Slacker and Steve - You’re Making Mistakes With Underwear 5/18

Friday, May 18th


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Steve Todd day. It's on an article about underwear and I drones on CDs. Slowly you. All else could come. He called the grounds which is a really weird name yeah I think it's a midwestern things steal Jesus loved you my eyes my country friends I just always column under Wear panties. Oh risk is worth. Room for me OK I think I wanna feel pretty twos Sundays or dvds. Even though your mate we're from looms you've got to use dvd is generically as he stands for re nice to know that's here. Side beat it beat a nobody wears dvds anymore right freeze to be back in the day oh I guess around January es yeah. Former north of Monica. How weird the like but the brand name that was synonymous with underwear. Is starting around anymore right it's good point I don't crude balloon is like to my son wares Fruit of the Loom now yeah I think they're the major now for Mitt where. The boxer briefs what's your brand. Drew Luka in Orlando in your order you rule forget your TJ Max for summer and no marshals no. I forgot the government we wanna see I don't too easy you know until an NCF a kit totally behind chase their employees in good. That is underwear out of every seat him it's yeah well that they hold. These extra room know me know if you are now the suspension cables that hold up the Bay Bridge. She supports and which the analogy shelter Wednesday why. Myself my front hot it is to the bigger the man yeah stood know that have been good red means you have more room figured out he's always it's just now. It's the table hey how old ladies elephants it's. It is still calm so we have underwear mistakes you're probably making it doesn't necessarily say is these are for men or for women so I kind of feel extra bowl Soka. On mistake number one you were making and I'm making this an eighth is a remarkable how many under were mistakes I'm making. Not wearing cotton. You see and know what's better for you within your boring or she Vanilla through workout where every little my dear your armor calm all the time which. Yeah do you think they're boring I guess so because there are more color. Yeah while blacks in Gray's mostly. Maurice and if you're why I would not call you up okay but I think Eli you're color or do. Do they have stripes are these solids or solids but their cotton in your enduring the flashy the silt one of those kind of more like lycra spandex and enable better more risque live on the edge I'm told ware that style well silicon synthetic fabrics don't breed like cotton does which god creates the breeding ground for bacteria so while I may be fun she and funded your suspension cables. It's. The right if Osama on this asked for all of Petri dish down there which are fun though Osama. Your reaction to the Williams this team. Diseases is wearing the wrong size. His mistake number two you're making when your underwear. Under that's too big look sagging and his Y where. There's like just an excuse when I'm Warren Conner by the end of the day to rise suspension bridge is like breaking down their business yeah hold up everything that's no that's that's actually good freeware and the other stuff but if you Wear stuff it's two tight it's even worse as it can cause chasing an irritation exactly so all by a mine and exercise larger knowing their prod you to shrink a little bit when it washroom and maybe big hit down the size I need. But I do have to Wear baggy at first it was weird is abide by bigger ones I seem to grow into that because I mean my stuff can expand and contract. We think cabling system that I have a cable exist. My right now the waist band is a small but. So the rest the actual yeah that's where you how. How does a xxx so inside his royals got xxx something to do that I Kashmir dispute you to get a marker writing triple accept it doesn't matter might be part of it is a sharp in okay thanks it it's of the ladies you do the COT xxx. If you get there I for my small sharp because you recruit her fifth with the can can you smell it right now wouldn't it helpful to you back away I was not sure. The page seem like you're really trying to get us. Cover your arm feel I'm not gonna I am not getting any closer than I am right now number 3 I am definitely doing this one wrong. Wearing them the bad. Always had no right as a nice eighteen see your area from getting error and it's more moisture causing more problems so between me where in the lycra spandex the end where numbed to bad. That's not good so your cabling system when you're in bed I think you'd use a news you don't sleep. You were also some nights out I can't sleep would my junk out because. Well one it's like you can Thomas Sorbonne she walked once she pulled it from his she's. Is asked to draw its okay. A why no they the end now he's kind of word success also kinda doesn't walk protests. No because I kids and any come in the room and all this up I can't sleep so you have to Wear something good Sosa missed some I tell remove the underwear and just put my. My little Jamie bottoms on whatever okay so that's lucid and and that's cotton yes and earlier this soil air out a little below itself. I want I want anyone interested in seeing the Golden Gate Bridge to understand it and it does your hair out to kill to stay inside today as easily say hey should we just yeah. You're just continued to play in store are out here her table every good places don't playground stuff at the pop. Anyway next up putting them in the dryer I do this wrong. Oh I do that tomorrow say the heat the dryer breaks down the fabric so the elastic in your waist and stretch overtime although you what did you do and I do this with a most of my close all pull them out of the dryer before they baker during the cooldown. They're just a little dampen hang everything up so I'll do that sometimes with the number two was weird is my dryer just does my dryer and I I'm wondering if it's. Well I might do it dude your man might just be in my dryers inefficient. Let all I thought it was that extra functions and sing it just like he doesn't dry things all the way to kind of day because then they're just didn't happen now I sold them hang them. They have the wrinkles all come out. This is a sell it kinda leaves them. But I still do drive my underwear you have which which after time I guess makes it not the debate and not on mine because they're the they're the lycra spandex. Yes okay so you know what we're doing so the cotton ones will Wear out which is why I stopped buying the cotton okay. Seriously after two weeks of owner number. Your put them on it feels like you put your dad's underwear they're just there right punching in the wrong area right in their legs longer keeping things to do these things. Pull it all seen the high seas and then number five not buying new ones I implied by a pretty good at you gotta buy new ones are a recent study said UB should be throwing out your underwear and buying new ones every year. Every year. OK I figured you mine nearby neighbor for the same reason. Cole I hit. And you eat nasty infections can be in it you're Grimes Sante central quick buck boxers what was appointed Jason. The regular boxers challenge it didn't hug your body out of my wow yeah I saw him do it. I like I had silk boxers in all this stuff because it was just like cool I mean wearing a silk boxers meet walking really fun I hear that made your teenage model is. Dude but no they didn't holding it why why Wear underwear easy straight from boxers to command. OK he's like why am I we're and we see my time this morning to wash. Today is now open now you're the cable and Reebok cable yes candy tour and we are. I'm going to bridge the fifth start at eight tonight.