Slacker and Steve - You Wouldn't Believe 2/16

Friday, February 16th


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Selector in Steve's son today. Yeah no way you wouldn't really never told exactly on the crazy crazy stories it just. That's what we want stories of mobile or minus because you know. He's not possible the stories of incredible coincidence or just. Insurmountable awed yeah just crazy and we got a bunch of different news stories and a couple of things from ready it let's just jump right in here this. There's these these couples in Seattle walking around a farmer's market. In each of the couples had underdogs. Bomb and as Dave came towards each other they didn't know each other dogs went. Crazy. And they started jumper on each other but not in a wave like dogs normally due date they were like. They got excited to see each other from across the room guests in a really weird when they're both like golden retrieve first I think. Home. Turns out the two couples start talking to each other in their right where they almost act like they know each other but that's that's impossible. Because I got my dogs special ordered from Russia. And that's when the other dog org is where is second. I got much talk special order by Federer in Russia and the like go away and I guess each dog at a special tattoo may do they have tattoos on them. It's sort of seemed like brother and sister dogs from Russia and it oddly flew over here apparently it's illegal here all in the same state. Level. We've seen city even more incredible and the bulls simply doesn't see Ohio farmers more to say inflation only. And they've. Also like. The federal bro is in Russia and the idea was like. I believe close narrow it. So you wouldn't believe me in the right there are no way on here's now's so there's that kind of incredible coincidence there there's a woman. Abu was just about to be homeless she's fifty years old. You server elderly mom she's too literally know they have nothing she's got nothing must not think now there's one there's one part of the story where I go I know I don't. She's she goes into a convenience store whenever Los down two bucks for. For lottery ticket now. When you have any money last I'm not positives. You should be running in the lottery. But she's when she gets. And she won whatever the jackpot was on that thing ended up being 25000 dollars a year. For life Hawaii's that is awesome I love that store she took a lump sum of 390000 dollar shall she's going to be able buy a house by a car. And have money in the bank she's no longer going to be home I'm with you are still judged her for taking your final Putin's you can go to a dollar menu drive through it's so it's still early in the job thanks for your your. Parents could I imagine. You sound money and you butter chocolate bar. That's kind of a deep bad move puts it and move it pays on he wins the whole chocolate factory spoiler most of the season you haven't read the book it's a few bombs. Here's another penny you wouldn't believe me if I told him this dude. Bomb goes into a hamburger joint in Essex. Firing down hammer whatever bomb. And starts joke. Like bad. But it just so happened that three best friends who are first responders. May get a point to once a week meet at a random restaurant to eat and the 31 responders. Had chosen in the restaurant at that time and they have. It's timed to be there so it. In there like a school. Got it done Jack saved her life because they happened to beat. In the same place though word that's. Mark that is Crowe the other one that kind of really freaks me out it goes back. So like the first story it's kind of dog story this woman and had a dogs when she was a kid. Her parents got her copier whatever and the dog. Barkley too much in this and we had to get rid of I don't know if there an apartment or want to do what we just can't have a dog Bartz as much it is a little cooler looking thing. So me period the dog she grows up she's looking on FaceBook in some resides. They were moving down iron real home our dog and the dogs same kind as the kind she lost and I know I'm not. She goes and buys his dog gets his Dobson these people and check to chip on her whatever turns out. It was her damned dog from childhood they'll what are the odds are that the people that she and her parents gave it to you ended up giving him Nash so. And the dog is marketing our. And what they did do it but. What are the odds of that that's incredibly it's like you know what he's impossible right there's no way. The other one that's really freaking me out this and was on the there's a couple of these. Are just persons she got sent up with a boy. And Sheehan boy were talking she was like you know not too long ago I was on vacation and things like what I was on vacation megas and they talk about all we were there the same week. So they they got to talk in the big guy goes. It was weird I could swear I saw you megas she's like she thought I know what I thought of you all seeing me in his city and remembering why would you remember me. He's like. Were you with another girl wearing vests and you took a cell seem by this thing she's like. Oh my god they rushed to her house she gets to picture a Tizzy predator something's. And the dude is in the background of the picture. Oh it's and they lived happily that. Refused to ask me so what's your dealer sold no. And then you never know personnel remote and then. All right we've got more to tell you what we'd rather hear yours if you got a story that just will blow it's coincidence it's insurmountable odds whatever it is. Make us say. No way I Terrence. Yeah I. Really means to us. So I went act on trans. Big medical conference and that occurred I'm first minute here. And we had to eat that I breaker at its people and one thing there's a did you let's talk about being. We hate right on a cart at the metal key to what. But straight and you are now Olmert are able to figure out. So I eat it if I'm right there girl with each heat late night is yours without action and fair. What I picked up art reading any air in Allen are if you don't like wet because I know it yet but I. I have a picture which ear and the each sheet. Maybe I don't know. Just to reassure you you're a hundred skewed. How dark this leg felt a little trouble or screens baker but Doug the next few days he actually brought. I hope each carried each packet with imminent like no black. Keep trying to witness and she had a conference in showed me me a picture together a thirteen years before. None. You wouldn't think anything you leave you all sort of the same company the whole thing right possible yes wow okay. So we asked Oprah can't defeat it and rarely get that it was just about my went ever gonna forget how. Out but he totally healed and he was the one huge your my car. Do you remember to your high your Sandra tell me married guys it's the a weird that is pretty that is pretty no way no way you reach. Yeah. I one million if I told you what you guys. I'm running the people on May travel over C. Well that Canada. I ran into a class me when I was in Nairobi Kenya no miss. Here and later when I was in Australia. I ran into another classmate in Sydney. And then about twelve beer and later when I was traveling in Florence Italy each. I ran into one amazed that there's co workers standing inline image at the end bell academy had to go see that David stat GO. No prospect Cochran dozens dozens possibly still like wait Marcia what do you. And it just keeps happening here over and over and that's. How did happen once is incredible there's incredible repeatedly in his place is your pats had not your typical truck with with our good comes here on this day. That's weird to. Thank you for the call anyway consider. Katrina. EEye yeah I wouldn't believe me if I told him all. Hum. My dad dad. My the that I believed to between three unique hat with meat and found out he wasn't my. It's my real bad we found within a week and hip on lived in the same counted me out here eat. Boy oh boy we saw just so. Did your dad not know he wasn't your dad. There was always a little steam cleaner but no he believed that I was hit. Maybe you do really dumped him and what's. Plus. You raise me only here but he's out I don't like the other day I was like all weird actually you. They're. The wall back there worried that guy I believe that my dad with a really bad guy and he never art in my life came back there on meaning. To get to know me and asked what we did and then the new dad and who the real bad. He is. Really night and want to be a part of my life and neither excited and I get no me after thirty years. Wow. That is notes that is it that is who let me just say this you if you're gonna do that Tony three unique things you blame the never cheated you gotta encourage your kids don't just take that test and.