Slacker and Steve - Young and Dumb 1/12

Friday, January 12th


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Steve I am so there's. And you lose story out about these teenagers are doing this I believe so yeah I just had to tell my kids about tennis you just don't folk can either wants why didn't talk to about. This did to you when your when your parenting there'd do you walk this fine line between. In forming your children about bad things he might wanna do and actually in giving him ideas of bad draw that they could do. Omelet. Lately have been in my kids' laundry in in the washing machine forest and then transferred in the dryer in the night I do the folding in hanging our own stuff. On and they really love to steal a time parts they love them but Enron's biggest physics feel squishy and stuff yet and it you know. They they don't put tide pods I don't know if you use them but like the put him in this new zip lock saying this is almost like out your bic lighters and seem rental saying we are seeing that it's really hard to get OK okay because they're really bad for you. On so. There's a new trends they put a child protective thing on there but don't put I'm in 88 teenager thing on there teens are might. Taking the video of themselves. Eating. A raw Horry cooked. Detergent pod nice. Cool. I'm against also. Armed. It's bat I feel like we need to disclaimer here now yes why don't you all do well because Steve said it was cool to reduce labor. You're gonna do some stupid I don't care go ahead and do how soon. The key is. 01 where we have a job tomorrow off don't Wear please don't try this at home now what slackers say hey speak more sane rational humans who bombed. Tighten. Company. Did their parent company Procter & Gamble says are under attacks are highly concentrated detergent. Meant to clean clothes and their use safely millions of households every day should only be used to clean closing and just up close away from children they should not be played west whatever the circumstance is. Even if it's meant. As a joke I think most. People in this age group earlier the common sense they're not gonna do it because it's stupid. And yet the handful that are stupid so I just say but the stupid beast is just let him do Steve is on this in your scenario well why we try to stop people from being no Purdue does dumb but why are we all carry. As we're trying to save everybody what they don't. Clearly they don't want if I don't have to meet you're. Line we clearly very you know gets loud behind you can hear you know what the group gets left behind Todd there and that's all right just I I did it is it is this natural selection. There perks thank you write that it's the same thing and get to look let's lets you all on the page or we'd like you Telesis. I feel like I reached an age where I hear about stupid teenagers do when they listen and I know I was never that stupid. So I'm trying to think back we do our own different ways yeah that's what we're we're like what is Thomas Dawson you did. When you're young is going to be a pretty QB like who I accidentally blanked it's like I'd like to meet we talked about this the other day. I think he's done a single world day we we weren't allowed to have BB guns and will win out and shot each other with yeah. We could whose eyes I don't shut my buddy got shot in the but I don't shut the elbow hurt forever but nobody got shot I am aware somewhere on his arm. And we still do his arm yeah he could steal it if you like rub. I embody that and more make rate underneath his eyes. That I was in there yeah. Clearly lost his sight caught up. So but I still don't think that's as bad. Eating it tied tied it. What's this thing to do but beyond that Suzanne we don't rubbing alcohol or whatever on them and lighted a fire and sanitize or can see it I thought it was okay chance Energizer. Is that just embed it's it's a slow burn and it's nowhere near as painful as a bully burns to blue temperature blue. Yet yet again there are going into burn units because they have third degree burn. On their body is they're not doing right well but but but they'd they chose to do that though and understood it the but they're still doing something I mean it makes me feel like BB gun Maurice. Pretty stupid. Was rocket science Smart to. Compared to lighting yourself on fire you or trying to jump a car it's moving. But one guy I saw a video like ten years or so that was like that got pulled it off that's amazing that as an athlete it's clearly hurdler. He practiced the timing probably jumping next to the car a 150 times and now. Sixteen year old let's I don't. Only bulwark. Yes yeah as a lot of growth forests to teach the life. Do you. I think he's so good that you don't have kids I know it and why I thought fascinated by the amount of time and effort the rest of you want to see these children from doing these things they're you do it anyway here's a thing. If if they do it. And they don't have insurance you have to pay for I'm trying to find a way to western series doesn't back and apparently Brady and age of the child you're right those kids could be smokers in the future. Citrus. That would okay. That makes no it was a bad decisions and great arm what did you what did you as a citizen you did I've done the jumps a car I think we'll. Yeah I wish it but here's the problem and I think that you kind of hit the nail on the head with a cell phone thing is it's like what's video cameras became cheap enough for everyone to have one that's when people started doing dumb dumb like this all the time you and everybody wants to be the next you know. Yeah exactly totals 300 I had a friend used to drive a crappy little Subaru and he would drive through the subway parking although I was working at night and I try to jumpers car. The other thing that we used to do as we take like. We make basically napalm in my buddy's dad shed their Steelers and green would you like did you do until now poor man's name Paul yeah I mean what's important please don't I can say yeah I'm not gonna say but you can you can say. All your trees. Think I. Talk about it. So I ran with a bunch of chemicals and is so we can make you like we you make it in Blake and Tupperware container but that you did don't tennis balls and in light it on fire and see who can throw them the farthest and 99 so I mean you know. Like he's flaming balls going to flying down the street in the fields and houses that. Wherever I think it's a factor on every one of these and we start taking calls from people it's going to be the same Stevens getting to just continue to go not soon. Yeah you've got to respect that our members actually final we ever thought of doing now what I'm kind of wish we wanna we made it for ten and tennis are now your druthers you'd like potato gun. And it felt there was a timer like Shasta cans mead data ten and I'm Wheldon together bum knees pulling the tennis ball down and like lighter fluid on the and it was like. It was like a more watch the tennis ball into the stratosphere but same concept for it and sort of stick and a useless data yet. Then the potatoes Russo has not come back tennis balls lighter and has been and it bounces your ass see see that's not harmful. The type I'll. Just didn't know smaller aircrafts was tucked it well this dog. Well no it doesn't use you as I remember one time when now when I was a kid my brother and I watch the Olympics and what's the pole vaulting yep all the people I actually guys you on that well my brother's room was on the second story of the house. And so we win and we got like we used to have these weird trees that had really long shoe expect him I'd look like bamboo in our backyard. And they're really tall and so we cut them down and we basically tried to pull a ball around. He added I want him or Bruno relax doesn't. Have they only it's not structurally now now own it is now was the pole vaulting was in so that's how he's pitching is what you'll get on the I'm pretty sure my brother broke a bone due on that that's slowed my total to with a two by four to me silly at all. Sit on the ambush you know that you just know it's an ad also you run at light speed and good. Didn't get a dress code that's about you are that did sounds like a cantaloupe being thrown off the buildup harder what is it let us know if there is some. It's one of the worst things you can do your body so we've given you are examples we're trying to portray either shoulder it. Other generations were smarter than the teens of today well poor lighting themselves on fire and eating to iPods. Or. They're smarter than I saw what is the dumbest thing you did on purpose gen. Yeah yeah I don't they needed. So that we aren't as big open field over we'll turn out who you recant iron so. We went high it landed you the back of my bumper and my Brothers bloody behind the cars they feel. That is awesome that's fun Betsy Wright yes I mean pearl. You have any joke I mean I think we did skis but this is aimed at NATO or or one of the cheapest. Like those what is it Craig told what's the name of the company and all that does all the cheap stuff you Selig as seen on TV go to a a brand go now come -- yes regular you can't remember I was like this cheap this little piece of plastic to bother to ask basically the top. Among garbage can and heard as and that's who we were his dragon behind a shabby goalies there. And markets and I did anybody hurt or you're just retrospect do you realize it was a bad idea. No nobody got hurt but when my mom found out. And we Wear it means quite a bit. Sends you should have been put in there about her so which is worse when she did her song anti dodger got to go attention. Probably what I'm glad to be a lot of time. Think even the gods in Bahrain. Eat pray they guy my guy who what's a dumb thing you did. Let's do this cousin validated so we can get really enjoyable for this but it. But it. Cannot really stack and then hold our breath spanning against the law. And other cabinet my brother who ever went to protect our chests in Chile literally. Out. Press on your chassis Steve took it to another level and to mining to you to meet. You would do what it carotid artery. We would take some marijuana hold they hit. Chris Wright and arteries in the impasse try to attack you would want to pass all the way out off problem is your bracing a lot of brain cells every time you do that so there's that we thought GAC and the carotid and the carotid even when just a carotid too. You anyone that does better go out and actually one time my president chief we didn't let up until it learns she started like. I am off yeah. We never again apparent both gay. It's does. I do it she tell me you're old enough now I know it's not fun way to wait a cool okay guys earlier you go back and not to be there and he that doubts I just because I don't smoke right wacky drag GQ I did we would we didn't have enough money to buy a lot of beer I've talked to a I would buy a box of rocks by boxing keystone. And then shot and the beer up while standing on the starting line. Of the track. Hold your breath you know until you were just about to pass out and then run. As long as you could and then you wake up please planet in the middle of the track so stupid nothing about that is a good idea is a racing brain cells gay rights. Place you could use the Braves so part didn't you'll see all link passing out on gravel all that but you're you're road rash. And hammered and none of this is good rice who could know certainly tied plus is smarter than we thought. Katrina that the yeah yeah I dumb stuff you did. OK so you remember those push waiters scooters that were real popular like. One years ago yes go to handle you could according to get out to be. Super tiny lake that's for a baby to be on that basically it's not that one could. Are so we would get on top of the incredibly steep hills. That went down like almost half a mile it would it. Every day dress and that we would you don't lunch down low would meet. So he goes out there know into oncoming traffic. Guys that could Sri every single out screams death wish time we weren't. Outspent like height of a car bumpers though they might not even have been able to see. At Weaver just hurling down the hills and how uncontrollable eighth. And that and the new Razor Scooters. They're more votes roller blade yes they are bullet Montana and high speed but once your time 120 years is always say it's like. No way down that I'll guide you god. He's a break went on the back. Yeah if you needed to hit the break William crouch down you had to like lay. On top that you viewing an anti delusions. She's. They're the polar guy that is a terrible sounds fine and good guys until it's not that you car and now. Yeah I don't stuff you did. Okay so many Aybar had a regular out there isn't to relish. And called dad and tell him and Kermit is so you know what I'll last year is we've got in the car together. And David Starr at one independent streak and we've got in the car and we would give them got it down the street and it stops trying to. The image I'm and that drop but they helped her dad and tell and they didn't blow back that stops I had not even Americans. You said we needed to get over the hill OK and then once we hit the hell that street mission to Iraq to. And I can't so incredibly do that I think that. How many can that night common brand into the the hit my car. Are now at going to be happening what is it now keeps happening downstream. And when you go downhill you. Eat it traffic coming so I hit in the head on and. It was against fund living on the edge but not how many times we we knew we're learning to drive did you buddies I'll go out and turn your lights off and drive everywhere all that. So yeah I have a return flight suffer the interstate in those passes we can't get our cars each other in past models of blues beat. Normally not a did you ever think Danielle there's maybe a reason it was called dead man's else's Q you maybe saw. And you know I. Didn't even know. Wired and payday you gonna cost you know these are the ice to reiterate don't do any of this stuff well. It's the I am I dumb stuff you did. And so when Palin an elementary school all my friends and I you know how to contact the EE like how long you've paid. They and basically everything your skin let that carry their from a patent ball. Remember that game well that's horrible that I had you're card and I can grant what is. Friction burning your hands to desk pretty writes. Why would you staple our fingers together but I don't remember only minor. Thank you industrial meal and I know that. I hate the final members say it's please OK just from me okay. Don't do any this Steve's disclaimer it is hey you whenever Abdul.