Tablid Trash 7:30. 9/13

Wednesday, September 13th

Jamie is over homework and it’s only the first month of school and 6 more years of homework – Floyd Mayweather dose an interview with a puppet and can’t name one Taylor Swift song – Kate Hudson says woman who have C-sections are lazy -  Ted Cruise says he did not ‘Like’ hardcore porn on twitter – Sean Spicer wants some of Jenny McCarthy’s Emmy she won for playing him – Hillary is on the today show blaming everyone.  


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PG and yeah. Based Guinea pig is Wednesday the thirteenth of September. Are are any athlete teams have to. Summer where he noticed driving in this morning and I was thinking you know October. Just around the corner what happened. I. We have a friend you know I'm mutually that works hand club. Yes and add a dollar Christmas stuff up ready for ready wrong and you know you created. Moments. Like good side relatively nothing we can do Jamie and it just flies by body going I have flag is by Ghana ashes. He got Al thing when everybody says to you your whole life. You know really in two great kids grow up so fast. When it comes a man. It is super slow. You know it's sometimes it don't grow as fast enough sometimes when you're there in your act that housing of the kid with sixth grade math. It's. In your bones yelling it to other. Because can't figure out the math problem. Keepers. Seems like a lessons taken in yourself that it could work it doesn't let him from the makes it goes. So. Nine if not now we have another problem. Meaning there's 23 of them we haven't gotten through one yet. Feel for you really hit it and every parent can relate. Do homework with the kid in his system. And I stick straight I think about this last night I am really lets think about those last night I was like oh my god I have six more years of life. What do what I did what did I didn't educate a are you just trap a letter to drop after the third period and didn't. In. Yeah that you did what every husband does you just left it to the wife to thank you who have. Nina has seen it work out any mathematician husband you do them. Dina exciting they are though. I had the decision husband I don't know if they're going to be exciting people just need a mood like at 4 PM for a couple hours you know then making a whole new. All house. Yeah it's. It's called the tutor. No I'm not up up up up his tutor I know because I need that every single day. We need this person and every day I'm sure you can hire a tutor every single. I'll let Susan tablet cash out me apple good outlook there that while there it still Floyd Mayweather was talking too well but a little. A little pop it I know that sounds weird to be in the top pay it and it seem as bad Diego. And them that the public would ask him Floyd Mayweather some questions. What's your favorite Dennis was song I don't know it just was so caught a foul was a daily naming a bottle some volleyball or amuse me how can I do what if an hour and a runny stuff. Don't know Arrigo yard barrier around it was a carrier grounded. How are you okay we don't get it what are ready for your name wasn't if everything in a moment some mending you need at least that is just be based on the damage to its harmony side. Yeah we are of course free to me yes sir you are I believe the build enough of most days that together right the F. Now if you and I walk out here today and let's say a puppet. Pops out of the bushes for. Starts asking you and I question. We try to answer the questions are we just gonna say look get that pop it out about that I'm gonna talk to pop it and a big public plan in this league would. When you couldn't figure out why that entertaining like puppets I do like puppet that's what you mentioned in your pocket. Do you and argue that I'm not going to I don't count it but the collective. It's filled mean. That I don't let you have to do it. Because I just made you act on it so you have. So if you have a puppet you wanna pop out today it's sort of asking me questions all thought Goodman. Yeah I love yes Lou loves. Imagine calls still having C section lazy in the net. Out. In world. Well at least she's had a she can say something you know. Them to be worse yet. She's is the blazes were. Right. I thought I I didn't get is that it. I'm sorry but her Italy she's experienced it she's going when you ask me she had never experienced it was view a war statement yes I actually. And yeah what's his name and a knack. Dad Dowd had with today Ted proves he said he didn't hit some alike for hardcore porn no no no no it was his. Is that says it did on. Accidentally yep see I told you yesterday did and it's easy to do. OK so what's funny. Is such so this actually app again and anytime you get the Mike you don't accidentally hit important in every at like accidentally important. While I was girl entered to add Twitter I don't mind. Right number yup and it accidentally I didn't move and I laughed out loud. I hit Kylie and Kindle reader Kindle guy at least major whenever like aha it's up so they came up. And that the People Magazine as I hit like that area but unlike it. In golf like let's that's exactly right dead yesterday did yes 8:8 PM yeah. If you're following somebody that sharing simple and it pops up on your feet when you're scrolling through there with your thumb Yucatan. Accidentally and that part I know right. I believe it. Don't think that he liked where ever you lovesick. He's creepy enough that he used and he would like he's got a look yesterday. I got a bit and that's not a market proved again I can't defend the guy I think now to that degree I've just seen it's easy to accidentally like something. Let's see there it's shot and spice or what's that piece of Melissa McCarthy's Emmy. The former white house Press Secretary told the blast he deserves part of the award for the actors portraying him on Saturday Night Live. She won forget actress in the comedy series in and he says it's. And because she did you should look to him you know. We said it should have been apparently at an event and speaking of politics. Hillary Clinton is. In imagination now. The blue dress that tour blue dress yeah. Home in enemy and all of its. Anyway Ari is is on The Today Show and now and I missed. My TV here any blaming it. Here's a little clips you know what was at work here. In addition to the mistakes that I made which I recount in the book. What about endemic sexism and misogyny not just in politics but in our society we have. What about. The unprecedented action of the FBI director Paul G what about the interference. By an adversary nation to determine. Port till the outcome of our election when about voter suppression. Things that I think are just as important today as they were a year ago. All that. To battle did Tim Pawlenty blaming I'd been hiding and now what about all that what about now. You know what does a person supposed to win you get all back no and I may. No there. Yeah well no wonder trump want it whether voters yeah right that'll everybody's positive toward trump. Not tour hurt the route to get her. For Hillary. He'll let work. I am England. A majority of Americans think it is every Hillary Clinton. There. I think she drinks a lot. It if you had you know I don't watch it now I just have this impression Chia now much eternity glass up of the ten that. NASA tried ample mobile local. Why you always make that is when you when you say somebody drinks because that my friend is like a Diet Pepsi drink went to me to drink it and more light. Root. What's a shot. In that shot is down more exits just by that BO. And it that you like acting like Michael. Well it's called overkill. There. To write a thing I what yes I do what may actually create an identical to what actually happens when you take a break it may so what that was about it saying look go crazy. Like Homer Simpson that Google was here. I. I'm just said that men. On its Scientology's now we don't know when it what gently irony here coming here the next day in your just all whacked down immediately rejecting one. Egypt only guide you blossom it too late now Jamie looks totally fatten XTO kind of wealth. First of all Beatrice the first part of that is just yes I have and I'm down 33 pounds and think as of this morning do you think now the second part of that race and read that part I will not going to address would. I look next to you now not so game skinny at that next year I will settle good looking good for. What pictured and they say where I look fat and XT. Tier dot. Sure we've did you look at next to have. There's not a picture that exist like that. Both pink usually learn. That you wouldn't. You know whole puppet. It's really show on oil and maybe it's ending date as dig here ill. There. Big shock and you're welcome. That kind of picture that just like you're not. Mine and mr. Israel isn't I don't know. Yeah. I haven't gone. I squeaky voice it out right there. An exclusive look at it okay Aaron on the career that's what I want to do this you enroll you need you to what. In fact I'm just looking into when you look at a dozen. I'm a good and that when Wright did that the that the outlook. Case look at leave that I you I you know I should she do this when no. You like George Clooney looked like and I really am it's like it's so hard to get a guy like him that that I would urge you know like -- and now has the day the only bad thing about this features listed next to really whole people. Well is abnormally at all Yamon have to Wear boots for. Play golf I tell you look like you so little a little munchkin knees and I'm really did you know here's pictured being new. Not just who. And that. It looked pumpkin and let them look look look. Had to go for relentless and go through that you and I walked down to expect machine and get it to meet you know I'm. I'm serious I don't popcorn let's focus about apple. Angry. And and then lowered. Its fine. In the importance on Alex.