. We're gonna let you guys decide. What should happen. Students just knew we could judge should at least try. Should be given a medal for not breaking a crowbar and anti sandwich a lot of guys would have done if you learned that judge in this students tell us what you would do you believe judge that's for me they don't restraint you showed from not smashing their dudes plasma TV are harder pulled his tee I wouldn't physically harm him on the why don't I go trick Harrison Smith I don't tell me you don't see me doing that. I could see tourists really aggressively he could just snap and everyone of those golf clubs is whatever his prized possessions are icu be a little bit more maniacal lighten the doling his cooking knives or just maybe you. Figured you could have a chance what do you why later opening up. It took to bring my legal and spoil all the and he's he. Yeah. Oh yeah it just the dogs aren't allowed to do with the starting oxidized sites each coupon. It's the annual slowly got up and you didn't instill in my mind why it is. She's stealing hole I site got a letter appeared then back. But that's just that's thoughtful maniacal little Leo dot Lehman's nickel and I so we wanna know what you would do you beat a judge this guy gets fifteen years from now busting his wife does she didn't. Lindsay. I guess. Well wildfires there is a serial killer at ease to Ghana people proud spell out the door unlocked door open and you only took them because it. And then by. Darren. Really so what are. You know what's weird is the first person who jumped and that was Steve's so maybe he sees this serial killer any way cast the first thing you said was welcome all of them. Oh look I don't. Call the aren't even open yet there is he Riley coming people who do it okay it's not a bad. I compliment that they do you go in there until that I think maybe it just opera director Pat The Bat were not killed someone like. Yeah but he did commit crimes in that house though I am not leaving. That's the only crime well and coming in but it's still am not leaving and then Mo the video Arafat enters into it. The fifty I don't think it doesn't this charge that to be separate that's federal. What kind of on the Internet or anything I mean he never spam you let it kind of hard to get her back but it's not really did anything. Serious slap on the results of some guy emerges into your house while you're films you just have a right patients yes so you're okay you want him to just get a slap if it. Well I'm I'm I'm a delight you kind of diet you led check box and then you meet I would do you have urged them all but I piloted leader become them I have. Okay I'm. They're very nice thank you for the call. Gains. Yeah I nice. Love ya you keep people are wont to look first of its. Programs include holes OK let's do go you can use it. I'm gonna apply them I'd sort of gray and he could have been like I was captain let go outside and Oprah my wife. Recover her property I got into it a big kidnapped. Loaded no outs so we know you'll say why. Since you're around all. Eat snacks try to rescue we're we're trying to little second I was clearly kidnapped and in it and doing terrible things are so I killed them. So I don't know what you want to know why what being a cat. To us agreement. You know initially I don't know who I voted out. To mess up regular record Jay's. We may need to use you just freelance work. In case other half the stuff goes down us to a more judging your April. Hi. Jackie Judd. I think that I would kind of along the same blinded the other guy he shouldn't say that I thought my wife was in distress I heard opened her seeing how I ran into the house and that's when I found them. Nine EC guys are good it's too late now though I don't know but didn't do any of that he's not careful legally score C easy out. He's seen videos. What what happened to him now. Did he should just get trapped cat thing yes there and then you're moved sending the videos that's. Unfortunate but burglary I think that's critics though. What are they call it when you it's not slut shaming what do they call it revenge for an event so maybe that's. But I really illegal is like that's illegal illegal I'm. So he should be charged with actually one charge will be separate from the only thing I charge you must personally because that was approved a revenge point Boca sending it to a streaming stuff. It I would say if that were mean and and I had whatever it took to shoot the video. I'd shoot it now I just needed this in a court of law now to prove that you're an unsafe will be whom don't mean short of restraint to not beat anybody yup true now don't send the video and beat the bigger arena nicely look at you. None of this is real hook. And realized it was actually do this stuff that's Steve's and I you ruining his wife. Yeah sure am yeah.