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Wednesday, May 23rd


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Vijay and game and our business story this morning played so that will not move out of the house with who can I guess the parents have been decided to give the court New York judge sided with the parents saying hey you got a goaded. And he's got his thirty yourself then right Andy's thirty days just living in their basement any logo so sad that the parents actually had to. To go and say hey Allen we needed judge to get our son out here. Import parents to do exactly what they're doing here now keep in mind they'd given him five or written notices to get out of the house. And he won't leave he just willow league lease thirty years old. He refuses to leave so eventually a bit taken to court you're on court with your own son to get him out of your house that get this the guy had a job at one time. He also. Either gotten married or had a girl pretty had a baby. Well at Disney got fired. He claims because of his parents he lost custody of his child. Because of his parents because of his parent might get waiting. I guess all the bad press that he's getting because he won't move out of the house is is causing him to be perceived as a loser. And so therefore the judge decided that the mumble keep child. Because he usually happened like that's that's what he claims that's what he claims are yeah here's the news report of this particular story. A judge in Syracuse has decided it's finally time for Michael overtime go to move out of his parents New York home. Market Christine every time notes that there are thirty year old son to court. After ignored multiple written notices to leave justice Donald Greenwood also tried convincing him to leave voluntarily. A ton don't argue that he needed more time. On noticed that there's a reason amount of time for someone who has been depending parent persons. Two. For support. After a fruitless thirty minute back and forth the judge ordered the Condo out. A holy cow just skin and holy to. The judge ordered this in the immediately afterwards reporter shoulda showed up at these up parents' house in order to get an interview. PX does not our. Is get this done what already was getting stuff that he still their ideas he won't leave. This gets sun text this happened in my parents still. They had to have a court evict my thirty year old sister from the basement as well Allman under the that's pretty yeah we have to be a Texan same thing happened. Here's the son talking I'm not a burden to them in the home they don't provides laundry or food. It's it's really a moot point. For them to seek need to be rejected. How can they not been providing the food for you don't have a job you have no income they're saying he won't even do you know simple motion chores around the house he won't help is damp but the law of York bureau works you'll do anything. But he's just lazy just sits around the house and Erskine tired but he will get out and do it if he's not motivated. Now my lentils are turning on him because you're saying that they he's giving low and meals a bad day. And and say what you what I see I see what. Dr. Phil. I see Dr. Phil episode in the few hours this so doctor felt it this is for me I'm surprised that Dr. Phil. Isn't part of how the story broke well mark my words next week this get a beyond the words would do if I don't know this because I think you've nailed it I think for sure that he's going to be on Dr. Phil because Dr. Phil loves to seize the moments with the six. And this is right down his Alley. You know I get I mean think about our kids' lives it's pretty darn good right they have sheltered and flew them everything they need is like Atlanta and move. Did you have a story just a couple of weeks ago or maybe last week about how kids are being able to save up them by their first house for the time the 35 because. We've stained -- their parents until with thirty. So of their pack it away some money there spongy and off the old man in the old lady. And Darren may actions bigger or not mansion that houses homes bigger than their parents' house is because they're just stick. So it's a Smart move so in that regards yeah. And just don't leave. I. Look at kids to stay with. Yeah BC you know I would have a difficult time to get my kids to court I let my Sunderland with me forever yeah yeah. Yeah eight not least thirty won't. Well I do you do now the because he's a lab rat but when he gets to be thirty you don't want in there but he wants to move out so quick it's really irritating you know we are on opposite ends of the spectrum. I want to state for every night and weighing a way to college now we and I think well then I am going to be the dorm room but you were that way we knew were why seventeen years old I already got my original comment is different I had to get out there. It was tiny well no but I've got Brothers and sisters I've got a brother to stay right there I mean he lived literally next door to my mom and some people are just wired that way. That they want to be there that they just love that comfort. I'm just telling if he moves of charity told him I'm moving in the dorm. But I don't think they'll allow them and they are. I know that they're gonna allow her to attack what will actually and addressed as a young men at the kids can get out of there as soon as he turns thirteen. He's gonna do it third deed native sentiment getaway car I know I don't think I may as. If it. It. I was so good did that it has didn't flow or. Inch and more on Alex.