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Thursday, February 25th


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Vijay and Internet ablaze with the conspiracy over Anthony's Scully is death. He of course being the Supreme Court justice who passed Giuliani quail hunting trip now some of the questions that are being asked about the fact of whether or not he died of quote unquote natural causes some blind there was no autopsy done. So how do we know that to use listed as having a perfect bill of health. Three he was involved in a pentagon level discussions on how to arrest the president of the United States. For vigorously opposed to obamacare five was involved in a senate level discussion on the arrest of Hillary Clinton. With her server gate. And six shot down climate change as a fraud which of course is president Obama's latest high cities trying to champion. The fact that no autopsy was done was pretty crazy. Now here's a couple of other things to think about the place that he stayed at the hunting ranch in Texas. Was it a Clinton supporter the owner received an award from President Obama. So definitely if all the stuff that's true with the Pentagon in the senate he was a sheep sleeping in the wolf spin. Here's something else that's a strong President Obama is planning not to attend Antonin scalia's funeral. Okay the Supreme Court justices passed away and he's not gonna go and attend the funeral. And the White House can't say whether or not he'll be golfing you may not agree with his decisions Mr. President but there's still an element of respect. Also on this deleting information Alex Jones Stoxx live former Clinton insider Larry Nichols. But who would benefit from the death of conservative Supreme Court justice. My prediction nobody's gonna talk about it and then Bill O'Reilly will come out with a book cult killing Antonin Scalia. A little nervous about your banking on the Steve Quayle website on the alert page there's a report of say. Person who started a job working at one of the banks over on the East Coast. And his job will be project manager to test the bank computer systems to see if it might be able to handle negative interest rates as requested by the federal government. Was negative interest rates that does not sound very good for thinking if you're gonna put your money. In the bank and you're gonna get negative interest on it meaning they're going to take money from you just for having it in the bank. Maybe it's the fact that 60%. Of the world's GDP is now being treated in other then US dollars. Lisa havens on YouTube has a new video out entitled huge in W though new world order. And W will document exposes hellish plans by our government to control your family home. For those feel like to file of the illuminati there's apparently some dates that we need to watch out for. February 29. Tony sixteen that's day 110. March 1 2016. March 3. Money sixteen poor march 22 2016. All of Lehman -- death numbers also something else I found this kind of interesting apparently you member of deals is not he was writer HG wells. He. Easy and in this information from a demonic guiding spirit in 1933. In which she wrote the book entitled the shape of things to come. Plan for the modern world state the new world order would succeed. In the third attempt to world war three. And would come out of something that occurs in Basra Iraq now currently in Iraq there is a search for missing radioactive material. And authorities fear crisis may be trying to Nikkei highly dangerous dirty bomb out of that material. They've heard about this movie called a married get them. Apparently it's this movie that hits so close to home it's been banned from movie theaters here in the United States. Which is kind of crazy because if you think about it thirteen hours which is. Currently in the movie theaters depicting the thirteen hours of what happened ending Ghazi. Needed to the movie screens but yet a merry dead and it's even closer than that YouTube put in signpost ahead the mayor again and was Steve will. Will give you some ideas on what this movie is all about and possibly where you kidded. Download it I sense Netflix don't you other earthquakes there rumbling over in the California area especially around Mammoth Mountain. They were hit with a four point eight on the richter scale and in numerous after that. That area has a dormant volcano so maybe it is set coming. In fact that whole area. Has been very seismic lead active and not very deep and usually they say when you have a cluster of low. Usually you have a cluster of shallow earthquakes. In the same area it's a magnet who. Moving under the Earth's crust they sets on my mom is a geologist tells me though some days say it's practice who tracks at a ski resort. For those of you wondering whether or not trying to annex is still on its way it is. Recent video by NASA's sell imagery and the International Space Station along with the new Myers station in and Antarctica. All of apparently captured the dear Ruth and nemesis rogue planet approaching earth. Member marches when we're supposed to really kinda feeding into it with that and giving him the space steam apparently NASA footage. Has says shown that a US flow. And aliens on Mars. The pictures from probes on the planet's surface and also orbiting around. The planet Mars has captured some let's just say I naturally formed. Geography. Given a saint. Stuff that just doesn't look like it looks like mountains cut my chart pitches on him. Looks like the building are station do you find that on the before it's news website. All right so that's a lot to chew on for this edition of conspiracy corner I'm Richard Murphy remember always have your bike up and more on Alex. I.