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Monday, January 30th

BJ & Jaime Talks The Lack of Excitement Surrounding Super Bowl Week


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Vijay and Jamie Super Bowl week he's got a peek into the falcons commitments and the Japanese yes. All the old style with. What you can't. Mean I'm excited I'm excited that it's a sick when Japan my girlfriend she would. She will not have really great looking and single men friends even though she's married all. Thought that the problem who who we are you matter members cute little I don't know Sheen what's his. Remove. It oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah okay so I don't know because I don't know who she's inviting in them. And I'll tell you don't know when your yeah. I don't know what does she really just period yeah. She also energy isn't exactly see there's so much for women's and take. No I think what it was ruining your life. Thanks a lot is let's kick it and she did know that. LA doodle back then she didn't really attacking each remembered as she did Maria and that exactly work out here he lives there now. OK that is tonight's gut social from the top of the early years of its girls only. Time. It's a girls only Super Bowl party. Agents have. This doesn't make sense. Of personal football in the technical know being you do it and girls like sleep over at. Our football super bombarded. Poking at this brilliant idea she. It's a signal that almost wonder what. Yeah Kirk yeah I don't know why am I never heard of the whole female Super Bowl party well that's what you haven't she got to know. All girl the only girl Sandra is given out has to know she's married. Some reason you up well for her husband's gone around town so she doesn't. Now you know why would you choose to say yes to the school but not a. 200 she said bring it girlfriend. Girls are coming in very low key and relaxed. Maybe she's given up on new. Book well I think that she does have some guilds know. What should I mention that wanna do that I mentioned this she does have some guilt about it. She does yes and maybe now that she did like I am a ray of individual rooms meals and that. I bumped. Yeah yeah yeah and you would think though but when their husband had a talent yen makes he's Evans out of Super Bowl weekend the F could keep up. It will fishy SL where he's garnered a guys weekend. Who did a super ball. You there and I'd go into the zebra by. We had half because they're loaded. Her Ramirez and Ortiz and they're headed to Houston and add that I bet that's what's happening warmly she's gonna throw girls Super Bowl is part muscling. There's a lot wrong at this I felt a lot wrong with the first ammonia. I can't even imagine. That I could get by with going to a Super Bowl party would just a bunch of guys. Really if over to go to Super Bowl party should want goalies who have rattle him rank them so why isn't. Your friend when ago she. And a stay here was you guys didn't get asked. We're girlfriend won't let them with hello five hit the inner TNT yeah I know it fit the jumping up and down on there and when Intel low number feather pillows and we've faced with a life that he. I. I. I sure will figure out. Yes. You don't think too many people are excited about the scheme on Sunday. I know Sean Tariq you do you'll pooh poohed this morning uniting in a watch. Other highlights some of it and I don't I walked in told me this morning adding that now I think yeah. Larry I've had no desire for an inning and I don't do via the reality is resolved switch over there and watch some of it but my heart is not in July he should I don't think lung. He should because this is your last chance would you mob movie and tell the yes that is true I have a party in half that the guys have one TV right. Yeah he's got that maintenance and he wants to take it over that a lot of this is your last 20. In life yeah yeah I'll be critical committed a murder she wrote. Bonkers yeah. I'm uh huh yeah you're done and you. Title one year regular TB yeah son yeah. I never know the end zone and local I don't know what your TV yet yet I kind of stunned I do it's really important stuff we found the right. Right yes so what are you doing. Yeah. I didn't watch it what you do home premium Mario's son over. Maybe a couple of people like detonates it. We come over your mouth yeah. Again it's going to be just mostly dudes in Mason is that right well Lisa Guerrero girl he gets up and down. I know she listens early I mean any disrespect I'm excited I do to dump market. So I don't party now that I know about it. It's not dealt Mardy is a bunch of girls were gonna make cake or something I don't know. I don't know you have a dogfight your yeah. But the to him down on the bed on FaceBook life right. I got uncomfortable for her to have been over right here because there hasn't dad's arms that we weirdness of tests on. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah that's why yeah he would be suspicious items in the like hardy hit all these dudes all very few weeks out of town but he shoots at your wedding and I look at via web. Anyway Harrington and I think what you get married now you have a license to lead the other hand I don't. Yeah because they have separate you know you can live your diet yeah he got a garden to live and yeah. Yes I'm young friends and live your life today and that he would think so that's healthy right well yeah. Oh sorry. Well I snuck into a. Really healthy. Not always not at all not only the only place that out how. I think it's always good cook healthy and others that one study that says sometimes it's nice is that yeah you like dingle berries dollar yeah. Study yeah. It wasn't like I did I did and sadly. Darrel yeah well. She's what you I don't think that many people excited about the Super Bowl especially in this area I'm sure if you're in New England or Atalanta and possibly you are but lower cost the country nobody cares at all you know I mean you're not hearing any highs he may pick up this week when you show walked in this morning sad to watch Super Bowl commercials on why I bought a shock but he did. Who don't play action that Mercedes went. That Mercedes one's pretty cool I haven't seen one commercial knowledge with other bikers than all of the bikers weren't going to flop did it. And that famous actor Fonda lets his coach Peter yeah he shows up at a Mercedes. He looks at me like ninety these kind of peeking ahead. July yeah looks fantastic. Asia is a bit Emerson is acknowledge strides in ball out it wasn't he in a biker movie once again tomorrow again and again my worst is easy rider. I don't know if anybody alive time remembers the hoop eight. I was alone yeah I forgot that he was I didn't even know I tell you told me he had yet that yes the connection I think with a biker you know four yeah. He switched over to Mercedes. The rash part of the connection ride the most people won't know that because that movie so darn old I just want to Clark and saying I deserve the cars gorgeous red almighty I. I I don't show on icy coffee here's the problem you're one G. Aren't NetSuite and I had gotten you're watching the Super Bowl commercials in your not in an environment weather's a football team cannot restrain absolutely CA so that's why they're not as entertaining. But I'm not even shy about Lady Gaga no me neither and you know she is as prime artist tear an island that is yeah. Is there anybody else common. Dissident armed. Hasn't been busy in the naturally I was protesting I don't think there's you know Carroll hired your old tired losing the National Anthem you know let's see and so again I said look Brian Anderson it. Country artists around looking and I think it was just name last week impact. I think it's what Bryant thing and let him leave but I. Mobile against the patriots in the falcons have been on Sunday. Only. All shot. Which there was a rumor with a we get it looks like that Tony Romo thinks about it Obama. Neither am I day applaud the its release it looks like the Broncos are gonna helps. We're in a big button looks like Kenny why are usually released it was a good. And because that I had a young kids Timonen took shop why don't we have that I. Well and again living down the reason Contra excellent manner that it gets canned stuff yeah same thing happened Payton man. Remember yeah Andrew Luck I went in there is a young studs. Yeah it was my idea my back hurts in the and we said OK we'll take to her back how stony. Tony's 37 and for. That looks good team these things I think that he's old. He's a all in all yeah let's not tell you in mind. I'm not meant that comes with a walker was that with the oxygen tank. There's a lot of amenities that come to you and who earned. Inch we see more on Alex I.