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Wednesday, April 27th


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Vijay and Jamie hey its Richard Murphy with conspiracy corner I know there's been a few people that have been inquiring to find such delay for putting on another. Conspiracy corner in closed session but a couple of reasons one I was recording one it was actually can be rather good and something happened with the recording it just felt like god was telling me you need to do is take a break. And let things play out in April. For the most part and get past the nineteen. Once that's done when the time presents itself. You can. Produce enough. So here's says some of the things that are going on. Right now honesty quilt website if you go to the alert page you'll find out that there has been a lot of people posting a lot of it about banking some of it about the specific things that are going on militarily. In the area especially in the United States he might want to check out some of those the most recent ones are posted at today. So on the alert page there's actually a note out there that says that the three letter agencies that keep. Have to hold rooms full of cyber TDs. Do nothing but troll the Internet and try to put out disinformation. Basically deleting the truth so that people don't know the truth from lies and molesters are out there in the open their discovered with a lot of excrement insistent that. So I think that's probably part of the reason why just kind of sat back in just kind of let things kind of play out in order for the truth to have an opportunity to rise to the instead of getting all wrapped up in all the hype is just take the information but it your back pocket. When stuff happens. You're at least half a step ahead of everybody else and not be cut in a panic situation because if you look back at. Historically. Those of the times when nobody expects anything coming is that's when he comes. Still it doesn't turn out to be true paid just makes for good plot line for a minute movie or something but. Never know so on that line of being prepared. On the Steve Quinn alert site there is no doubt it's as heads up less than an hour ago everything is in place for a cyber shut down. The US power period. At the will of the perpetrators. Choosing. Life as we know we'll turn it into barbarism quickly as the barbarians are already in our country to what they're saying a source stated that after an intense two week investigation. And high level meetings that lasted long. It's a thousand times worse than even they had thought. They're so many compromised operating programs and spies. That the agencies. Can't keep up. They say forget the new TNT he said it's never flips the switch first. Even discuss the effects of power going down and how would affect those whose lives are addicted to the Internet and who are on SS RIs. As well as PDT cards. Being unusable. Not to mention all communications banking tracking coming to a complete stop to remember we talked about this when the power rate goes down whether it's electronically. Now all of a sudden the only thing you can negotiate with this cash and eventually the cash is going to be worthless. Then you can be bartering with Cold War. Other items of value. So it is still imperative that year prepared yeah food water maybe some gas for generator at your house but you gonna stay low and keep away from major shopping areas because that is when it is going to be absolutely. Insane. And mileage put yourself for your family or risk being attacked. As his foolish. So I just got this look at an element excited to read it it is say yes they can't be recalled empire the ice how the Nazis won World War II you. It is chock full of interesting information just stunning through lots photographs. Lots of detail kind of all interwoven together now also part of its Steve Quayle. Library if you will is a outlook about giants. And just recently. On the ancient origins dot net. There is a a story about the fact that many native American cultures. Talk about it ancient race like giants. Described by many tribes. That Chuck Todd. Talked about this white giant. Command cheese the Navajo man hi eats all have. This. Ancient and out only saved legend and and it's not really a story it's a it's a historical. Verbal. Accounting of their history. And you have to understand that that's the native Americans told mini truck many stories about their history and their culture and how happy. And how it came to be orally. As opposed because they didn't really have a written language so these oral stories were passed down from generation to generation. Sadly a lot of those stories are. Have been lost are being lost because. The youth of today in many years native American tribes is drifting away. From there from their ancestry. From their heritage now you say well Richard how can you send. I'm married to native American I'm immersed in the culture. As a a white guy who coming in and it's very interesting then a lot of their stories if you listen to them. How they actually. Have some relevance today in these end times in fact my wife even says I wish I would have paid attention. When I was in the Tivo listening to these stories that they were talent because. I didn't flashes of this stuff that they were told us and I'm seeing some of this happen now. And I wish I could remember at the whole story or what what was told to us so we can be better prepared you could say it's the devils' way of distracting us with the technology are all of our kids' heads are parked in their phones they're never out looking around. And keeping the eyes off of the situation that's currently unfolding in front of it's only a very interesting region I wanna check that out. Ancient origins dot net website and its ancient dash origins dot net Sinai he may or may not know that prince passed away dead. Every media sources talking about it some say he still lives in assistance to the conspiracy. But prince was on the bandwagon. For. Chem trails factors a interview that's posted up on the Internet much if you go search prince talks about ten trails two outs on this bandwagon. Crop dusting the population. None other than Chuck Norris as he speaks out on climate engineering. If you go to geo engineering and watch searched this guy criminals Chuck Norris speaks out on climate engineering. Egos into a lot of details his very well. Well read on this stuff. So here's. So here's my my concern for chuck. Is it now that he is come out speaking about this could he be the next one to be quote unquote. Passed away and just so you don't think that big brother and poking your brain. Figure out what his thoughts are. Identify who that person is that's thinking that. On the website Tex Tex explore. So TE CH. Letter XP LO RE dot com. Researchers can identify you by your brain made swift how accurate is it 100%. Accuracy. My gosh I just sounds evil doesn't it but it. But it's coming and more likely it's probably coming to a shopping center near you. To a standing in line waiting for something to you. And maybe even the and you say in Department of Homeland Security might be driving by with a trained snipers. In neighborhoods. Wondering. What do you think. So the idea of privacy. In this teenage he's now for all intents and purposes. Absolutely. The 100%. All right so that's a little bit for aid to July and multi two give you some more info on a more regular basis but for now let's just say this. I'm Richard Murphy that's conspiracy corner and remember. Always have your bug out bag with him. She is and more sorry Alex I.